How to Build Links for SEO in 2016

How to Build Links for SEO in 2016

The world of link building in terms of SEO has received more scrutiny and attention over the years than any other fundamental within SEO. And yet, even now, many SEO experts remain divided.
So, as we enter into 2016, we should look back to assess what has changed and then to consider what are the most important factors now.

How to Build Links for SEO in 2016

What’s Changed?

The Penguin Update.

Penguin Update Version 1.0 albeit three years old, continues to define the expectations for link building. The Update made it virtually impossible to create links through unnatural and automated methods. This Update was followed up, at least formally, in December 2014, and still, the emphasis has been on link “naturalness” and quality.

Link building avoidance.

Google’s John Mueller, in early 2015, said, in a roundabout fashion, that it would be wise to avoid link building to achieve rankings in Google. Of course, this caused a brief overreaction within the SEO industry. Nevertheless, the more moderate and more experienced SEOs knew that link building was still very important, and that Mueller was merely referring to manual link spamming, which was indeed now as good as obsolete, thanks to the Penguin Algorithm Update. After all, link building does include such activities as guest posting and posting quality content that will attract backlinks of its own accord. Neither of these practices can possibly break any rules and both are still particularly valid formats of generating quality backlinks.

Picky publishers.

Link building strategies that are not focused on attracting links through the generation of quality content on your own website means that you must submit content, such as in the form of guest posts, to external publishers. Nevertheless, every action will inevitably lead to a reaction. And because of the increased stream of such content, and also because of the increasingly sneaky game plan of including unnatural links within such content, it’s understandable that many publishers have become mighty picky. And that in turn makes matters more difficult for most of us – even legitimate contributors – to generate and post content in the form of guest posts or any external publication which will provide a healthy link back to our own website.

Higher standards for content.

The standards for content in terms of what Google necessitate are always on the up, as can be said in terms of user expectation, too. This is on account of the fact that in almost all markets, the amount of content has reached oversaturation. Google can’t rank every piece of content at the top of its search results. So, the end result is that only the very best content has any opportunity to earn links and be shared, thereby making the natural viral approach far more difficult to gain any success at.

The Continued Importance ofLink Building

Why is it then that most people continue in their pursuit of link building campaigns? After all, it’s much more difficult than ever before to see anything positive come of it.

This is true, but the fact remains that link building is necessary if you wish to see your website ranking well in Google’s search results. It’s those inbound links that pass the “authority” to your site’s individual pages and domain as a whole. Inbound links act as “votes,” and they tell Google if your site is worthy of being regarded as an authority site or otherwise. The fact is that you’ll not get links in any meaningful quantity without making a concerted effort.

Finding the Best Sources


Ask yourself before aiming for a backlink from any website, “do many people read, use, and trust this website? Has the site been on the go for a while? Is it well recognized?” The more respect your source has, the more valuable the links are going to be. And that in turn, unfortunately, means that the links are more difficult to acquire.


Any source that you use should be relevant to your business. Enough said about that.

Utilizing the Appropriate Content

You’ll acquire inbound links due to your own content. These links might be embedded in the content which is then submitted to an external publication, or the content can be published on your own site in which case it is there to attract inbound links, given its own merit. You must, for obvious reasons, write content which is relevant to your market, while also following best practices and generating material that is:

  • Engaging
  • Original
  • Well-researched
  • Thorough
  • Well-written
  • Well-organized
  • Visually appealing

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Realize The SEO Changes To Use Best Practices And Techniques In 2014



The Search Engine Optimization game, long featured by quick fluidity and change, carries on changing at a hectic pace. SEO trends and techniques once taken into account, best methods in the business are nowadays cripplingly ineffective and insecure, and may still act to harm an entire internet visibility. Anchor text, Meta keyword, and article syndication, have dropped down from grace and now approaches that must be avoided. Now, it is the next year and this year, the SEO experts have decided to consider on how search engine optimization has revolutionized and what SEO methods and techniques will assist in driving traffic to your site this year.

