We all love to hear some useful methods achieve success while doing something we like. During such times, we want guidance and we want it all laid out neatly for us. You can make your blog stand out from the crowd just by using attractive titles on your blog. The following are 8 great tips for writing effective blog post titles.

1.The Importance of Proven Formulas

If you have been blogging for quite some time you will know that many popular blogs and websites have already found some useful formulas that have been regularly delivering them some results. Check outto see what they are doing, and also find out some formulas for how they write blog post titles.

A good way to find websites with proven formulas is to see who is consistently making it to the first page of Digg and try to adapt their headlines, what they have used in their blog posts.You will have to spend some time to adapt their title formula for your blog and audience

2.Seek Outside Your Niche

If you are looking for inspiration and examples for your blog post headlines that are going to deliver some results, make sure you are not copying from others in your same niche. Instead, start looking outside of your niche for ideas.

This is the most helpful way to differentiate you from competitors, and then try to set the titles of your blog posts apart from everyone else in your niche

3.Try To Find Common Problems

You need to focus on some important problems faced by your audience to post in titles. If you can share a problem that many of your readers are facing, there are high probabilities that it will resonate with people.If someone has that same problem, it is obvious that they will click on your headline to know more about it. You should remember to choose a problem unique to your niche.

4.The Numbers Game on Blog Titles

Today, time definitely is the game. They might be interested in your blog post but they are going to want to know how much of the time it is going to take for them to read it, and deliver on their expectations. Including a number always improves the confidence that the blog post will deliver the information in the title. It also indicates that a blog post has been broken up into short, digestible chunks for easy scanning and readability.

5.Controversial Blog Titles

It is a common sense, nothing grabs attention like controversy. Think a good Blog Title will not only compel them to click through and read it, but they’ll also be keen to comment on it.