How to Zoom in on Part of a Video with Movavi Video Editor

How to Zoom in on Part of a Video with Movavi Video Editor

Have you at times created a video where you felt that it would be a lot better if you could ‘zoom in’ at a certain part so that you can highlight some of the elements there and display them more clearly? By zooming in you can focus the audience’s attention where it should be – and that makes it a powerful effect to use.
In order to zoom in on part of a video, you will need a video editor that has that capability. One option that would be worth your while to try out is Movavi Video Editor as it will make it easy to implement the effect by following these few simple steps:

How to Zoom in on Part of a Video with Movavi Video Editor
How to Zoom in on Part of a Video with Movavi Video Editor
  1. Click ‘Add Media Files’ and select the video that you want to edit.
  2. Click the last icon on the left side of the software and select ‘Zoom’ then open the list in the ‘Pan and Zoom’ section and choose ‘Zoom in-out’.
  3. In the preview window you can adjust the grey frame to specify the area where you want to zoom into.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ and the zoom effect will be applied to the video from the start with 20% of its duration spent ‘zooming in’, and the last 20% spent ‘zooming out’.
  5. Click ‘Export’ to save the video.

Assuming you only want to zoom in at a particular time during the video then you will need to split your video into segments and apply the zoom effect to the segment where you want it to zoom in. For more detailed instructions you could go to

Before you save your video be sure to also explore some of the other powerful features that come with Movavi Video Editor. Not only will these features let you cut and combine video segments, but you could also enhance the video quality, add customizable text, apply special effects, include background music, insert animated transitions, and much more.

Now that you know how to use Movavi Video Editor and zoom in to any part of your video, why not try it out? As you begin to use the software you’ll be able to see firsthand how simple and intuitive it is, as well as experience the range of powerful features that it will put at your disposal to help you to create impressive videos.

AspectWise: Shopping for best and leaving the rest! for best and leaving the rest

Shopping is fantastic, whether it’s online or offline. Both the ways have their own benefits. But these days, it’s online shopping that is taking over our lives in a positive manner with the increased usage of mobiles, laptops and/or tablets. And when you have the advantage of hassle–free shopping, it’s even more wonderful. No worries about road traffic, parking space and wandering here and there for that perfect buy!

With enhanced online shopping interests, the usage and purchase of consumer electronics have also shot up. Varieties of these consumer electronics have also turned out to be uncountable.  Choosing the one that perfectly fits your budget and is the best for you is one trouble that arises while shopping from websites.

Hence we offer you a solution for solving all your electronics related queries and doubts –, an IIT Alumni start–up, standing head and shoulders making their customers happy and satisfied. for best and leaving the rest


AspectWise – WHO ARE THEY?

Shoppers always want to know about who they’re buying from to build a trustworthy bond. This is what you need to know. AspectWise is a newly launched e–commerce website dealing in consumer electronics. It’s a website started by an IIT Alumni. Their main focus is to help people in making the exact purchasing decision. It organises the products according to audience’s preference immediately. It’s a one–stop–solution for all your electronic needs.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets


AspectWise has an attractive and a very simple user interface. It operates effortlessly and helps you find the exact product. Select from the options given and leave the rest to aspectwise. It has a comparison feature for the products and it also displays user ratings and reviews. The website has a cooling and attractive colour scheme.


Log on to and choose from the options according to your preferences. You’ll find a massive list of products according to the order of ratings. We searched for Best Selfie Phones under the range of Rs. 24, 000/-.


Best Selfie Phones at


Slide through the variety of products available and click on the one that fits your requirement.


buy Honor 7 online at

You’ll get a detailed view about the product chosen after clicking on it. We chose Honor 7 to give you a vision of it looks.

buy Honor 7 mobile online at


You can see the product’s availability on different websites with its price, specifications, and reviews. takes you to either Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal for making the purchase.


specification of Honor 7 at



You can also find reviews, ratings, and positive and negative opinion percentage given on AspectWise itself. Apply the aspects, price and/or filters to further refine your search.


buy mobile online at


Everything is very neatly classified to avoid any disturbances.


buy mobile online



Don’t choose randomly, choose sensibly. Choose with the help of real-time user ratings and reviews. AspectWise wouldn’t let you down and would live up to your expectations.  It loads fast and is appealing. It is loaded with information to help you choose intelligently without any inconvenience.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger?

