AspectWise: Shopping for best and leaving the rest! for best and leaving the rest

Shopping is fantastic, whether it’s online or offline. Both the ways have their own benefits. But these days, it’s online shopping that is taking over our lives in a positive manner with the increased usage of mobiles, laptops and/or tablets. And when you have the advantage of hassle–free shopping, it’s even more wonderful. No worries about road traffic, parking space and wandering here and there for that perfect buy!

With enhanced online shopping interests, the usage and purchase of consumer electronics have also shot up. Varieties of these consumer electronics have also turned out to be uncountable.  Choosing the one that perfectly fits your budget and is the best for you is one trouble that arises while shopping from websites.

Hence we offer you a solution for solving all your electronics related queries and doubts –, an IIT Alumni start–up, standing head and shoulders making their customers happy and satisfied. for best and leaving the rest


AspectWise – WHO ARE THEY?

Shoppers always want to know about who they’re buying from to build a trustworthy bond. This is what you need to know. AspectWise is a newly launched e–commerce website dealing in consumer electronics. It’s a website started by an IIT Alumni. Their main focus is to help people in making the exact purchasing decision. It organises the products according to audience’s preference immediately. It’s a one–stop–solution for all your electronic needs.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets


AspectWise has an attractive and a very simple user interface. It operates effortlessly and helps you find the exact product. Select from the options given and leave the rest to aspectwise. It has a comparison feature for the products and it also displays user ratings and reviews. The website has a cooling and attractive colour scheme.


Log on to and choose from the options according to your preferences. You’ll find a massive list of products according to the order of ratings. We searched for Best Selfie Phones under the range of Rs. 24, 000/-.


Best Selfie Phones at


Slide through the variety of products available and click on the one that fits your requirement.


buy Honor 7 online at

You’ll get a detailed view about the product chosen after clicking on it. We chose Honor 7 to give you a vision of it looks.

buy Honor 7 mobile online at


You can see the product’s availability on different websites with its price, specifications, and reviews. takes you to either Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal for making the purchase.


specification of Honor 7 at



You can also find reviews, ratings, and positive and negative opinion percentage given on AspectWise itself. Apply the aspects, price and/or filters to further refine your search.


buy mobile online at


Everything is very neatly classified to avoid any disturbances.


buy mobile online



Don’t choose randomly, choose sensibly. Choose with the help of real-time user ratings and reviews. AspectWise wouldn’t let you down and would live up to your expectations.  It loads fast and is appealing. It is loaded with information to help you choose intelligently without any inconvenience.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger?

In this era, car chargers are getting better day by day. Zus by Nonda is one of the car chargers already which is very popular online. Zus is a German made car charger and the main attractive thing about it is the ‘military grade quality. Zus smart charger can bear the heat because of the high temperature standards and there may not be any problem faced for many years. This Zus smart charger review shall make you understand that why it is a must have device for those who carry all their gadgets while travelling.


 Looks Amazing

This charger won’t disappoint you looks-wise and you may get impressed with it immediately. Titanium coating makes the surface look very appealing. Zus USB charger comes with elegant shine lightning which is an attractive feature. You may find the car charger to be heavy, but it is definitely compact. Even after comparing it with other popular chargers, you might find that Zus USB charger is really one of the best options as it has a very good design.

 Blazing Fast Charging

You might get bored in your car if you’re not able to listen to songs or go through videos especially when struck in traffic. Zus comes with 2X charging speed (4.8A) which makes it a better option than many other car chargers available online. By making use of Zus USB car charger, you can charge two iPhone 6s in just 2 hours which is very less time as other chargers take around 3 to 4 hours. Zus charger takes 3.75 hours only for charging two iPad Air 2 which is definitely unbelievable for many. Even Android smartphones get charged really very fast when Zus smart charger is used.

 Find Your Car Easily Using the Zus App

One of the best things about Zus charger is that it saves the car location automatically. You’ll need to install Zus App in your smartphone for finding your car. Zus App will guide you to the exact position of your car and this may definitely save up your time. Car location tracing function doesn’t work when the car is parked in a multi-storey or underground parking lot.

Zus makes use of GPS for tracking the car. Users get the notification that ‘Zus saved your car location’ while getting out of the car which is a very useful feature.

 Double Lifespan

You may not want to invest money again and again for buying a car charger. Zus car charger comes with the special in-built Zus cooling system which makes the car charger stay cool even if it is used for charging regularly. Checking out the lab testing results will give you a good idea that how the Zus cooling system increases the lifespan of the Zus USB smart charger. Another reason why this car charger lasts very long is that it is made using the German Bayer material.