A glance at how SEO has revolutionized

Provided that Google, by far the most famous search engine, modifies its algorithm more times in every year, it does not come as a shock that SEO Delhi trends and the most excellent methods are also in a consistent state of flux. In fact, it is tough to keep up to date, while new things can revolutionize at the dive of a dime. Though, there is one fact that can be confirmed with supreme assurance. Google strives to offer the most beneficial, appropriate search results in association with the search queries of its users. The most impact full of algorithm modifications, updates and changes of the Google, over the previous years, Penguin, Caffeine, Hummingbird, Panda, were all executed to achieve this objective.

In the form of a result, awesome user experience and high quality content creation have become important to better performance of the site. So, whilst it may not be understandable how Google will revolutionize and update the algorithm in the upcoming time, it is clear that you should make your ranking on the results pages of the search engines.

SEO methods for 2014

There are some areas that you need to more focus on, while considering the SEO aspects. Some best practices of SEO are mentioned below:

  • Content creation: It is important to understand that Google ranks content, not businesses or companies. Actually, when users make search, they are seeking for the best answer to a particular question, and the search engine wish to offer them the best, most appropriate answer probably. So, it is essential to create unique, appropriate and useful content to your site so that users can come to your site.
  • Content promotion: When you create the content, it is also important to promote it to reach its targeted audience. You can use social media, public relations, paid advertising and many other methods to promote your content on the web.
  • Conversion optimization: In fact, conversion optimization is essential because it can enhance the return on your existing SEO venture, and converting an uppermost percentage of your traffic is costing more effective to a great extent than attracting your audiences. You also have to capitalize on the previously existing traffic by obtaining visitors to acquire a desired action, when they have come. It is also important to offer the right content at the right place as well as at the right time.

By considering above mentioned practices, you can increase your site ranking in the search engines.

Author Bio

Janice is a tech blogger and internet marketer. She has actively taken part in various online campaigns. Apart from this, while working with a SEO Company Delhi, she attained immense knowledge about SEO trends and techniques.


Different Techniques Of SEO Utilized By Online Ecommerce Stores

Different Techniques Of SEO Utilized By Online Ecommerce Stores

In present times, there are a number of business owners who don’t just sell their products or services in the local industry, but also in the international marketplaces with the help of online stores known as eCommerce websites. After the victory of the online shopping concept, the online shopping store owners are eager to know about the fact that how to increase an exposure to huge traffic towards their websites. Hence, it becomes essential to obtain an ecommerce portal optimized according to the guidelines of search engines. In this way, the websites can get higher ranked in the search engines and most visible to visitors.

In order to enhance the visibility of online stores on the World Wide Web, you need to make better its ranking in the search engines with the use of most competitors and relevant keywords and attract a number of visitors towards your site. Due to all these reasons, it is important to execute an effective strategy known as Search Engine Optimization.

Different SEO techniques

The combination of numerous SEO techniques such as website analysis, keywords research, on page optimization, competitor analysis is used for promoting an ecommerce website on the internet. There is a presence of a wide range of on page optimization techniques such as blog commenting, directory submission, forum commenting, search engine submission,  content optimization, meta tags execution, article writing and many others, in the industry that you can opt for enhancing the visibility of your website up to a large extent.

How an SEO agency helps you

If you want to achieve such types of things for your online eCommerce business, it is best advised to hire a professional and guaranteed seo companythat will truly provide you all the possible benefits of SEO services. This is due to the fact that an SEO service provider will initially realize your business so that the professionals can work accordingly. The next step they take after understanding your business is to go through a detailed study about your existing website to offer personalized SEO services. They offer best and professional SEO services that will best suited to your needs and preferences. There are different ethical and organic SEO practices used for achieving high rankings in the search engines for most of the online websites. A systematic approach is then prepared for an online ecommerce store so that sales can boost up and get the maximum amount of returns on a number of ventures.

