Are you stuck at level 80 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and wondering how to progress further? Reaching the level cap can be a challenging obstacle, but fear not! In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get past level 80 in Xenoverse 2. By mastering combat techniques, powering up your character, exploring parallel quests, participating in online battles, and seeking help from Shenron, you’ll be able to break through the level cap and continue your journey as a powerful warrior. So, let’s dive in!

how to get past level 80 in xenoverse 2


Level 80 is the initial level cap in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Beyond this point, the game presents more challenges and rewards for dedicated players. To progress further and continue leveling up, you need to employ various strategies that enhance your combat skills, increase your character’s power, and explore different game modes.

Understanding the Level Cap in Xenoverse 2

Before embarking on your journey to surpass level 80, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of the level cap. Xenoverse 2 introduces a leveling system where you gain experience points (XP) by completing quests, battles, and other activities. As you accumulate XP, your character’s level increases. However, once you reach level 80, the XP required to level up significantly increases, making it more challenging to progress.

Mastering Combat Techniques

To overcome the level cap, you must focus on honing your combat skills and maximizing your effectiveness in battles. Here are some techniques that can help you excel:

Focus on Stamina Management

Proper stamina management is crucial in Xenoverse 2 battles. Stamina allows you to perform evasive maneuvers, teleport behind opponents, and execute powerful attacks. By learning when to conserve and expend stamina, you can gain the upper hand in fights and survive against formidable opponents.

Utilize Vanishing Attacks

Vanishing attacks, such as Vanishing Step and Vanishing Strike, can be potent tools in your arsenal. These techniques allow you to teleport behind your opponent, dodging their attacks and creating openings for counterattacks. Mastering the timing and execution of vanishing attacks can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Master the Perfect Block

Perfect blocking is an advanced defensive technique that enables you to negate incoming damage and gain an advantage over your opponent. By timing your blocks perfectly, you can deflect enemy attacks, leaving them vulnerable to devastating counterattacks. Practice perfect blocking to enhance your survivability and increase your chances of victory.

Powering Up Your Character

To break through the level cap, it’s vital to power up your character and improve their attributes. Here are some ways to enhance your character’s power:

Enhance Attribute Points

As you level up, you earn attribute points that can be allocated to various stats, such as health, ki, stamina, basic attack, strike supers, and ki blast supers. Carefully distribute your attribute points to suit your preferred playstyle and optimize your character’s strengths. Experimentation and finding the right balance is key to reaching new heights.

Acquire and Upgrade Super Souls

Super Souls are special equipment items that provide unique benefits and boost your character’s abilities. Complete quests, parallel quests, or challenges to obtain new Super Souls, and upgrade them using materials gathered from battles. Equipping powerful Super Souls can significantly augment your character’s performance in combat.

Obtain and Level Up Mentors’ Skills

Mentors in Xenoverse 2 offer training sessions where they teach you their signature moves and skills. By completing mentor tasks and fulfilling their requirements, you can unlock and learn powerful abilities. Invest time in training with mentors to expand your skillset and unleash devastating attacks on your foes.

Exploring Parallel Quests

Parallel quests are a fantastic way to gain experience, obtain valuable rewards, and progress beyond level 80. Here’s how to make the most of parallel quests:

Choose the Right Parallel Quests

Some parallel quests provide more experience points and rewards than others. Look for quests that offer high experience gains and desirable loot. Additionally, prioritize quests that align with your character’s strengths and playstyle. Completing parallel quests efficiently will propel your character’s progression.

Complete Bonus Objectives

Parallel quests often have bonus objectives that, when accomplished, grant additional rewards and experience. These objectives can range from defeating specific enemies quickly to protecting allies from harm. Strive to complete these bonus objectives as they significantly boost your overall progress.

Farming for Experience and Loot

Replaying certain parallel quests can be an effective method of farming experience points and acquiring rare items. Identify quests that provide substantial rewards and efficiently farm them to expedite your leveling journey. Utilize abilities, tactics, and strategies that allow you to complete quests swiftly and reap the benefits.

