5 Free Social Media Tools You Should Use To Grow Your Business

5 Free Social Media Tools You Should Use To Grow Your Business

When you work online you’ve got to take advantage of as much free software as possible because it’s an easy way to grow your company on the cheap. If you’re interested in focusing on social media in the future here are a few tools you should start using.


When you’re trying to manage your social media accounts you can’t be expected to log into each one individually. The great thing about HootSuite is the ability to manage all your accounts from the same place, plus if you work as part of a team everyone can use the software together. You schedule things to go out at a later date and it will give you a few decent metrics you need to know about too. You might also want to know there is also a paid version of this product, but the free version is still great.



Some people are social media masters, whereas others are only just starting out. It can be difficult to separate everyone into different levels and that is where Klout comes in. Everyone on social media will be given a score which makes it easy to find out who you should be trying to connect with. You can also break things down into specific niches, because you don’t want to spend your time reaching out to people if they won’t care about what you say. It’s great because people actually respect Klout scores.


Social Mention

When you want to grow your business quickly you can’t sit around watching TV while all your competitors are hard at work. You need to go out searching for customers and Social Mention is a genius tool that makes it simple to find your target market. Just type a phrase into their search engine and they’ll tell you where people have mentioned that exact phrase on different social media platforms. You will then be able to go and target those specific people plus the ones corresponding with them.


Google Trends

If you can write about stuff people find interesting they’ll obviously enjoy your content a lot more. Google Trends will let you know what people are interested in right now. What is everyone on the web excited about? How long have they been going crazy over it and how long will it last? Do they mention things more often at certain times of the year? You’ll be able to find everything inside Google Trends and it’s a great way to stay ahead of your competition if they don’t know about it.

Google Alerts

We should finish off with another great one brought to you by Google because it will help you track down anyone talking about you. Just type in a phrase you want Google Alerts to follow and when the search engines pick it up you’ll be notified by email. Most people enter their company name because they’re curious about the good and bad things people are saying about them, but you can also type in certain phrases related to your niche you’re interested in tracking such as watch TV online’.


Author Bio:-The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger and she writes for VMedia, who offers TV channels online. When she is not busy working, she enjoys surfing and reading. You can follow her on Twitter @NancyBaker.

A Brief Overview Of The 99% Who Don’t Care About Marketers On Social Media



When marketers use social media they’re only even going to reach a certain number of people because most don’t care and don’t want to be marketed to. I’ve written a spoof article showing marketers who the majority are they’re actually trying to connect with.


A lot of people seem to think marketing to people on social media is going to bring them great success, but I wonder if they realize 99% of people who use different social media platforms don’t want to be marketed to. I’m sure you’ll manage to connect with a few people because you’re a skilled marketer, but here is a brief overview of the majority of people you’re trying to reach out to.




You market to people on Facebook who love to click on stuff while spying on what their friends ate for lunch. Whenever they see a pretty picture they can’t help clicking on it. If you get this right you end up with hundreds of thousands of fans, but they don’t care about anything you say. They just wanted to click something and if you keep giving them something to click on they will keep clicking. Facebook realized the problem a long time ago and around 98% of the people on your fan page don’t actually see your new posts.




LinkedIn is completely different because this time you’re marketing to professionals you want to work with or for. You want them to think you’re amazing so you’ll start stalking them. If they’re well-known you know it’s a waste of time marketing to them, so you’ll market to some of their friends instead. If you become friends with their friends it means they’ll help you befriend their well-known friend. It’s a complete head spin. You won’t get the job of your dreams, but you’re halfway towards a degree in stalking.




You post photos on Pinterest when your partner stops paying attention to you. From now on you’ll dedicate your life to marketing your photos to bored house wives with nothing better to do at night than to sit on Pinterest. Every time someone re-pins one of your photos it will feel like you’ve won the lottery. They just like your photo; they don’t want to give you their money. Pinterest is a little strange because you don’t actually gain anything from the platform except the admiration of thousands of women from all over the world.




Now it’s getting interesting because Twitter is mostly comprised of young professionals. When you market on Twitter you’re marketing to people who are lazy at their jobs. Instead of working they’ll spend all their time following people in case they share an unhelpful quote from someone who has been dead for hundreds of years. If you’re lucky they might retweet one of your tweets and it doesn’t mean anything unless there is a link back to your website, but at least you can feel good about your high follower count as you slide around your hardwood floor doing fist pumps.


Google Plus


Google+ is the new kid on the block and most people don’t even know how to use it. If they have a Google+ account it’s usually because it was forced on them while they were trying to start a YouTube channel. I don’t even think anyone knows how to use the platform properly, so if you find people following you and +1’ing your posts it’s likely they’re trying to learn what to do. They’ll eventually get bored after a while and you’ll only ever be marketing to the new people who sign up and use it for a week before disappearing.