Afterwards, keyword research and its segmentation are done in a deep manner so that the professionals can use the right keywords depending on their search frequency. Keywords are one of the most essential sections of an SEO strategy that needs to understand by professionals. Once they are done with this, and then professionals perform a complete competitor analysis. In this process, they find the techniques and tools utilized by them for achieving success and thereby implementation of those methods that can assist online ecommerce stores in staying ahead of the rivals in market.

In this manner, a professional and reputed SEO service provider will assure to offer up to date and maintained services for your online ecommerce store.

Author Bio James is a professional and technical writer, who has shown his creative and innovative interest in writing a variety of articles and blogs on Best SEO Services India and many other related SEO aspects.

A Way Of Tracking Down An Expert And Reputed SEO Company

A Way Of Tracking Down An Expert And Reputed SEO Company

A professional SEO service provider is the solution to success for any online business or organization, as it makes sure effective and creative representation of online portal on the internet. An effective and reputed SEO agency provides SEO services in almost all types of areas that includes web design, SEO copyrighting, internet marketing, ecommerce, conversion optimization, social media optimization, articles,  blogs and press release submission and many more. There are so many things that you need to ensure while selecting an SEO agency for your online business. It is important to look for a company that provides comprehensive, cost effective as well as professional SEO services so that you can get benefited by getting great exposure to traffic towards your website.

Stay away from high claims

In fact, there is a presence of a number of SEO companies all over the world that assures you in offering high rankings in the search engines and many other benefits. There is no need of believing all these types of claims. This is due to the fact that no SEO service provider can guarantee number one rankings as well as reliable and experienced companies will not at all make such high claims. An SEO is a developing field because there are a number of challenges available in this strategy that the professional needs to be overcome through. These challenges are due to the presence of algorithms included in major search engines. Experience is the major factor that can permit SEO companies to prepare clients for such algorithmic modifications and other challenges in an easy and better manner. But particular ranking positions cannot at all be assured.

Complete SEO expertise and awareness

In fact, a professional and experienced Search Engine Optimization agency will attain comprehensive awareness about almost all the developments in the SEO field. The company employs highly talented and educated experts that can provide great and reliable services of SEO to their clients. They need to be experienced and skilled enough so that they can manage different aspects of SEO in an easy and secure manner. They need to make sure a coordinated and effective strategy towards SEO. This permits client businesses or organizations for getting a new focus for their online marketing campaigns. A service provider that deals with SEO services should be able to provide all types of services for ensuring clients so that they can concentrate on their main jobs or responsibilities.

There are so many ways of finding out the best and professional SEO service providers all over the world. You can look around and ask for the references for the best companies. You can talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors and family members as they will provide you the best suggestions regarding the company. If it does not effort for you, it is best suited for you to go online. The internet service offers you an opportunity to know about each and everything. The same is true for an SEO service provider. You can visit numerous websites of such companies to check their services, the techniques used, expertise, tools used, price range and many others.

Author Bio SEO is an important aspect in present times and Claudia has a keen interest in this field. She has also written numerous articles on SEO Company India and many others, as she is a creative and expert writer also.



4 SEO Tips That Is Going To Enhance Your Google Rankings

4 SEO Tips That Is Going To Enhance Your Google Rankings

Getting listed in the first page of Google is the most incredible accomplishment, but it is not that easy to get. There are many things which you will have to do and your efforts are not going to end here. Everyone is doing their best to get their websites to the top so do not fall behind while everyone is making necessary changes to get noticed. Here are a few tips that are going to help you in attracting the most attention to get to the top.

Relevant and unique page titles

You can a use as many characters as you can make a unique title; this is going to do the trick. A good character will range from 50-65 characters. Google search results are really going to make your total notice.  The pixel width of your title should be noticeable because the letters and words such as W and A won’t be able to fit the characters. Google completely goes to ignore anything that will cross the limit 70 and will be a long title tag error in the webmaster tool of Google.

URLs should search friendly

The bonus is great and in case your domain name is having a targeted keywords, then it will be great, however do not go out of your budget as getting these types of domain names are expensive as well as difficult to buy.  There are many times when you can get caught up in the exact match domain algorithm. You can use permalinks and search engines  that  are user friendly  and make your listing more  relevant  such as / amazing-web page/. URLs like paged=652 do not have anything to say so it is   not going to help you in your ranking.

