Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

In today’s digital age, people rely on mobile apps to help them get things done. There’s an app for almost anything that you could possibly think of, from checking e-mails to shopping and entertainment. Some people even meet their life partner via an app, thanks to the vast amount of dating applications out there available to download onto a smartphone or tablet device. As a business owner, it’s good to keep in mind how apps could benefit your business and improve your customer service. With more and more businesses developing mobile apps for their customers to use, it’s a factor that can definitely have an effect on your competitiveness.

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business
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Better Customer Service

Most business owners will know that being online in and of itself can make for a better customer service experience. The majority of people would much prefer to visit a website than make a call or drop into a shop due to the convenience and ease of the whole process. When you have a contact form, frequently asked questions and perhaps even a web chat function on your website, customers can easily find the answers that they need with just a few clicks. A mobile app takes this convenience even further – customers can have your app installed ready on their device to find the information that they need easily without having to visit a web browser. Discover more about developing web and mobile apps with Angular 2 here.


Customers in today’s day and age like the businesses which they purchase from to be up to date. This doesn’t only include having a website and a social media page and having a good online presence, this can also mean that the business should also have an app. Offering your customers a mobile or web app tells them one thing – that you are up to date and modern, following current trends and finding out what it is that your customers want right now. This can help your business to gain favor in the eyes of your customers and help you to increase your competitive edge.

Better Competitiveness

By developing a mobile or web app for your customers, you’re immediately gaining edge over those of your competitors which do not offer this service. As mentioned earlier, customers tend to prefer businesses which are up to date and understand their current needs. Developing a mobile app helps you to do just this, which in turn can immediately make you look significantly better than your competition. Developing a mobile app that your customers can download can also help your business to appear more professional and if you use it for selling products, can also help to improve your profit and enable your business to grow.

There are many different reasons why businesses develop mobile applications for their customers. However, you should definitely bear in mind that with mobile apps becoming more and more popular, sooner or later they will be like websites – no longer an option, and you’ll be expected to have one.

Mobikwik strives to be the top mobile wallet of India

Mobikwik strives to be the top mobile wallet of India

Over a period of time, the adoption of smart phones or mobile technology has increased with a great pace. Therefore, sooner or later it will begin to impact that how a consumer will make payments. To know more about this, you must understand about mobile wallet technology as it can stresmline the proces of online payments. Generally, mobile wallets utilizenear field communication (NFC) chips fixed inside cell phones and tablets to transmit payment information.

When an individual uses mobile wallet to pay for the bills, he simply needs to open the application, enter the pin and select the payment account. Many a times, customers also get special discounts and other rewards and it adds to the advantage of using mobile wallet.

Mobikwik strives to be the top mobile wallet of India1

There are number of benefits of using mobile wallets as it:

  • Offers less charges as compared to traditional fund transfers
  • Encourages the convergence of mobile network
  • Motivates service provides to bring innovative modules in mobile market
  • Eliminated the need to handle cash everytime
  • Provides more security than any other method

Mobikwik is a preeminentmobile wallet that serves as a single platform for making online paymentsfor online recharge (such as Airtel recharge), electricity bills, along with other grocery payments by creatingan online prepaid account for a customer, helping him save money for future use.

According to current market situation, Mobikwik claims to be the largest mobile wallet in India as it successfully turnsuser’s wallet into fully fledged saving account. It simply implies that the customers can also earn some interest on their deposits.

Mobikwik facilitates 3 Lakh transactions in a day. Most recently, it is found that Mobikwik wallets also help you in paying bills in some of the famous restaurants namely café coffee day, ultimately reducing the use of cash and plastic money. Thus, it is has the largestbase of digital wallet users who trust the secure methods of the company. Owing to the secure online bill payment platform offered by Mobikwik, it is attracting attention of many first-time internet users as well. The key feature of using Mobikwik is that you can upload bulk money in mobile wallet once and can use the same at multiple places based on your needs with a convenience of single click.