In this era, car chargers are getting better day by day. Zus by Nonda is one of the car chargers already which is very popular online. Zus is a German made car charger and the main attractive thing about it is the ‘military grade quality. Zus smart charger can bear the heat because of the high temperature standards and there may not be any problem faced for many years. This Zus smart charger review shall make you understand that why it is a must have device for those who carry all their gadgets while travelling.


 Looks Amazing

This charger won’t disappoint you looks-wise and you may get impressed with it immediately. Titanium coating makes the surface look very appealing. Zus USB charger comes with elegant shine lightning which is an attractive feature. You may find the car charger to be heavy, but it is definitely compact. Even after comparing it with other popular chargers, you might find that Zus USB charger is really one of the best options as it has a very good design.

 Blazing Fast Charging

You might get bored in your car if you’re not able to listen to songs or go through videos especially when struck in traffic. Zus comes with 2X charging speed (4.8A) which makes it a better option than many other car chargers available online. By making use of Zus USB car charger, you can charge two iPhone 6s in just 2 hours which is very less time as other chargers take around 3 to 4 hours. Zus charger takes 3.75 hours only for charging two iPad Air 2 which is definitely unbelievable for many. Even Android smartphones get charged really very fast when Zus smart charger is used.

 Find Your Car Easily Using the Zus App

One of the best things about Zus charger is that it saves the car location automatically. You’ll need to install Zus App in your smartphone for finding your car. Zus App will guide you to the exact position of your car and this may definitely save up your time. Car location tracing function doesn’t work when the car is parked in a multi-storey or underground parking lot.

Zus makes use of GPS for tracking the car. Users get the notification that ‘Zus saved your car location’ while getting out of the car which is a very useful feature.

 Double Lifespan

You may not want to invest money again and again for buying a car charger. Zus car charger comes with the special in-built Zus cooling system which makes the car charger stay cool even if it is used for charging regularly. Checking out the lab testing results will give you a good idea that how the Zus cooling system increases the lifespan of the Zus USB smart charger. Another reason why this car charger lasts very long is that it is made using the German Bayer material.

There are 2 smart USB charging ports provided in this charger. Zus charger by Nonda comes with Low Energy Bluetooth which will allow you to establish its connection with your smartphone easily.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger
Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger


Titanium coating makes Zus USB smart charger look very attractive. This coolest car device which does the function of car finder as well as USB car charger is priced $29.99 only. It comes with 12 month warranty which is something you may definitely like. Do let us know that whether you’re going to prefer Zus smart car chargers over the other car chargers available online.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger-Buy-Now


Maple New store in Khar

Maple, Apple’s premium and largest reseller, launched its biggest Indian store in Mumbai at Khar Linking Road, this afternoon i.e. on 18th June 2016. Maple promises to display all the Apple products at its store and stick to their policy to give nothing but the best.

Maple had started their flagship store at Bandra Linking Road in 2010 and since then they have been steadily growing towards their vision. This clarity enabled them to relocate their store to Khar linking road in Mumbai. They’ve also been regarded as ‘The Best’ in an Apple Audit of 900 stores across the world and won numerous Mystery Audit Awards from Apple for the exceptional way they work.


Maple New store in Khar

Getting bigger and better the new store is now spread across a 3900sqft area and contains all the finest accessories ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs.20, 000. The store will showcase most excellent stuff like Element case, Ozaki, KNOMO, fitness coaching device for smarter workouts – MOOV along with a huge range of audio products like Audio Technica, B&W and many more. Women customers can find an elite range of KNOMO laptop bags exclusively crafted for them.

Maple has also been known for their exclusive range of products like Shield for CPU, iPhone or iPad, which protects the device against theft, liquid damage or physical damage (this product has been specially designed and marketed by Maple).


Offering Apple products is just one facility. Their services range from transferring data from and old Apple device to a new Apple device, remotely controlling the Apple device if lost, insuring Apple device against theft or damage, pick and drop in case of repairs and what not at over 20 location pan India. You as an individual/ enterprise/ organisation/ institution think of an Apple and Maple is the solution! They take care of all your needs seamlessly.