Attracting Meta descriptions

There is no effect of the Meta descriptions in your rankings, however here you are going to get a chance to encourage your visitors to click on your links over your other competitors. The description should range from one hundred to fifty characters and it is important that you use them wisely. Anything that is longer or shorter will result in an error and it will be reported to the Google webmaster tool. Describe what the services are and page is about   and then you can ask the users to for CTA that is called to action.

Google authorship

This is the most effective way that will make your search results stand out d from the others and it will be good in case no one else is doing it. If you  will Google  anything  related to SEO  than SERPs  are prepared  with different faces, however in this industry, it is less tech savvy  like real estate and  construction  and you can   be the only one  with the face in the search results.

These are the few tips that are going to help you in enhancing your rankings in the search engines. There is a huge competition out there and you will have to make efforts to get your rankings on the top and above mentioned tips are going to help you a lot.

Author Bio:Sonika has been associated with a lot of reputed online marketing companies. She also writes articles about SEO and Internet Marketing Services India to share her knowledge.

4 Ways to Choose a Good SEO Service

4 Ways to Choose a Good SEO Service

If you require SEO Services, I do not need to tell you what an onerous task finding the right one can be. This is because not everyone is an IT professional or a Marketing Manager, and most of us have no idea of how SEO works or what you need to keep an out for. There are no degrees of freedom. You don’t know what exactly it is that you want, you don’t know who is the best, there are too many claiming to be the best, and you are running out of time! Worry not. What follows is a list of four things you can quickly check that would tell you if a company is worth the money.

The Older, the Better

SEO is an extremely progressing field. The times of Search Engine Optimization are a-changing. Given this, any company that does not keep up with the latest developments and continue to provide a high standard of service for a long enough time incessantly is bound to go into extinction. Truly, there are not as many old and reputed SEO companies as one would expect, given the alarming number of companies that seem to be springing out of nowhere every single day.

Hence, when in doubt on which one to select, go for the oldest of them. It’s usually a safe bet.

Reviews Tell the Truth

One of the first things that you should check even before you consider availing the services of a certain company is the reviews by other customers. Remember, a fully satisfied customer will sometimes not leave any review, but a dissatisfied customer will find ways to make it difficult for the company s/he was allegedly ripped off by. Hence, reviews are almost always critical. A good review by a customer means more than a million words of eulogy posted by a content writer.

You can look for reviews in either the website of the SEO Company itself, or on other review websites across the internet.

Check The Company’s Own Website

Think about it: the company is claims to provide SEO services. Is its own website on the top rank of the search engine? If not, then is it not apparent that they are not as good as they claim to be? Therefore, use the company’s own website to judge its effectiveness. Search for relevant keywords more than once, and on different search engines. If they always lead to an SERP with the company’s website on top, then you at least know that they are capable of doing the job for themselves!

The Duration of Service

Find out how long the company would take to give you what you want. If they take too little time, they are probably only forcing you down the same conforming SEO package that will lead to minimally good results for a short period of time. On the other hand, if they take too long a time, you run the risk of losing customers to your competitors.

Author Bio:Stanley is an SEO service reviewer who offers detailed and unbiased advice to customers for getting Pay Per Click India for their companies and other websites.

Three Important Tips For Hiring SEO Professionals

Three Important Tips For Hiring SEO Professionals

If you are having an online website than it is important for you to understand that SEO is very important for your business. You may be having a well designed website presence on the internet. However, if it is not driving traffic in then it is impossible to get success. Your entire effort will be useless. Here also you just do not need the traffic instead you will need targeted traffic when you will look on the internet you will find that there are both experts and non experts present on the internet and you will have to look in the difference among good and bad SEO. SEO is very important and it should be implemented in the right way. Only then you will get a meaningful presence on the vast world of the internet. Here are a few things, which you can look into while choosing SEO experts. How to search for the company?