The payment tool offered by the company automatically updates the information and also indicates the reward points gained by the user at the end of the purchase. It also provides theflexibility to choose any bank, credit cards or debit cards. The consumer can also collect favorable rate of interest and redeemable coupons after using themobile wallet. With the increase in demand, Mobikwik is planning to extend its resources across various channels including SMS, Apps, or web itself.With current turnover of around 1 billion rupees, Mobikwik intends to reach out to 945 million internet users of the country. After collection of significant amount of funds, the company will allocate the money in innovation of product development team and marketing up certain operations.



5 Tips for Creating a Successful App in 2015

5 Tips for Creating a Successful App in 2015

Mobile apps are on the rise and still one of the best ways for entrepreneurs and businesses to find success in any field. Everyone wants to take care of their business and be entertained by their mobile phone at all times. However, because of the huge popularity and demand for mobile apps, there is a lot of competition in the app development world. Simply putting an app on the market is not enough, businesses and entrepreneurs need to find ways to make their app stand out.

5 Tips for Creating a Successful App in 2015

There are a lot of new tricks and methods that people can use to create an app that will get people’s attention. Any business or entrepreneur can use these ideas this year. These ideas can not only help launch a new app, but they can also help existing apps get new recognition. Here are five tips for creating a successful app in 2015.

Market on non-mobile platforms

Mobile marketing is the obvious first form or marketing that a mobile app should utilize, but this is sometimes not enough to get enough recognition. Marketing on other platforms can help an app gain new attention from people they would not have reached otherwise. Anyone can find Charter TV service to see what option they have for advertising.

Revisit the basics

A person may have a really great idea for an app, but if the app does not work properly, no one will care. Going back to the basics of app building and fixing little issues and kinks can make a world of difference in not only the amount of people using the app, but also how much time people spend on the app.

Find ways to keep users in the app

Number of visits no longer makes an app successful. People need to find a way to keep users in their app for longer periods of time, meaning they will see more ads or be more likely to make in-app purchases. Creating a fuller, more expansive experience can help app developers make the impression to keep people using their app for longer.

Be more specific

There are so many apps out there that promise to be the one and only app that people will ever need. Users have figured out that this is just not realistic and instead are looking for apps that are really great for specific purposes. Being more specific allows app developers to create something really great and unique for their user.

Make it easily shared

Everyone wants to post whatever they are doing in social media and share their activities with their friends, even if it is as small as using a simple mobile app. Mobile app developers should give the user the ability to share their activity on the app however they please. This will not only please the users, but it will also be a great marketing tool for any mobile app. Every app developer can use these ideas to make 2015 their most successful year yet.

Image: App: Buying Property with Mobile App

Do you use a computer, smartphone or mobile tablet on a regular basis? If this is the case, you probably have your favorite application, which you use frequently. With these tools, it is possible to live your life a little bit easier, since these applications can help you dramatically, in a number of different ways. For starters, there are some applications, which make it easy to buy property online for free. This is the case, when it comes to the application, which was recently released for iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. If you’ve ever used the website, you understand how beneficial the website is. Well, the application is just as good, if not better than the website. In this guide, you will learn about the application and explore each of its features. App-Buying Property with Mobile App

Speaking with an Agent

Are you interested in finding an Indian property agent? If this is the case, you will definitely want to use this application, which can put in touch with these individuals in two different ways. For starters, you will be able to make contact with these brokers, by contacting them through their phone number. You can view their contact details and phone numbers on the app. On the other hand, it is possible to send the agent a message through the application. You can do this, by browsing the list of agents and selecting one or finding a property that suits your needs and speaking with the agent, who is in charge of the property. App-Buying Property with Mobile App1

Finding Convenient Lodging

When it boils down to it, the App will allow you to explore a specific city, by using an aerial map view. From this view, you will have the option of setting up the map in a manner that helps you find convenient lodging. For instance, you can use the local feature to add points to the map for banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals, and schools. This will make it easy for you to determine how far away the property is from your specific residence choice. The map can be changed into a list, if you would like to see more details of each property.