Boom Audio, first time in India at maple store


Element Case, first Time in India at maple store


Maple is a one–stop solution to all their customers for experiencing and buying Apple products. They have a 91% customer satisfaction base all over India with a mission to increase the numbers. A Premium Service Centre of Apple is also a part of this store, making it more convenient for customers to sort their service related queries. As a goodwill gesture, the Premium Service Centre will make all the efforts to ensure that the customer waiting will not be more than 7 minutes.


With the launch of Maple’s new store, they have several exciting offers on certain Apple products to put forward for their customers. The limited period exclusive offers range from exchanging your old smart phone to get minimum Rs.15, 000 off on a new iPhone or exchanging any of your old laptop to get a minimum Rs.25, 000 off on new Mac (T&C Apply) and more.

happy coustomers buying apple products

To avail all the fantastic offers and to meet and greet with the management, customers can visit the Maple store at Seasons Avenue, Khar Linking Road on 18th & 19th June 2016.

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

In today’s digital age, people rely on mobile apps to help them get things done. There’s an app for almost anything that you could possibly think of, from checking e-mails to shopping and entertainment. Some people even meet their life partner via an app, thanks to the vast amount of dating applications out there available to download onto a smartphone or tablet device. As a business owner, it’s good to keep in mind how apps could benefit your business and improve your customer service. With more and more businesses developing mobile apps for their customers to use, it’s a factor that can definitely have an effect on your competitiveness.

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business
Photo by stockimages at

Better Customer Service

Most business owners will know that being online in and of itself can make for a better customer service experience. The majority of people would much prefer to visit a website than make a call or drop into a shop due to the convenience and ease of the whole process. When you have a contact form, frequently asked questions and perhaps even a web chat function on your website, customers can easily find the answers that they need with just a few clicks. A mobile app takes this convenience even further – customers can have your app installed ready on their device to find the information that they need easily without having to visit a web browser. Discover more about developing web and mobile apps with Angular 2 here.


Customers in today’s day and age like the businesses which they purchase from to be up to date. This doesn’t only include having a website and a social media page and having a good online presence, this can also mean that the business should also have an app. Offering your customers a mobile or web app tells them one thing – that you are up to date and modern, following current trends and finding out what it is that your customers want right now. This can help your business to gain favor in the eyes of your customers and help you to increase your competitive edge.

Better Competitiveness

By developing a mobile or web app for your customers, you’re immediately gaining edge over those of your competitors which do not offer this service. As mentioned earlier, customers tend to prefer businesses which are up to date and understand their current needs. Developing a mobile app helps you to do just this, which in turn can immediately make you look significantly better than your competition. Developing a mobile app that your customers can download can also help your business to appear more professional and if you use it for selling products, can also help to improve your profit and enable your business to grow.

There are many different reasons why businesses develop mobile applications for their customers. However, you should definitely bear in mind that with mobile apps becoming more and more popular, sooner or later they will be like websites – no longer an option, and you’ll be expected to have one.

Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really?

Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really.png

Apart from Android phones being relatively cheaper to iPhones, they are also easier to spy on. For those who want to monitor cell phone activity of their kids, employees or even a spouse, getting an Android phone for your targetperson would be a great service to yourself. Come on Android fanboys, It’s your day today!

But what are the benefits of spying on an Android device? Read on people, read on to know!

 Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really.png

Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really.png

Easy download and installation

I will take a lot of your time on this part of the read, because Android phones are so much better when it comes to app downloading and installation. Unlike iOS, you aren’t only restricted to downloading an app from the App Store only. Instead, you can search over the internet, find an APK version of any app, and download it directly on to your phone.


Compare this with iOS. Let’s say you want to download an app that isn’t on the App Store. You can’t simply google an app and download it (most people may already know this, but we are just comparing). That’s not all. Even when you have downloaded the app onto your computer, you can’t transfer it to your iPhone or iPad, unless you have done a jailbreak on the target device.

Jailbreaking isn’t a joke. It has many downsides (and a lot of benefits for someone who want to customise his iPhone). So if you want to take the responsibility of jailbreaking, know that it’s going to void your warranty. Oh, wait! It can also brick your expensive smartphone for life. Lastly, if you don’t know how to jailbreak, you might need some professional help.

But why are we discussing all this?

To spy on a phone, you have to download and install a spy onto it. This is why, spying on an Android phone is easy. But wait, there is more than meets the eye.

Wait, there is catch!