Hiring professional for your company will be like long term investment. Do not view it as a business expense rather it is a business strategy which will enhance your presence in the sector in the most effective manner. Never think of buying SEO. Instead, hire the professionals that will care and will understand all your needs.

Google first page

For every online business coming on the first page at the top is like a dream. No one goes beyond the first page. Google is so much popular and best in providing search results and this is the reason why people trust Google. If your website is not on the first page, then it does not matter whether it is on the second or the last. Nobody goes beyond the first page of the Google. The top positions on the goggle are gained from the best websites.

Big keyword has nothing to do

There are many people that wonder if the big keywords are better. First, reach the first page with Google. If you are using bigger keywords and still not having any progress in the rankings then there is no use you just have to make sure that you are choosing the right type of keyword but a little research will be good for you.

There is no expert in the world that says that they can provide you with a hundred percent result. However, this is not true as today there are several web design India and web developers that can help you in a way. You just have to do hire the best SEO agencies as they provide their customers with effective results.
What to do
You can find several professionals on the internet and contact them as soon as possible for the best quality services. You can look at their websites to know more about their services. Search engine optimization is very much important and you should not at all compromise with the quality because there effective services are going to take you to the next level.

Author bio:
Jane is a professional content write and she has written many articles in different niches such as Affordable Website Design India. She writes her articles passionately, and is well known throughout for her website design articles.

Comparison of Offline and Online Marketing Tools for the Promotion of a Business

Comparison of Offline and Online Marketing Tools for the Promotion of a Business.JPG

Online marketing offers a number of advantages over offline marketing, thus business owners prefer internet marketing over the offline mode. A careful planning of how to market a product over the internet through a perfect strategy can provide a great push to the revenue of your business. However, the choice of marketing over the internet and strategies employed for the same significantly depend on the type of your business and your targets for the same. There are a number of benefits of internet marketing over physical or offline marketing, which are discussed as below.

Comparison of Offline and Online Marketing Tools for the Promotion of a Business

Improve your Outreach: Through internet marketing Dubai, you have a potential to reach a larger group of audience as compared to that by offline marketing. Since, internet services are not only restricted to a particular city, state, country or continent, so online marketing can be used to target the advertisement to almost all the people that have an access to the internet services. On the other hand, offline marketing is not able to provide such a great outreach due to various limitations such as resources and others.

Cost Effective: As an offline marketing involves different modes like print media, banners, flyers, TV or radio commercials and many other things. All these options combined together, in any manner, add to the cost of marketing. But internet marketing, on the other hand, involves online banners, commercial videos and other options that are comparatively cheaper than offline marketing tools. Also, due to an increasing trend towards the use of internet services and devices based on the same, the availability of tools used in offline marketing has reduced, hence, raising their costs. Thus, making online marketing, a cost-effective source of advertising business products/services.

Easy to Start: To begin with the marketing of products or services over the internet, a business owner needs to have an internet connection, a computer system and a basic knowledge of marketing tools available. Guides are available online that adds more easiness to this process, while offline marketing requires a great amount of efforts as an input. There are many marketing professionals available online that offer you the required services, without you need to move out of your home. So, an ease of start added for the convenience of access to necessary tools and information provides a better score to online marketing as compared to offline marketing.

No Demographic Discrimination: With offline tools, there is a potential risk of demographic discrimination, since it isn’t feasible to cover all the areas through offline advertising for a business. However, the availability of internet services has greatly reduced the risk of demographic discrimination as adverts over the internet cover a huge amount of the demographics of the world as compared to the offline ones. Also, internet adverts can also be targeted to a specific group of people like you can have separate ads for youth or for any other group of people.

Thus, the above context makes it clear that marketing a product over the internet creates a better impact as compared to advertisements using offline modes. So, you must hire a professional online marketing company to get an effective online marketing strategy for your business.

Author Bio
Jack is a professional writer and a marketing specialist. He has a vast knowledge of the marketing world gained through his thorough researches. He writes articles related to Search Engine Optimization UAE and related concepts based on his extensive knowledge of the market.