There are 2 smart USB charging ports provided in this charger. Zus charger by Nonda comes with Low Energy Bluetooth which will allow you to establish its connection with your smartphone easily.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger
Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger


Titanium coating makes Zus USB smart charger look very attractive. This coolest car device which does the function of car finder as well as USB car charger is priced $29.99 only. It comes with 12 month warranty which is something you may definitely like. Do let us know that whether you’re going to prefer Zus smart car chargers over the other car chargers available online.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger-Buy-Now

Things you don’t have to worryabout While Using Clock Spot


Timesheets are very vital to the survival of any business. It doesn’t matter what that business is, time worked by employees needs to be tracked so that they can be paid fairly and everyone is happy.  However, when using a traditional paper method for recording times, mistakes can happen.  If time is not recorded properly the business can suffer.  It can reduce the company’s profit margins, or even cause your business to suffer a massive amount of losses.  It can cause employees to become unhappy over not being paid the amount of money they have earned, and lead to lower productivity caused by having an unhappy employee base.  Timesheet errors can even lead to lawsuits that can cost the company a massive amount of both time and money.


One of the most common time sheet errors an employer can make is allowing an employee to work of the clock or finish work from their home.  This can create chaos when trying to manage the amount of time your employees actually spent working.  First of all, you have no guarantee that it really took them two hours to complete a task they really could have done in thirty minutes.  Another problem is that it prevents an employer from being able to pay the employee the amount of money they have earned in relation to the actual time they spent working.  Another common timesheet error is calculations.  Depending on the type of time sheet, using decimals and adding can become difficult and problematic.  It is an easy error to make when adding multiple time sheets all day long.  The numbers can become all jumbled together, or if you’re using a calculator, you can easily press the nine for an eight.  This can not only cause you to overpay employees and lose money, but also cause you to under pay them and cause you to have disgruntled workers.  Another common error found on paper time sheets is the writing being ineligible.  This can cause problems with the math and cause multiple errors while trying to fill out your payroll.

Time sheets are an essential tool for the payroll process. Mistakes made while filling out the payroll can come with many costs for an employer.  If underpaid, the employees can lose faith and trust in their employer and their work ethic and productivity levels can suffer.  This can cause reliable workers to leave.  Errors made in the payroll process can also cost a company thousands of dollars in fees paid to the IRS or in lawsuits.

One of the biggest mistakes made during the payroll process is the task of initially setting up the payroll.  If it isn’t set up correctly to begin with, things are only going to get worse from there.  Another common error employers make is forgetting to record if they send out paper checks, which leads to failure in keeping up with the amount an employee was paid.  Using paper timesheets can cause payroll to be time consuming.  Another common error that companies make is failure to finish payroll on time.  This leads to employees being paid late and can cause the company costs in legal fees, settlements, and fines.

These mistakes can be prevented by utilizing a program called Clock SPOT.  By utilizing their program, your employees can clock in no matter where they are.  Issues surrounding ineligible writing and inaccurate time recording are minimized because the program is electronic and uses a GPS tracking system to show where your employees are while they are on the clock.  You can adjust the timesheets before you approve them, but the program will do all of the necessary math for you.  This prevents problems that can occur from inaccurate addition or subtraction.  Payroll mistakes can be minimized through the use of payroll reports and pay slips.  This allows you to review the payroll and allows your employees access to their online pay slips at any time. Clock Spot can even help your company manage paid time off and overtime utilized by your employees.  They can help with scheduling and auditing as well.

When you utilize Clock Spot for your company, you can increase productivity and lower the risk of making mistakes when it comes to hours and payroll.  You can ensure that you are paying your employees fairly for the time they work.  It makes things fair for both your company and the employees as well.  You will not have to worry about errors in math, reading the card, or the consequences that comes with errors found on timesheets or while processing payroll.  Overall, Clock Spot can make life easier for both you and your employees.

LeEco Launches Flagship Super Phones LeMax and Le1S-Review

LeEco, which was previously known as Letv, held a spectacular launch event in Gurgaon on 20th January, 2015. LeEco will further proceed to replicate and produce its popular Ecosystem Model in India.

LeEco introduced its success in other markets, including Mainland China, Hongkong and the United State and the multinational company hopes to copy its legendary story in india by introducing its Ecosystem and amazing products, according to Tin Mok, Group Vice President and CEO, APAC of LeEco

LeEco has had great success in several different marks, consisting of Hongkong, United States and Mainland China. According to the CEO and Group Vice President, Tin Mok, the Multinational Company wishes to reproduce the same story here in India by introducing its amazing products, including the Ecosystem Model.