Author Bio:Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Alliance Floor Source , a reputable flooring company. She loves decorating her home with cute and innovative DIY projects. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

How to Market Your Pest Control Company Using Twitter

How to Market Your Pest Control Company Using Twitter

The sheer choice of different advertising platforms can be slightly overwhelming, but if you are interested in maximising your business’s reputation then you need to be aware of all the different ways that you can be promoting yourself. Most pest control companies already know that they should be advertising in online directories, as well as local newspapers and community magazines – perhaps even sponsoring local events. You should never miss an opportunity to get your name out there. Something that a lot of pest control companies tend to overlook is Twitter – as it is commonly thought that this is for social interaction only. However, Twitter is a valuable business tool too, and it should not be discounted when you’re thinking about ways to advertise your business. Here is how to get involved:

Set Up a Profile

Your first job is to set up an account, and this is as easy as entering your email address, choosing a password and setting up a basic profile. At this point, it may well be worth reading a couple of tutorials on how to use Twitter as you get the hang of it, taking into account any etiquette that you may need to know. Make sure that you include a short strapline on your profile detailing what it is that you offer and where you are based.

Get Following/Followers

Twitter is all about getting followers, and following other people. Firstly, choose five people that you interact with in a business capacity – these could be suppliers, competitors and clients. Find them on Twitter and make sure you ‘follow’ them – this is as easy as pressing the blue button that says ‘follow’. Your next step should be to see who they follow, which you can find very easily on their profile. Twitter is not like Facebook in that you don’t need to be friends in real life in order to follow people. Follow anybody that your associates follow – you may feel like you’re stalking them, but don’t worry, it is perfectly acceptable to follow people that you don’t know on Twitter. The more followers you get (followers are people that follow you back), the more people you can engage with.

Regular Tweets

Once you are up and running on Twitter and you have a few followers, it’s time to start tweeting. Make your tweets relevant and brief (you will be made to limit your tweets to 140 characters) – and you can tweet as much as you like so don’t be shy. Once a week, tweet a link to your blog which should contain useful information based on issues around pest control so that you begin to look like an authority on your subject. It won’t be long before word starts spreading and your followers start increasing in numbers.

Keep your updates professional and relevant to your business (although a little social banter is fine too) and you will soon find that more and more people start to hear about you. Cash in on this by offering regular promotions to your followers and it won’t be long before your customer numbers start to double!

Author Bio:The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who often writes for Peregrine, a reliable pest control agency offering clients services including mice control. She enjoys sharing her experiences with her readers through her articles. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Promote Your Business Through Facebook Likes.


One of the major factors responsible for the success of any business is its ability to attract customers. And let’s face it; we only look at things judging by how many other people have found it favourable. Oftentimes, it is difficult to get the first handful of people to praise your product or service. Here is how to get over this, especially in an online platform.
Websites have come up with the extraordinary and novel idea of selling Facebook likes. The rule is simple: you pay them; they get you a certain number of likes on your Facebook page in a given duration of time. You then promote your page further, armed with the public support that arises out of these likes.
Here is now it works. You go to any such website, click on buy under the given amount of likes you require. There are a wide range of options ranging from 1500 likes to a hundred thousand likes. Just select the one you need and pay the amount specified. Then, you would be asked to submit your Facebook page details. Enter here the address of the page where you want to get likes. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait while the likes start rolling in!
If you decide to buy Facebook fans, the prices are extremely cheap, compared to other forms of business promotions available on the internet. The website offers 1500 likes for $23, 5500 likes for $70, 25,000 likes for $265 and 100,000 likes for $875. Apart from this, it is also mentioned that should individual users require more than 100,000 likes or less than 1500 likes, the company can still help you.
How would getting thousands of Facebook likes actually help you? Here’s a brief journey through the process. The likes you get would inspire real Facebook profiles to take a closer look at your page. It is certain that a fraction of them will click on the link of your website available on the page, which would directly lead to an increase in traffic on your website. Also, it will work as an effective search engine optimization measure by allowing your Facebook page to show up at the top of the search engine when keywords of your website are searched. This is because while a lot of competitors might have websites, not too many people invest on Facebook likes in their pages.
Hence, it is a wise decision to buy Facebook likes and kickstart your business. The process has been proven to aid both small and large businesses. Investing in Search Enging Optimization packages can cost thousands of dollars depending on what result you want. By comparison, the Facebook likes are delivered way cheaper. It depends on sheer marketing acumen rather than brute force. This method is for those who like to stand apart from the crowd and take the short cut to success. Buy Facebook fans to make use of a simple marketing strategy that gets your website on the go!

