Windows operating system runs on the Dynamically Linked Libraries. If any of the libraries are missing, then the software programs will not work. There are thousands of DLL files in windows, and you have to restore the missing DLL files to make the software run properly. Without the DLL files, you won’t be able to run the software. The mshtml.dll is a useful DLL file for the software programs, which is suitable for Windows’s software programs.  If you face mshtml.dll missing in Windows error, you should download it and save it in the respective file directory. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the mshtml.dll file. You’ll also get information about the specialized software program, which will help you automate every task to fix the most common PC errors like the mshtml.dll file missing error. All you have to do is check the details and download the file on your system to restore the software functionality.

What is a DLL File? 

The DLL is the short form for the Dynamically Linked Libraries. The DLL file is an essential part of the entire operating system or the specific software program. The DLL files have all the information required for the software and work to implement the software functions. Without the DLL files, making the big software programs run in the Windows systems is impossible. As many software programs require access to basic Windows functions, the DLL files work very well to link the relevant libraries with each other. 

What is mshtml.dll File? 

mshtml.dll is the core component of the Burnaware Pro 8 Software program. A software program developed for burning the image files on CDs, DVDs, and flash storage drives. You can effectively burn almost every kind of data to the external storage media with the BurnAware Pro software program. If the mshtml.dll goes missing from the installation directory, then you’ll face the mshtml.dll File Missing error on your Windows System.  If you are facing the mshtml.dll Missing error on Windows, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share the missing file so that you can place it into the appropriate directory to make it work properly. 

Reasons Behind the mshtml.dll Missing Error? 

The DLL files are quite familiar with software programs and Windows computers. With the Dynamically Linked Libraries, the apps can communicate with the system and access the functionalities. Well, the virus programs can do the same. So, the Antivirus software programs are always on the move to find the suspicious DLL file on your system. Sometimes, the false-positive occurrences cause the Antivirus software program to delete the mshtml.dll file from your computer. Well, that’s the primary reason behind this error. 

How to Fix mshtml.dll Missing error? 

Most of the time, fixing the DLL file missing errors is very easy. All you have to do is run the Administrator mode program or just replace the DLL file by downloading the similar one from the internet. Well, we are going to share the exact method, which will help you to fix the mshtml.dll file missing from your computer with ease. 

Method #1 – Download and Place the File in The Directory

  • First of all, Download the mshtml.dll file on your computer from the links provided above. We are sharing the trusted source for downloading this file on your computer.
  • As you download the file, it’ll be stored in the “Downloads” folder. Locate the file and press the “Ctrl + C” key combination on your keyboard to copy the same. 
  • Now, navigate to the BurnAware Directory in “C:/Program Files/BurnAware Pro.”
  • In the folder, Paste the file by pressing the “Ctrl + V” key combination. You may have to provide the administrative privilege to paste the file correctly. 
  • After that, Run the BurnAware Pro 8 software from the desktop to see if the issue has gone or not. 