LeEcowas first started as a small-scale video streaming company in 2004, and today it has developed and evolved into a world famous brand, with seven different pioneering eco systems. These pioneering eco systems include big screen ecosystem, automobile ecosystem, sports ecosystem, content ecosystem, internet and cloud ecosystem, mobile ecosystem and internet financing ecosystem. Each of these sub ecosystems stand as a specific application of the user-oriented Le Ecosystem.

LeMax, The Advanced And Premium Smartphone

LeEco Launches Flagship Super Phones LeMax Review (2)
LeEco Launches Flagship Super Phones LeMax Review

LeEco Launches Flagship Super Phones LeMax Review

Atul Jain unveiled the LeMax, which is a premium phone built by the company. The phone supports a 6.33 inch display, and the phone comes with the “Go Big Go Bold” slogan.

LeMax packs one of the world’s fastest processor chipset, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. The octa-core processor allows the phone a smoother multi-tasking experience and a lag-free performance. The phone supports 4GB DDR4 RAM for running applications, and the phone will be available in two different variants, which are the 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants. LeMax has a 21 Mega Pixel rear camera, with a Sony IMX230 sensor and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). The camera is promised to deliver the sharpest images, and great video quality even in low-lit conditions. The phone is equipped with a dual tone flash, which consists of two different sources of light.

All of these wonderful and advanced specs make LeMax the first smartphone to have a 2k display and 21 MP camera. Moreover, the phone also supports a front camera wth a wide angel 5P lens, which as a f/2.0 aperture that can help people take clear and beautiful selfies.

Additionally, the LeMax has partnered up with AKG Acoustics to develop and offer their customers a Le HIFI audio experience and various features, such as noise reduction.

Design wise, the phone supports a full metal unibody design, which looks quite fashionable and impressive. The phone also packs the world’s first floating glass.

Price:-LeMax is offered at Rs. 32,999/- and Rs. 36,999/- by LeEco.

LeMax will come in two color variants, which are Titanium Silver with 64 GB and Shiner Gold with 128 GB of storage memory. The phone will become available from 16th February on Flipkart.




The Le1S comes as the flagship killer entry of the company. The devicewas released in November in China, and in just a short time span of 2 months, LeEco has sold more than 3 million of Le1s units. The device has become increasingly popular and the best seller in China and various other markets.

Le1S comes packed with the Helio X10 Turbo chipset, also known to be the flagship processor of the year. It offers outstanding lag-free performance, and can provide 3.5 hours of talk time in just 5 minutes of charging.

The length of the device is 7.1 mm, while the width is 3.7mm. The Le1S weighs 169 grams.

The Le1S supports a 13 Megapixel rear camera, and comes with three of the major focus technologies. These are PDAF, Closed Loop and bearing VCM. The camera is able to focus in under 0.09 second. Le1S also comes with the fastest fingerprint scanner technology, which allows the users to unlocked the device from all angles with 99.3% accuracy under 0.15s.

Le1s is made up of a metal aircraft grade aluminum unibody, which allows the phone to resist minor to major scratches. Additionally, the device supports the new gen type-C USB cable, and supports fast charging technology.

The Le1S will be available for sale exclusively on Flipkart on 2nd February.

Price:- Le1S is priced at Rs. 10,999/-, and offers better specifications than most devices available in the same price-segment.


Airtel 4G Providing Fastest Connectivity in India

Airtel 4G

Airtel 4G LTE has finally got launched officially and it is going to make all the Indians download more content on their smartphone. After launching it on trial basis in 2012, Airtel has finally launched its 4G LTE service in most of the towns and cities in India. This service is going to be available nationwide and people will be able to make use of 4G connectivity at the price of 3G connectivity. Know everything regarding Airtel’s 4G connectivity by going through this post.

Airtel 4G
Airtel 4G

4G LTE Connectivity at 3G Price

Thinking that 4G LTE connectivity may not be affordable?

No, you’re totally wrong. Airtel has surprised everyone by launching 4G LTE service at the 3G price. So you’ll be enjoying 4G connectivity at the 3G price which may definitely make you become happy. You can opt for the 4G plan of your choice. 4G LTE connectivity is going to be available for Prepaid as well as Postpaid customers of Airtel.

Airtel is offering free music download, Airtel to Airtel calls, free movies etc. As per your plan, you’ll be able to enjoy different benefits for free.