Spying on an iOS device doesn’t necessarily need a jailbreak. There are a few apps that you can use for spying that only require iCloud credentials. So Jailbreak isn’t a necessary prerequisite. Also, to use an Android spying app, you may also require to root your Android device. Wait, but… What? No… I understand that, but it’s true.

Many of the premium features will require you to jailbreak/root the target devices. The only difference: Android phones allow third-party apps without rooting, while Apple doesn’t. So you can install a spy app on Android but could only access complete features after rooting. For iOS, you would need a jailbreak right away.

We think that spying on an Android device is easy, what do you say? Let us know in the comments.

How to Record Webcam Video with the Movavi Video Editor

Do you have a webcam that you use for video calls and conferences? While most people tend to utilize their webcams for various types of online communication, being a camera you can use it to record any video footage that you want really.

If you were able to record webcam video then you could create your own video guides and tutorials, show the development of a project that you’re working on, or even just record ‘reaction’ videos for YouTube. Regardless of what type of webcam video you’d like to record – the one thing that you need to do so is the Movavi Video Editor

By opting to use the Movavi Video Editor, you’ll end up killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you have a software that can record the webcam video that you require, but you can also choose to edit and improve it in various ways too. To begin with however, recording the video itself is really very straightforward and all you need to do is:

How to Record Webcam Video with the Movavi Video Editor

  1. Click the ‘Record Video’ button to put the Movavi Video Editor into its capture mode.
  2. Set the ‘Video capture device’ to your webcam, and click ‘Start Capture’ when you’re done with the other settings.
  3. When you’re done recording click ‘Stop Capture’ and your video will automatically be saved to the destination directory that was specified in the settings.

For a more detailed look at the process you could head over to

As you can see, with those few simple steps the Movavi Video Editor would have effectively helped you to record the webcam video that you need. Assuming you’d like to improve the video that you record however, you’ll find it is easy enough with the other features of the software.

Using these features you’ll be able to cut and combine video segments, apply special effects and filters, add background music or voice overs, insert customizable text, enhance the video quality – and much more. To put it simply the Movavi Video Editor will provide a comprehensive array of features that will let you tweak your video in any way you need.

By the time you’re done your webcam video could turn up to be a masterpiece in its own right. In fact, with a bit of practice you may even feel that it is good enough to start your very own YouTube channel.

 GIDS – India’s Biggest & Most Pivotal Event for Software Developers

April is the month for which most of the software developers are waiting. Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) is going to take place from 26th April to 30th April. From the year 2008, GIDS has always got popularity as software developers gain lot of knowledge. The 2016 edition of GIDS is the most awaited one as some of most eminent personalities are the speakers for the event.




 Good Number of Sponsors and Speakers

One of the reasons for the expert software developers to become part of this summit is that there are good number of sponsors and speakers. It is because of the sponsors that GIDS is always arranged in the best way. Speakers provide their knowledge which is always very valuable for the developers attending the summit.

 Different Topics Covered

GIDS sessions cover some of the most important topics. Software developers are giving their time for the summit and that’s why the organizers make sure they get the best return for the time they are investing.

The first day of the summit will cover the important things related to MS computing world. It will make you know the different developer tools, frameworks and business intelligence. Cloud Conference will make you learn everything about cloud development at the first day itself. The second day of the summit will make developers know the different ways of launching web and mobile Apps. Third day of summit will cover some of the most important lessons about Java. Fourth day covers everything related to data and analytics.

 Opportunity to Find the Best Job

This summit provides the opportunity to talented developers to get the type of job they want to settle down in their life. If you have got the communication skills, then you’ll definitely be able to impress some of the potential employers present at the 4 days of the summit. Developers with best conversation skills always end up finding their dream job by attending such summits.

 Know About the Innovative Technologies

GIDS have been making developers know the latest innovative technologies. Everything is getting innovative and that’s why developers too need to be acquainted with the latest things going in the software development world. GIDS will make you understand that which new technologies are going to be in demand in coming years and how you can better your skills to become the best.


Developers can go through the entire schedule here;

sponsors list and get complete detailed information about the various sessions of GIDS 2016 at the Developer March website. It may be the right time to book the seat for the days you want to attend as then you can do the planning from now.

No software developer should miss to attend the 2016 edition of GIDS. If a software developer can’t give 4 days, then he should attend the GIDS.MINI which is schedule to take place on 30th April at Pune. Decide now as you need to register to attend GIDS and this opportunity comes only once in a year.

Register on: