Today, people who are over sixty are a growing group of internet users because they find it useful for sourcing information on many things including health and finance. This is not to say that they don’t like to play games; they will play games as much as the younger generations and find the internet a great resource for booking shopping and travel. But as they get older, they may encounter problems such as poor sight and reduced text comprehension, and may find it tricky to click on a single word or target. So, if you want to get more of this audience visiting your website, there are things that you need to put into consideration in order to make it easy for them to browse through your web pages. Here are some tips:

Keep the layout clean

If you are to design a website, make sure that the page is not cluttered and there are no distractions, especially from the key information. You need to break the key information into clear sections and make sure to use bold headings. For clickable targets, make sure to allow extra space and your buttons should work with just one click. The other good idea is to use white text on a dark background and black text on a light background. And your page should be short so that they don’t scroll down too deep. However, make sure that all the content fits well within the browser window.

Make the words legible

It is prudent to make your type 12 point, the least. Although you can have a feature to allow the older users to adjust the font size, keep it your text 12 point the least. Avoid script fonts and keep your text in upper and lower case. Just make sure that the audience does not lose their place on the page.

Easy navigation

When designing your website, keep navigation consistent and simple. Instead of having too many pages or layers, use button which prompt older users to go to the next page or previous page so that navigation is made easier. If you have to use links, make sure that you explain what the audience should expect when they click on them so that they make a wise decision about whether or not to click on them.

Added extras

People over the age of sixty five may have poor eyesight or are hard of hearing, so ensure that the text is legible and add audio files to read out what is written. Place a large button next to your text which reads “audio” as the cue. If possible, add a video for them to watch and listen to.

Test your website

It is prudent to test your website on that very target age group. Focus groups or hold usability tests to gather feedback. Older friends can also help you out in the testing task.

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Author Bio:The author of this post, Nancy Baker, works for Antelope Web, a web design company in Southern Connecticut. She is an avid reader and animal lover.