As everybody knows that Adobe has numerous software and applications that are specifically made for designers, photographers, videographers, and developers. On the contrary, the program has been serving quite well for most of the people since a long time; there are other alternatives that you can easily find in the marketplace, either they are at no cost or premium. Some of the alternatives for an additional product of Adobe- Dreamweaver are listed below.


Top 8 Best Alternatives To Adobe’s Dreamweaver for Web design and development

What Is Dreamweaver?

It is a popular application used for the development of websites and runs on Mac or PC, and it is both usable for WYSIWYG and direct code. Dreamweaver is capable of displaying split view for the models on the display screen. It is equipped with exquisite software to handle CSS2, XML, active content from Flash to JavaScript, site management, etc.

Top 8 options you can choose from other than Adobe’s Dreamweaver

  1. CoffeeCup HTML Editor

It only runs on Windows but not in Java, XForms, MathML, or XPath. If you are a Mac user, you can also install the OS X Web editor. It is priced at $69 USD and is equipped with the technique of code completion for auto suggesting the tags.

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  1. Microsoft Expression Web

Being a free application, people who all bought this program, are eligible to get a Tech support. It only works on Windows and has similar features of the relevant interface and Dreamweaver, with Hard Code and WYSIWYG panes.

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  1. Amaya Editor

This program is free, runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This program kind a WYSIWYG editor, MathML, page preview, spell checking, and SVG. Amaya does not bear Java, Frames, JavaScript, XSLT, RSS, XForms, or Atom and only supports CSS2. The programs need a quality resolution to display all the features specifically.

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  1. KompoZer Editor

This program is complimentary, open basis runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and BSD systems. Its type a WYSIWYG editor which is same as to Dreamweaver that edits by hand and do not support frames, shared editing, XSLT, XForms, SRR, MathML, SVG, or XPath.

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  1. BlueGriffon Editor

This program is free, has the WYSIWYG editor that runs well on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. The program supports spell checking, web fonts, page preview, templates, etc.

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  1. Bluefish Editor

This program is free, open source, and also runs on Mac, Linux, Windows, BSD, and UNIX systems. The program is same as the Dreamweaver’s support for making HTML, CSS, XHTML, etc.

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  1. Aptana Editor

This editor is open source, with an inbuilt on Java, is free, and runs well on Windows, BSD, Mac, and Linux systems. It does not have a WYSIWYG editor, no spell check, and no XPath.

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  1. Aloha Editor

The editor is open source and has a WYSIWYG editor. It offers support for popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

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When you are selecting an editor program, the price, specifications, and the support that it avails are some of the essential things to look before purchasing. A free online editor might serve you the basic needs, but they may not support or need to be paid premiums for the full working.