32bit 8.0.6001.187025.7 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : d469a0eba2ef5c6bee8065b7e3196e5e
SHA : fd6cb9d197bb58c339defe6e2c3b03fb3b62b440
32bit 7.0.6002.181673.4 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 360a4fa3715c63086ae00c108e592e08
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64bit 7.0.6001.186395.4 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 709509fe7126d1302554ea10af67fa55
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32bit 7.0.6001.186393.4 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : d6c2ceacb1ee184ea0c1d6bd594b398f
SHA : a83083dfd0fecc1df7832a80ef06b1b3ac0729b4
32bit 6.0.2900.55122.9 MBSwedishMicrosoft (R) Visningsprogram for HTMLMD5 : abac4ee83de2da38bab7f65a8146a7a5
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32bit 6.0.2900.28532.9 MBSwedishMicrosoft (R) Visningsprogram for HTMLMD5 : 6dfb3d11e2adcfbf146453d789a16a31
SHA : 292c599b150b6237a234cc348fe9bbe227738238
32bit 6.0.2800.11702.7 MBSwedishMicrosoft (R) Visningsprogram for HTMLMD5 : 64dc0d6bd48aa73aa394042f4d9ecc6a
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32bit 11.0.9600.1803618.9 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 164fe7db9c7819f2f60a33f9badd3b99
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64bit 11.0.9600.1803624.0 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : b73856ce663b16b980d635922b6a5ea6
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32bit 11.0.9600.1772818.8 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 2f42037dd6f2831332653eb7f35d7e9a
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32bit 11.0.9600.1763118.8 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 61c74d794c14e9fc94d93f5f0f72a3f9
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64bit 11.0.9600.1763123.9 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : cd726c899bd9a398e8420564a957320b
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32bit 11.0.9600.1749618.8 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 220505b0b3e96c857dd01729af0cd369
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64bit 11.0.9600.1749623.9 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : d478a4cf07fb8adf72fb16b88e8030b8
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32bit 11.0.9600.1741618.9 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 07330241fd9d9a03811ddbdc4f9fd18f
SHA : 1b5396b5569c03f80ba047e31c206b2ad2730e16
64bit 11.0.9600.1741623.9 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 6432f143cdc9d73bd2bf832cab2edc01
SHA : 401f7fbfdc4754ba9130d68adbe40e3d3d8bc0a9
32bit 11.0.9600.1710516.6 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 5869fbc754578a59c8c8635b99db79de
SHA : 4457f24ba13f4b51ca212fd84fdc5ebbbf996a4a
64bit 11.0.14393.022.6 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 1fc1bffc50afcb8501b4225780ed3006
SHA : cbaa3bdedab7c43e957156de8d004e1a49c5d483
32bit 11.0.14393.018.5 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 5f0f560bb3e27544e6fedb26c2e378dd
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32bit 11.0.10586.49418.5 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 01eca12a5bf2d571fce11c05419c3e50
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64bit 11.0.10586.49423.5 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : d5bdfd4f497ee8a2859e72809046ce89
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32bit 11.0.10586.3518.4 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 083a4c6c21371b011771a350942deb8f
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64bit 11.0.10586.3523.5 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : e761095adfc48739ca54a3b58242af0d
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32bit 11.0.10240.1651518.4 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : 00a63f21dcef7d6d58bb73c594c6c75f
SHA : 68e8cef54d1a0da0df91b6ae4477ba623f7aac57
64bit 11.0.10240.1651523.5 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : cd8169f2de6aff7cc56a596bcc2326e8
SHA : 801417ff8518ccb89fdcd5ae92b05a5a96b86833
32bit 10.0.9200.1689913.7 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : f2e912c438b0bb201391b831da63be06
SHA : fad1ef0bcc43fadac8216a84fd1322eb890d27e5
32bit 10.0.9200.1672113.7 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft (R) HTML ViewerMD5 : a7221924181c8eb92b64c5a2d888bea5
SHA : 7fdee5b953a773ff8141b064e8673647c8465e5b
64bit MBU.S. EnglishN/AMD5 : f47ba24002a06e062027d1857b9e14ba
SHA : cac482c07f2570e83300ee752a31d25815f7c789

Method #2 – Try All-In-One Error Fixing Solution

If you are willing to automate the entire process for the sake of convenience, then we have the perfect solution for your needs. With the help of our award-winning software, you can fix all sorts of PC errors in your systems. Be it DLL errors or driver issues, this software program fixes all the problems immediately. Install and run this on your PC, and you are all set to rock and roll. To fix the mshtml.dll Missing error with ease, all you have to do is to download and install our software on your computer. Then run the automated scan, and you’ll be able to fix the mshtml.dll error with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions for mshtml.dll Downloads

#Q1 – How to Fix DLL File Missing error? 

There are two common ways to fix the DLL file missing error. You can download the respective DLL file from the internet and then place it in the program directory. This will fix the issue permanently. Otherwise, you can easily reinstall the software to fix this error message.   

#Q2 – What Causes DLL File Missing Issue in Windows? 

Mistakenly deleting any software program’s core DLL files will cause the DLL File missing error in Windows. Sometimes we mistakenly delete, or the Antivirus programs might interfere with the file. Also, not providing the Administrative privilege to the software will cause this error message to pop on the screen. 

#Q3 – How to Install DLL Files Downloaded from the Internet? 

You cannot install the DLL files onto your system. You have to manually place the missing DLL file in the respective program directory in C Drive. The software program will automatically detect the DLL file on the next run. 

Final Words for mshtml.dll Downloads

It’s very important to get the DLL files downloaded on your computer to fix the nagging error messages. The only thing you have to do is see if you are downloading the files from a trusted source. We are one of the trusted sources you can download the mshtml.dll file on your computer for free with ease. Not just the DLL file, but with our sophisticated scanning software, you can fix all sorts of complicated PC errors with ease. All you have to do is to download our special PC error fixed Software and scan your PC to automatically find and fix the error with ease. If you have any issues with Download or following the mentioned methods, please use the comment section below.