Airtel 4G TV Commercial

Airtel 4G tv commercial will give you a good idea that why Airtel 4G connectivity is said to be the fastest one.

I’ve myself tried out Airtel 4G connectivity and I found that it is much faster when compared with the Airtel 3G connectivity. Even my friends who have tried out Airtel 4G have felt it to be one of the fastest connectivity as compared with the other available options. If you’re someone who is frustrated because of slow connectivity speed, then you definitely need to switch over to Airtel 4G connectivity immediately.

Don’t forget to check out the Airtel 4G tv commercial as it will give you a good idea about the 4G connectivity speed which Airtel is offering.

How to Switch over to Airtel 4G connectivity?

Firstly, you’ll need to have a 4G smartphone. If you’ve still now not purchased a 4G smartphone, then it may be the right time to do it.

You won’t be able to make use of 4G connectivity unless you’ve got an Airtel 4G SIM for your smartphone. Go to the Airtel website for getting the Airtel 4G SIM delivered to your home for free.

Airtel Challenge

If you don’t believe that Airtel 4G connectivity is the fastest one, then you can take the ‘Airtel Challenge‘. If you’ll prove that any other network connectivity is faster than Airtel 4G LTE, then Airtel will pay your mobile bills for entire life. Airtel seems to be very confident about its 4G LTE service which is something we need to appreciate.

Airtel 4G
Airtel 4G

Do make use of Airtel 4G now as the fastest connectivity experience will make you feel happy. Airtel 4G is definitely going to bring a big change as everyone will be now going crazy to try out the fastest connectivity. It will be interesting to see that whether the Airtel 2G users will also decide to switch over to Airtel 4G just because it is the fastest connectivity which one can experience in India.

Paytm Mobile App the New Way to Get Quick Recharge

Paytm Mobile App the New Way to Get Quick Recharge

For the modern day smartphone users there a plethora of smart phones and smart applications to serve them. While there are plenty of apps for entertainment, office work, education and business purposes, the advent of the recharge and shopping apps have become a huge hit among the smart phone users not only in India but also across the globe. Today, there are plenty of online mobile recharge services in India and almost all these services have their own mobile app. The most popular of all these services and the one service who app is downloaded a large number of people is Paytm.

Paytm Mobile App the New Way to Get Quick Recharge

Unlike other usual online recharge services, Paytm not only lets you get mobile recharge and make bill payments instantly it also allow you do online shopping. Yes, that is true, no matter if you are using the website or the mobile app, you can shop for a wide variety of things including electronics, computer and mobile accessories, clothing, books, home and kitchen items, sports goods, toys and even book bus tickets for your travel. Adding to the popularity of the Paytm mobile app is the paytm coupons that are easily available over the internet. While you are purchasing anything from the app or getting a mobile recharge make sure that you search for the Paytm discount coupons and apply the coupon code at the payment gateway to get a valuable discount or cash back offer on your purchase.
Another significant feature of the app is that it is available for all users, no matter, if you are an android user, an iPhone user or a windows phone user, you can download it from the app gallery. Once installed, the app is ready to be used instantly. The UI is clean, neat and simple, you can easily navigate around the app even in you don’t have any prior experience or if you are not too techy savvy. The makes for the app have ensure that you get to use all the features of the websites on the app including the paytm cash wallet. The cash wallet as the name suggests is basically a safe vault in which you can deposit a certain amount of money as per your convenience and use the money for all your future transactions. The biggest advantage of this feature is that when you use the wallet for mobile recharge, the transaction is completed in less than 10 seconds flat.
The app not only gives you the flexibility to use different payment modes including net banking, credit card or debit but also it gives you the flexibility in terms of getting a recharge anytime anywhere you need. The app comes in handy in during emergency situation to get in touch with your loved ones or convey some important message. With this app by your side you need not run around from pillar to post to get recharge for the carrier you are using nor do you have to wait in long queues at the payment center to pay your bills. You can get it done with just click of a few button on the app.

Vibosoft :Android Mobile Manager Plethora of Benefits

There are so many things which we have in our android phones and this affects its functioning and android phones starts hanging up thus, it is important that you create backup on your computers. There are several software available and tools which can help you with the safe transfer.  With the software you can easily control and manage all your stuff in an easy way. To keep all your data opting for best tools is a great way.  Vibosoft android device manager is very popular these days and there are a variety of features which users are going to get with this amazing tool.