Viewing Beautifully Detailed Images

If you’re interested in looking at the property a little more in-depth, you will want to check out the photo gallery feature. With this feature, you can check out multiple images for each property. Of course, this can be achieved in two different manners. For instance, you can look at each image on the screen fully, or you can look at the images as thumbnails in a photo gallery. When browsing the full screen image, you can use your fingers to scroll from image to image quickly and easily.


When it comes down to it, there are many alternative problems out there, but the App is a little different, since it is free and doesn’t come with any annoying ads. Of course, it does with some very handy features all of which are displayed beautifully to the users. App-Buying Property with Mobile App free download

Newshunt:The Best News Aggregator Now In Your Pocket To Be Updated Always

News is the most important part of the everyday life of the majority of the people. Whether it is  a breaking news, international news, national news, career news, cricket news, business  or any other news  getting frequent updates is the most important thing in our daily lives. It is important to always be updated about the latest happenings around us this can help you in clearing your competitive exams, be first in debates among your friends  and professionals also need to be updated about the latest news. But because of lack of time or any other reason there are many people who are not able to watch the news on TV challenge. The news keeps on changing  everyday and once you miss it it is missed forever. Why not to download Newshunt app?

Download the app

Newshunt is the mobile application that you can download on your mobile devices and have access to all the latest news  anytime and anywhere. This app is catering  to over ten million people every month. With this app you get access to the major newspapers such as

  • The Indian expresses
  • India today
  • News24online
  • Headline today
  • Sports keeda
  • Desh Gujrat
  • Kashmir times
  • ANI and much more

Nascent gathers latest news from unlimited news, resources   so that you never miss out any single news. With this app you can have got worldwide news. People can also access news in their regional languages. There are  eleven language options that you can choose from; English News, Hindi News, Oriya News, Malayalam News, Telugu News, Tamil News, Bangla News, Gujarati News, Kannada News and Punjabi News.

This app is compatible with all the major OS. Now you will be able to read news on your handsets on the go, airport, coffee shop or any other place. Time does not matter  at all as you are having a news channel that gathers news from unlimited resources  and get it to you.

Why choose this app

Newshunt:- The Best News Aggregator Now In Your Pocket To Be Updated Always

There are plenty of reasons why you should download this app. Television is the major source from where you can have access  to the events and happenings taking place all around you. But we all are facing one of the major problems today and that is lack of time. With this app you can have an instant dose of daily news  instantly.

The importance of the news in daily life is not something that can be expressed in words. Without news people live lives like eyes closed. There are plenty of things that students and children can learn from the news.  With Newshunt you can get all the news on theft, terrorism, crime, politics, technology  and other issues. No matter whether you have time to read the news in detail or not, at least you can be updated by reading headlines whenever you get time.

Children will also show interest reading news with the app because they like operating mobile devices. News hunt is the best resource that you can download from the official website  and have access to worldwide  news  anytime.



How to Transfer Massages from Android Phone to Computer

how to transfer msg from phone to pc

As we all know, with the development of technology and economy, communications become more and more important and frequent between sale staff and customers, relatives, friends, classmates and so on and so forth. The developments of technology provide the masses with possibility to use mobile phone. And the developments of economy ensure that people could afford to buy mobile phone. So text messages gradually come into our daily life and play an important role.

From the perspective of working, short messages probably include some quiet important information about the customer. Are you sure that they are safe enough when you just store them in you Android Phone? Everyone knows that was not a wise action. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to transfer them to you computer by using our product named MobiKin Assistant for Android. It is the right product to help you and to support you by helping you go far away from any menace from the rear. From the perspective of relationship of human beings, text messages make communication more convenient. You express best wishes and hopes to others, and they also show their emotion to you which sometimes moved you a lot. Driven by the instinct, you strongly want to store these text messages in order to remember that kind of affection.