Boost Social Media Offers Reliable Services to help you Gain Genuine Social Media Followers

Boost Social Media Offers Reliable Services to help you Gain Genuine Social Media Followers

Boost Social Media is an innovative company offering unique Social Marketing solutions. With the services from this company, you are able to develop a long list of followers for your different social media profiles on different sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. All the followers provided to you are 100% real & genuine and belong to the target group of audience present on social media sites. This site doesn’t deal with any proxies, bots or follow-back links, while the huge social media network of the company is utilized for the promotion of your business over social media.
Thus, with the approach of this company through the millions of active users over different social media websites, Boost Social Media offers you an opportunity to get real likes, followers and views. You can get the audience from US only or at a global level, where the involvement of safe and legal activities will prevent your social media account from being blocked because of enhanced activity.
Facebook Services
You are offered with different services for a reliable promotion of your Facebook account, where this company offers you genuine likes, subscribers, wall shares, website and photo likes. Several services including likes, subscribers and wall shares are offered by targeting global social media users, while special services targeted to US-only social media users include Facebook likes, Interaction and wall shares.
Twitter Services
Under this category, the company provides you followers for your Twitter account from a specific targeted group, US based users or global users of this social media account. You are also offered with other services like Twitter Retweets and website tweets.
Google Services
For your Google+ profile, this company offers you genuine Google+ votes from US targeted users as well as form global users.
YouTube Services
You are offered with views, subscriptions, comments, likes and other packages for your YouTube account, where YouTube views are available from either a global audience or US-based audience only.
Other Services
Along with the services mentioned above, this company offers several other services like Pinterest followers, LinkedIn connections, Soundcloud Plays, Vine followers and other social media packages.
How to avail these services?
To avail services from this company, you don’t need to provide any of your personal or financial information. The only requirement with this company is the URL of your social media account that needs to be promoted, along with the payment to get started to the project. A money back guarantee is also offered with all the projects that the company is unable to complete.
Customer Support
If you have any query regarding their services or you wish to know more about their services, you can contact the representatives through a toll-free helpline number or contact them via live chat feature. Along with these options, there is a FAQ section containing resolutions for most of the common queries among the consumers.
Boost Social Media provides genuine social media promotion services with a negligible record of incomplete assignments. They have earned a vast number of loyal customers that have achieved a great satisfaction with their services.


Author Bio:- This article is written by Ashish Kamble who is owner of Mashking blog and Also written many article. He also review website and also product. This article is about of  BoostsocialMedia , You can buy facebook fans and many other services

Great Branding with Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Great Branding with Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Branding is one of the best marketing methods available and one that many companies are constantly trying to think about. Branding can be easily incorporated into your Facebook timeline cover photo when you follow a few simple tips. The cover photo is the large photo at the top of the Facebook page. It is the first thing that people see when they get to your page, so it’s essential to grab their attention and use it to get more interest in your business. The tips are designed for businesses that have a Facebook page as a way to help generate business.

Before you choose your own Facebook timeline cover photo, you’ll want to take a look at other online photos to get some ideas. You’ll see a lot of interesting and unique photos to give you inspiration for your own photo. Check out some of your competition to see not only what works, but also what doesn’t work. It’s okay if you have a lot of ideas because you can change your cover photo often if you like.

Get Professional Help
The timeline cover photo for your business is no place to skimp. Don’t try to use a photo that isn’t of high quality or that doesn’t look its best. You can easily look for premium timeline cover photos online. There are thousands of choices to pick from and you’ll be assured that each one is properly sized and ready to be used.

The size of a cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels. It’s a large rectangle at the top of the page. Best of all, these photos are top quality, expert pictures that will help to make your page look professional. That’s the desired outcome – to choose a photo that creates an image that you want to portray to your potential customers.

Choose Text
It’s easy to add text to your cover photo. Text is a great way to add a message to your page so visitors will see it immediately upon entering. The text can go directly on top of your photo. Some businesses use text to let customers know about awesome sales that are coming up or to announce an event. The beauty of timeline photo covers is their flexibility. They are so easy to use that you can easily change them up and add text whenever you like.

You may have heard a rule that Facebook had in place about text on cover photos. They stated that the text could not be more than 20% of the total space of the cover photo. However, that rule has been relaxed a bit so there is no such requirement. It is still prudent to keep your photo area uncluttered so it looks as clean as possible. Also, you’ll need to be certain that when you add text it is not located under the profile photo, which will be hidden from view. Your profile photo should coordinate with your cover picture. Some companies like to use their logo in the smaller profile photo and then harmonize it with the large cover photo.

