The fire extinguisher is a small but crucial device for fighting fires. It’s essential to keep them handy and know about the different parts of your Fire Extinguishers so that you can use them easily without any hassle in case there is ever an emergency situation at home or anywhere else!

The five main types of fire extinguishers are water, wet chemicals, dry powder, foam, and carbon dioxide. They all have almost similar parts that are needed for them to be in operation but each type has its own purpose when used correctly on a burning vehicle or building down emergency situation.

This is a list of spare parts you can expect regardless of the type of your fire extinguisher. These include cylindrical tanks, valves, carry handle, operating lever, pull the pin, tamper seal, pressure gauge, discharge hose, extinguishing agent, and propellants which we will explain individually.

Everything about spare parts for Fire extinguishers

Everything about spare parts for Fire extinguishers

Cylindrical Tank

The cylindrical tank is an essential component of any fire extinguisher. This durable steel container stores the pressurised agent and propellant with the correct amount for each application, making it reliable in every situation!


The valve is the connector between the carry handle and the operating lever. It allows the extinguishing agent flow control so that you can use it confidently in any fire situation! The carry handle allows you to transport your newly bought Fire Extinguisher easily while providing stability during use.

Operating Lever

The releasing mechanism of the fire extinguisher is located in its operating lever. To release, you need to push or squeeze it and then pull out this safety pin which will allow the use of a fire extinguisher.

Pull Pin

The pull pin is used to make sure the fire extinguisher doesn’t get discharged accidentally either by accidental squeezing or pressing of its operating lever while transporting.

Tamper Seal

The tamper seal keeps the pull pin in place. It is a plastic piece and provides an extra layer of protection when handling the extinguisher.

Pressure Gauge

A small circular device attached to the outer portion of your fire valve is the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge ensures the easy release of the agent during a fire. The pressure gauge will show an arrow pointing to green on its face, it’s undercharged if it’s facing left.

Discharge Hose

The discharge hose is a crucial part of an extinguisher. It allows the agent to travel across any type or size tank and reach as far downwind from its source as possible, which means you can aim it in whatever direction will best suit your needs!


It helps in distributing a liquid to help put out fires. The product is easily available – you can buy it online or with local fire protection equipment suppliers.

Fire protection equipment is an invaluable tool that can save lives and property by suppressing small fires. The extinguishers need to be refilled, and handled properly in case of an emergency situation for prompt results!