How to Transfer Massages from Android Phone to Computer

1) Backup Android messages to PC completely with one click.
2) Add fun stuff anytime; enjoy beautiful music, vivid audio anywhere.
3) Download, install, uninstall and look through apps convenient.
4) Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send/reply SMS indistinguishably from your PC. Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android, send and reply SMS directly from your PC.


What will you do if you have so many messages to store? Of course, it is impossible for anyone to persuade you give these messages away. Therefore, our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android, is your right choice. All you text messages can be backed up as .xlm or .txt file to PC and export to Android as well. Android Manager allows you to send & reply texts directly on your PC. When calls in, you can choose to directly hang it off, or hang it off and reply with a SMS instead on your computer. For backing up contacts, you can easily transfer contacts from android to computer with easy.

Send Messages from PC to Phone
MobiKin Assistant for Android program allows user to group message from PC to someone else’s pone. After you finish typing the messages, you can click the “Send” button to send the message to the target phone.

With its characters, such as convenience, utility and big stored space, MobiKin Assistant for Android had won great popular among the Android Phone users. If you have a lot of important working messages to transfer, please try our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android. If you have so many moving messages to transfer, please try our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android Assistant. In a word, if you want to transfer any messages, contacts, photos, videos and other files, please try MobiKin Assistant for Android.

Mobikwik – The Best Online Recharge App

Mobikwik – The Best Online Recharge App

Mobikwik – The Best Online Recharge App


Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. As such so has become our association with mobile recharge for obvious reasons. Online mobile recharge facility gives you the freedom to recharge your mobile phone number at any time and from any location. You can now reacharge your mobile phone number from any place – be it from home, restaurant, office or holiday, you can now do mobile recharge online very easily. The only thing that you need is access to internet. When you think of a simple and Easy way to do mobile recharge then you should definitely think of Mobikwik. Using Mobikwik you can do any prepaid mobile recharge or any mobile bill payment online for any number across the India. Using Mobikwik you can now easily recharge for your friends and family members.

There are a variety of options that Mobikwik provides for online recharge. You can now recharge through Debit Card, through Net Banking, through Credit Card, Master or Visa Card and even through Mobikwik wallet. Prominent banks such as Citibank, HDFC, SBI, and a number of other banks are available so that you can easily avail the Net Banking online recharge option. Mobikwik is India’s largest and No. 1 website for site for Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Indicom, BSNL, Reliance, Aircel, Virgin Mobile, Loop and Tata Docomo online recharge. Mobikwik does not charge you for any of the recharges that you have done. So now you can get online recharge done for Free on Mobikwik and thus save your time, money and effort. You can also browse for the cheapest plans and best talk time plans by using Mobikwik also offers DTH recharge which is fast and easy. Using Mobikwik you can even browse for your subscription plans. Mobikwik offers Airtel DTH, Sun Direct, Dish TV, Tata Sky, Reliance Big TV DTH and Videocon D2H online recharge.

Mobikwik – The Best Online Recharge App

Mobikwik also has the provision of Data Card recharge for Idea netsetter, Tata Photon and MTS Mblaze which you can recharge or pay the bill on Mobikwik. Mobikwik also offers Bill Payments facilities for your Landline, Electricity Bill, Insurance Payment and Gas Bill payments that can now be done effortlessly. So sign up now and enjoy superb online bill payment facilities through MobiKwik mobile app is India’s Quickest App for Mobile Recharge or DTH Recharge or Bill Payments. This App accepts all Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and also has NetBanking facilities. Any Recharge is bound to happen within 5 seconds if you use the money that you have in your MobiKwik wallet! MobiKwik App provides support to all operators like BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, Idea etc. Mobikwik provides a variety of recharge services through the mobile app. All prepaid mobile users can recharge for Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Loop Mobile, Videocon, Uninor and MTS. If you have a postpaid mobile connection then you can also do the mobile bill payment for postpaid for Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Reliance and Docomo. With the app you can also do DTH or Satellite TV recharge for Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Dish TV, Airtel DTH, Reliance Big TV and Videocon D2H. Now you can also do Data Card recharge for MTS MBlaze, Tata Photon, Reliance Netconnect and Idea Netsetter.