Be Unique
Since the cover photo is the first thing people see when they get to your page, you want to be sure it grabs their attention instantly. Try to choose a photo that is a step above those that your competitors post. You’ll want to take a look at some Facebook pages from other, similar businesses, to see what they are doing – both right and wrong. You can learn a lot this way, simply by reviewing other sites and taking note of what works and what doesn’t for a timeline cover photo.

Three Ways to Use Social Media to Fundraise for a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that afflicts millions of people around the world every year. Many people who are diagnosed, though, cannot afford their treatment. If you know someone who has been diagnosed and needs some financial assistance to get the care that he or she needs, you can put social media sites to work for you.


Continue reading to learn about three ways that you can use your favorite social networking sites to raise money to help a cancer patient get the medical treatment necessary to get better.


GoFundMe is a great site to use for raising money for any important cause, including helping someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and needs help covering his or her medical bills. All you need to do is spend a few minutes creating a page of your own on GoFundMe.com. Explain what your cause is all about, use photos and videos wherever you feel they may help people understand why you are raising money, and then share the link to the page with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. People will then be able to share it further amongst their own social networks, and anyone who wishes to do so can easily use PayPal to make donations.

Sell Customized Items on Etsy

Etsy.com is a popular online marketplace where consumers can find a variety of handmade and vintage items, from jewelry to clothing and home décor. If you are crafty or if you already have an Etsy store set up for items that you have been selling, you can let everyone know that you will be donating a portion of your profits to help a cancer patient in need. Or you may wish to create special items and sell them so that 100% of the profits will go to the cause. No matter what you decide to do, though, you have to be dedicated to sharing the links on all of your social media pages, from Facebook to Twitter, and you can even post photos to Instagram and Pinterest to get people interested in what you are selling for charity.


Razoo.com also allows you to create a fundraiser of your own for whatever cause you wish. There is even a specific category for raising funds for cancer patients. All of the fundraising tools that you would need to execute a successful campaign are found directly on Razoo, and the site is extremely easy to use, even if this is your very first online fundraising campaign. The site will easily allow you to connect your new campaign to all of your social media pages, and will also make your campaign easily accessible to those on mobile devices. All of these services combined will help you reach the most people around the world who will be willing to help your cause.

Raising money for a variety of charities online is a lot easier than you think. Thanks to sites like GoFundMe and Razoo, you can create a campaign for a cancer patient in need of help today.

Author Bio: Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Fundraising For A Cause, leading dealers in breast cancer pink ribbons. She loves to sing and enjoys performing at local charity events. You can get in touch with Nancy @Nancy_Baker_.

Why You Should Utilize YouTube When Marketing Your Flooring Company

Why You Should Utilize YouTube When Marketing Your Flooring Company

Any flooring company, just like any other business, needs to make sure that they are doing all that they can in order to promote their business and boost their reputation. Advertising is an ongoing fact that you need to take into account when you are budgeting, however don’t forget to use advertising techniques that are completely free too. Social media offers a wealth of ways in which you can promote your company, and you should have a strong presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Beyond that, you should also consider using YouTube to market your flooring company. In this article we are going to tell you how to do that.

Why Use YouTube?

YouTube is a brilliant way of posting instructional videos which demonstrate what it is that you do and how you do it. People will use these instructional videos to help figure out how to carry out their own DIY jobs, and they will also follow the links to your website in order to find out more information. Setting up a YouTube channel is very easy, and it won’t take long for you to get up and running.

What Sort of Videos Should I Post?

Any video is great as long as it is relevant to your business. You could start by filming your own adverts for your business which shows images and videos of your products and services, along with your mission statement and company values. After this, consider putting up instructional videos such as how to lay a laminate floor, how to fit a carpet or how to clean a tired old rug. You may think that by doing this you are encouraging your customers to do it themselves rather than calling you, however most people will usually do it themselves first if they can in order to save money – so you may as well help them. It might not be immediate, but at some point they will remember how useful and helpful you were, and they will give you a call for something that they need.

How Should I Maximize the Potential?

If you are going to go to the effort of posting videos on YouTube, then it is in your best interests to make sure that as many people view it as possible. You can see how many people have watched each video by the number count at the bottom and this is a great way of keeping track of the video’s popularity. If you release a new video, make sure you let your likers on Facebook and followers on Twitter know – and ask them to share the link with their friends. If you create a series of videos that become popular with your clients, then think about why they have been so popular. Generally, people like things that are helpful and informative – and they also like things that are free!

If you are not already using YouTube to generate more customers and spread the word about your business, then it’s definitely time that you got on board. You will be amazed at the amount of difference it makes!

Author Bio:Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, AA FLOORS & MORE LTD.,leaders in laminate flooring in Milton. She enjoys the outdoors and is an avid reader. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.