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A lot of people will tell you that a creative spark is needed to really find success in marketing. There’s no denying that a keen eye for branding potential and a turn of phrase are vital for catching interest. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that creativity is all that’s involved in managing your reputation online. As with everything digital, there’s a science to it. A science that we’ll be looking at in the methods below. Image Source The value of a click You want people coming to your website, there’s no doubt about that. But then,...

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Order Food Save More with Swiggy and Faasos

Want to invite your friends over for meal but aren’t skilled enough to cook? Working late at office and expecting a good meal at home? A last-minute guest has arrived and you have no prepared meal to serve? Are you just too lazy to get up and cook and rather be tucked in your bed? Well, there is one answer to all these questions: Ordering Food Online. The holidays are coming, which means more guests, which means more food to be served. Don’t let demonetization in the country affect your food in any way. Just go online, visit the...

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How to Zoom in on Part of a Video with Movavi Video Editor

Have you at times created a video where you felt that it would be a lot better if you could ‘zoom in’ at a certain part so that you can highlight some of the elements there and display them more clearly? By zooming in you can focus the audience’s attention where it should be – and that makes it a powerful effect to use. In order to zoom in on part of a video, you will need a video editor that has that capability. One option that would be worth your while to try out is Movavi Video Editor...

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 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger?

In this era, car chargers are getting better day by day. Zus by Nonda is one of the car chargers already which is very popular online. Zus is a German made car charger and the main attractive thing about it is the ‘military grade quality. Zus smart charger can bear the heat because of the high temperature standards and there may not be any problem faced for many years. This Zus smart charger review shall make you understand that why it is a must have device for those who carry all their gadgets while travelling.    Looks Amazing This...

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Maple, Apple’s premium and largest reseller, launched its biggest Indian store in Mumbai at Khar Linking Road, this afternoon i.e. on 18th June 2016. Maple promises to display all the Apple products at its store and stick to their policy to give nothing but the best. Maple had started their flagship store at Bandra Linking Road in 2010 and since then they have been steadily growing towards their vision. This clarity enabled them to relocate their store to Khar linking road in Mumbai. They’ve also been regarded as ‘The Best’ in an Apple Audit of 900 stores across the...

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