There are so many things which we have in our android phones and this affects its functioning and android phones starts hanging up thus, it is important that you create backup on your computers. There are several software available and tools which can help you with the safe transfer.  With the software you can easily control and manage all your stuff in an easy way. To keep all your data opting for best tools is a great way.  Vibosoft android device manager is very popular these days and there are a variety of features which users are going to get with this amazing tool.



Overview Of Android Mobile Manager

This tool is going to help you manage all your data on your desktops. It makes copy and stores it safely on your desktops. You ill just need a USB cable to manage data and control everything from your devices. This tool is very easy to use and because of its effectiveness more and more people are turning towards it. Without any limitation you can enjoy its features like

  • Instantly add files and multimedia anytime from anyplace
  • You can control your phones, send messages  directly via computers
  • Freely message, edit contacts in sync with phone.
  • Download, install, back up etc.
  • Create back ups

We never know when we are going to lose data.  It can happen accidentally or intentionally. There is interesting and valuable stuff present on our devices.  For example some people cannot afford losing their pictures and playlist.  If you are among them, then you need to have this tool.  This tool creates backups and also restores all the files from your desktops. You can always keep your data safe and sound on your PC without the fear of losing it. With just one click it can create backups of android phone  to computer.


Restoring is also very easy and restore feature of this tool is going to help you in getting you data back. It can restore a variety of files such as documents, pictures, videos, images, games, contacts etc.  This tool is amazing and worth the money you are going to spend on it.

Here are few useful functions that user should know about the back up

  • Back up everything on your androids. make sure you  back up everything our contacts, videos, pictures, files etc
  • There is a preview features which will let you view your selected files
  • Mark them with one click if you want to mark them in one folder and save them in a batch on your desktop
  • Apart from these backup assistant is also going to let you manage  your android devices
  • This product is user friendly and provides you with clear interference.


Free Trial Available

The good news is that the free trail is available and users can know their software without spending money on them. Make sure you use its free trial version to get the idea of its quality and worth.  The free trial is available on the official website of Vibosoft. There are several other useful tools and software which you are going to get with the company. These are high end tools equipped with a variety of features.  These tools can highly reduce your stress and can serve you with full functionality if you are upgrading them from time to time.

Vibosoft android mobile manager is an essential tool which iDevices user must have. There are many features such as affordability, free trial, advanced features and flexibility you get. You can get this product along with a precise guide from the official website.