Overview Of Android Mobile Manager

This tool is going to help you manage all your data on your desktops. It makes copy and stores it safely on your desktops. You ill just need a USB cable to manage data and control everything from your devices. This tool is very easy to use and because of its effectiveness more and more people are turning towards it. Without any limitation you can enjoy its features like

  • Instantly add files and multimedia anytime from anyplace
  • You can control your phones, send messages  directly via computers
  • Freely message, edit contacts in sync with phone.
  • Download, install, back up etc.
  • Create back ups

We never know when we are going to lose data.  It can happen accidentally or intentionally. There is interesting and valuable stuff present on our devices.  For example some people cannot afford losing their pictures and playlist.  If you are among them, then you need to have this tool.  This tool creates backups and also restores all the files from your desktops. You can always keep your data safe and sound on your PC without the fear of losing it. With just one click it can create backups of android phone  to computer.


Restoring is also very easy and restore feature of this tool is going to help you in getting you data back. It can restore a variety of files such as documents, pictures, videos, images, games, contacts etc.  This tool is amazing and worth the money you are going to spend on it.

Here are few useful functions that user should know about the back up

  • Back up everything on your androids. make sure you  back up everything our contacts, videos, pictures, files etc
  • There is a preview features which will let you view your selected files
  • Mark them with one click if you want to mark them in one folder and save them in a batch on your desktop
  • Apart from these backup assistant is also going to let you manage  your android devices
  • This product is user friendly and provides you with clear interference.


Free Trial Available

The good news is that the free trail is available and users can know their software without spending money on them. Make sure you use its free trial version to get the idea of its quality and worth.  The free trial is available on the official website of Vibosoft. There are several other useful tools and software which you are going to get with the company. These are high end tools equipped with a variety of features.  These tools can highly reduce your stress and can serve you with full functionality if you are upgrading them from time to time.

Vibosoft android mobile manager is an essential tool which iDevices user must have. There are many features such as affordability, free trial, advanced features and flexibility you get. You can get this product along with a precise guide from the official website. – Save Money And Have Fun

The Coupons India- Save Money And Have Fun

Everyone like you and me likes to do shopping and there are several reasons behind this craze. Online shopping has made shopping much more fun, time saving and money saving experience.  There are so many brands; exciting offers, deals, coupons, promotional codes and several other perks that online shopping store offers their customers with. These things make your shopping more affordable and fun. You can imagine your reaction when you see buy one get one free especially when these offers are on international or on your favorite brands.  One great way to enhance your online shopping experience is to use coupons.

The Coupons India- Save Money And Have Fun

Online portals

There are several online websites from where you can avail coupons. is the Best coupon website in India that offers you with the best. This was one thing , another best thing about this website is that you will get almost all the  brand coupons here such as  snap deal coupons, flip kart, Purple,,babyoye, basics life, myntra, cloe, printland, nineteen,  foodpanda and lots more. Now you must have got the idea why it is the best website to avail coupons.

More offers

This just not ends here there are several other benefits that you are going to get with this website such as hottest offers, latest coupons and deals, valentine’s day gift offers and much more. On this website you can find almost any store in India and avail coupons for that site and enjoy shopping. There are categories as well from where you can shop for the coupons and get plenty of benefits.

Why shop for coupons here?

ThecouponsIndia is your one shop stop for deals and offers.  The company offers free discount coupons for the shopping enthusiasts. The company is also having a professional team that maintains and keeps the website updated all the time. The best thing is that you are going to find almost all the popular stores on the website. Coupons are the best way to shop because it lets you have small increments. This is the profit money that companies distribute among their customers.  You might not know, but even millionaires like to use coupons. There are plenty of benefits that you get from coupons.

Benefits of using coupons

  • There are several benefits that you can get from the coupons such as
  • Purchasing them in volume is going to let you have more benefits
  • These coupons offer great level of fun
  • There is huge amount of money that you are going to save with coupons
  • Tracking coupons is very easy
  • Easy to use

There are thousands of offers that you are going to get with the website   and finding coupons and free offers is very easy. Everyone likes to save money and coupons are the best way to save money. The website has a huge selection of free coupons and taking the advantages of these  coupons will let you save  huge amount of money.  Consumers can save huge amount of money.

How to use these coupons?

It is very easy to use coupons on the websites. You just have to make sure that you are using these coupons before expiry dates.  You just have to put the coupon code number in the box and you will be able to avail several benefits. There are promotional codes, deals, discounts as well by which you can save money on your purchase. You can also avail Snapdeal coupons and Flipkart coupons from the website which is another popular website to enjoy shopping on huge products.