Participating in Online Battles

Engaging in online battles offers thrilling gameplay experiences and unique opportunities for progression. Here’s how you can make the most of online battles:

Join Expert Missions

Expert Missions are challenging cooperative battles where players team up to face formidable enemies. Successfully completing these missions rewards you with valuable experience points, rare items, and powerful skills. Coordinate with other players, strategize, and conquer Expert Missions to earn significant progress.

Compete in Ranked Matches

Ranked Matches pit you against other players in intense battles to test your skills and determine your standing within the Xenoverse 2 community. Winning ranked matches rewards you with ranking points, special items, and the satisfaction of victory. Participate in ranked matches to improve your abilities, gain recognition, and earn rewards.

Engage in Raid Boss Battles

Raid Boss Battles allow you to team up with other players to take on enormous and powerful bosses. Cooperative efforts are crucial to defeating these bosses within a time limit. Successful completion of raid boss battles grants rare rewards and contributes to your character’s progress. Join forces with fellow warriors and face the most formidable challenges together.

Seeking Help from Shenron

Shenron, the Eternal Dragon, can grant wishes that bestow various benefits upon your character. Here’s how you can seek assistance from Shenron:

Gathering Dragon Balls

To summon Shenron, you need to gather all seven Dragon Balls scattered throughout the game world. The Dragon Balls can be obtained by completing parallel quests, participating in online battles, or exploring various game modes. Once you’ve gathered all seven, you can summon Shenron and make your wishes.

Choosing the Right Wishes

When summoning Shenron, you’ll be presented with a set of wishes to choose from. Select wishes that align with your goals, such as gaining experience points, acquiring rare items, unlocking new skills, or resetting attribute points. Make informed decisions to maximize the benefits derived from your wishes.

Enhancing Your Character with Wishes

By utilizing Shenron’s wishes wisely, you can further enhance your character’s abilities and progression. Whether it’s an immediate boost in experience points, unlocking new transformations, or acquiring rare equipment, Shenron’s wishes can provide a significant advantage on your path to surpassing level 80.


Reaching level 80 in Xenoverse 2 is just the beginning of your journey as a powerful warrior. By mastering combat techniques, powering up your character, exploring parallel quests, participating in online battles, and seeking help from Shenron, you can break through the level cap and continue progressing. Remember to experiment, practice, and enjoy the adventure as you surpass new milestones and become an unstoppable force in the Dragon Ball universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): how to get past level 80 in xenoverse 2

Q1: Is it possible to exceed level 80 in Xenoverse 2?

Answer- Yes, by following the strategies outlined in this article, you can surpass level 80 and continue leveling up your character.

Q2: Can I respec my attribute points after allocating them?

Answer- Yes, you can reset your attribute points by using a Dragon Ball wish from Shenron.

Q3: What are some recommended Super Souls to enhance my character’s abilities?

Answer- Super Souls-like “Before creation comes to ruin,” “You’re just pieces in a Game,” and “I’m neither Kami nor Piccolo now…” offer powerful bonuses and are worth considering.

Q4: Are there any specific parallel quests that provide the most experience points?

Answer- Yes, parallel quests like “17. Goku and Vegeta” and “23. The Ginyu Force Strikes Back” offer substantial experience gains.

Q5: Can I play online battles without a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership?

Answer- No, a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership is required to participate in online battles.

Q6: How often can I summon Shenron in Xenoverse 2?

Answer- You can summon Shenron once you’ve gathered all seven Dragon Balls. After summoning, you need to collect the Dragon Balls again to summon Shenron anew.

Q7: Are there any restrictions or limitations on wishes from Shenron?

Answer- While some wishes have restrictions or can only be used once, many wishes can be repeated, allowing you to continue benefiting from Shenron’s power.

Q8: Can I change mentors in Xenoverse 2?

Answer- Yes, you can change mentors by visiting the School or Mentor Area and selecting a new mentor to train with.