Now you can also pay for your Electricity Bill Payment from our application for NDPL, BSES Rajdhani, BSES Yamuna, MSEB Mumbai and Reliance Energy. The app can also be used to do Landline Bill Payment for MTNL, Airtel, Tata Communications and Reliance Communications. You can also do Gas Bill payment if you are a user of Mahanagar Gas Limited. The app can also be used to make Life Insurance Policy payment if you pay the Life Insurance for ICICI Prudential, Tata AIG, IndiaFirst and Birla SunLife. The app has many key features. The size of the app is very small which saves a lot of space on your device. The app is also fast and extremely light on your mobile device which saves a lot of your bandwidth consumption. The app Works extremely well on 2G as well as 3G connections. You can also park money to your MobiKwik wallet and get access to easy, quick and hassle free payments without having to hop between merchants, banks, payment gateways and then back and forth. You can now make your payments in just one click. You have a variety of payment options that includes SBI – State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank. Whether you use debit card, credit card or Internet banking Mobikwik supports all of them. MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Discover and Diner cards are also supported by Mobikwik. Now you can very easily select contacts from your contact list and recharge the numbers directly. You can now also avail various discount coupons for your recharge.

Make Your Dog A Happy Pooch With These 2 Smartphone Apps

Make Your Dog A Happy Pooch With These 2 Smartphone Apps

Dog lovers know all about how much fun it can be to share your home with these fantastic creatures. A dog will really bring so much love into your life and this is why they are the country’s number one domestic pets, sorry about that, cats! But with all of this synonymous affection, comes a challenging role that we often underestimate. So when a couple of Smartphone Apps come along that offer some help in this department, we think they should be downloaded without a question. But we have kindly offered a couple of unbiased reviews that should cut to the chase. Please see what you think and maybe you can have even more four legged fun in the future!


Pet Services Finder By PetMD– Free

This App will run on your iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. They say that raising a dog is a little like having a new child to care for, and we agree. So this App is a must have for all of those important dog-centric facilities that are required on a regular basis. Here is a list of the service providers that you’ll soon be in touch with:

  • Veterinarians
  • Emergency Clinics
  • Pet Friendly Hotels
  • Dog Parks
  • Dog Walkers
  • Groomers
  • Daycare Centres
  • Dog Sitters

You may not have even known that some of these excellent facilities exist, but they do and they are all onboard. Wherever you live in the USA, you can find the nearest of these options for your lovely canine buddy. You will also get a bunch of user reviews that will ensure you find the best one for your needs. If you happen to have a favourite park or dog doctor that isn’t listed here, you can add it yourself and also write a bespoke review of your own. Any dog lover would really benefit from this application and we love the fact that it’s absolutely free- Grab it now!

Puppy Coach 101 ByPixeldream – $2.99

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 4.0 or later for smooth running. Raising a puppy can be so rewarding but terribly challenging, just ask anyone about what happens to their slippers! This App will help you to house train the puppy in your life without breaking your heart. There are over 30 video clips on board and you will soon be the master of your house once more. Each topic has been covered and your little pooch will really be in for a shock when you start the new training regime. But once the little monster starts to learn the proper way to do everything, your relationship will be stronger than ever before. You might miss those terrible tantrums but your curtains, carpet and sofa will certainly not.

Check Out Those Puppies!  

These applications will certainly help you to get your pooch back on the straight and narrow, and you can take that to the bank!

Author Bio:-Today’s featured writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, who often writes for Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, leading animal doctor staten island. She likes to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.