A lot of people will tell you that a creative spark is needed to really find success in marketing. There’s no denying that a keen eye for branding potential and a turn of phrase are vital for catching interest. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that creativity is all that’s involved in managing your reputation online. As with everything digital, there’s a science to it. A science that we’ll be looking at in the methods below.

Online Reputation Is Just As Much A Science As It Is An Art

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The value of a click

You want people coming to your website, there’s no doubt about that. But then, you have to ask yourself. Just what is the value of someone clicking on your site? Are they likely to stay and become a customer? Or just read a bit before moving on? Conversion rate optimization is all about designing your site to increase the value of a click. Teams like CandidSky specialize in helping each site find the sections that get the most visitors. That way with a bit of design, you can make the best use out of them.

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The price of visibility

Before you can consider the value of a click, you need to have people actually clicking, of course. Nowadays, that’s mostly done with search engine optimization. SEO is about using things like keywords on your site and building links to it. This makes the site seem a lot more relevant in regards to those keywords. So when someone searches for them, the site’s a lot more likely to appear.

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Expert’s not just a word

If you want to get creative, you need to have a good purpose to that creativity. One goal is to start framing yourself as an ‘expert’. Blog advice and your opinions on industry changes. Offer content to others who write about your industry. If you start to build a brand of expertise, you’ll find people will start asking you to give more feedback in bigger forums.

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Impact can be gauged

The site and your brand are two things that can be honed with a bit of insight. But so can your outbound advertising efforts. Things like pay-per-click ads should be gauged carefully in Google Analytics, for a start. Then for social media, you can quickly get a look at your most popular and effective posts. Tools like SproutSocial can help you do that.

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Know your people

Naturally, all of the methods above need to fit in a context. The wider context for most businesses is that of their customers. Knowing your customers is about keeping track of the data they provide you. Every time they seek support, every time they buy something, log it. Use customer relationship management to learn more about your people. To use the experiences of individuals to inform your understanding of your whole audience.

Online marketing and reputation management are ever changing. We have no doubt the methods above will change in time, too. But once you start getting used to implementing the science of online PR, you can adapt to the changes fairly easily too.


Why Do Companies Require Corporate Reputation Management?

Why Do Companies Require Corporate Reputation Management

The present day business requires coming out with your best efforts and high quality products. Every now and then the company is expected to go that extra mile for the customer. But still there are many customers who are left unsatisfied and sometimes due to not so good quality services the Corporate Reputation takes a hit. Hence, in order to get everything on track we need to ensure a good and efficient Brand Reputation Management.

There are many ways with which corporate reputation can be managed and here are some of those ways and why do companies really require a good corporate reputation management concept to be implemented.

The First Step Is To Ensure High Quality Product And Services Are Being Offered

  • This is very necessary because without high quality products and services the company cannot sustain for a long time. Moreover, with inferior quality products and inefficient services the corporate reputation takes a hit.
  • You also need to ensure a strong check on the services that are being offered and you can ensure a dedicated quality team for this job. Take proper feedback from such teams and implement the actionable items at the earliest.

Search For All The Information Posted On The Internet Related To Your Company

  • Even if you are offering high quality products and services you will come across many negative reviews about your brand or products posted on the internet. You can easily search for such reviews and postings on the internet as all you need to do is to assign this task to an internal team or a professional online reputation management company.

Segregate All The Information That Is Gathered

  • The next step is to segregate all the information that has been collected and bifurcate the information into positive and negative modules.
  • If you can appreciate the people who have posted positive reviews and information then it is good because it will boost their morale and they will spread more good words about your brand or product over the internet.
  • All the negative reviews are required to be dealt carefully because these are the main reason for diminishing the company’s image in front of so many people. You need to contact these persons one by one and try to find out the reason behind their dissatisfaction. Try to solve their issues and convert them into satisfied customers.
  • Sometimes due to intense competition your competitors start posting negative reviews and such persons are required to be dealt strictly. If you find out such persons during your search you can complain about them to the authorities for spreading false information about your company.

All the above mentioned points are quite effective in managing the reputation of a corporate company and can prove to be really beneficial in improving the overall reputation. You can also seek help from a professional ORM company for the implementation of all the above mentioned points. They also deploy some more tactics for improvement which are excellent and help in bringing back the lost reputation.

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Sonika is a leading corporate advisor and the main aim of this article is to let people know more about a Remove Bad Reviews from Google and its benefits.



What All Can Be Expected From Professional Online Reputation Management Services?

What All Can Be Expected From Professional Online Reputation Management Services

In present day modern world, everybody can be seen connecting to the internet for seeking smallest of the smallest information. You name the thing or a person and complete information is available on the internet. Moreover, with the increased usage of smart phones and responsive websites designs it has become much easier to access information even if you are not near to your computer as the same websites can be easily accessed through smart phones.

In all these scenarios a company with a negative online reputation takes a big hit in its popularity as well as sales. Sometimes these negative comments and reviews are posted by the irate customers and in a few cases your competitors try to diminish your image. You can save yourself from all these situations by opting for a professionalOnline Reputation Management Services firm. Here is what all that can be expected from a professional ORM services firm and how they can be beneficial for your business as well as brand.

Such Companies Submit Online Press Releases On Your Behalf

  • Professional ORM firms take permission from you and submit online press releases that are full of positive news, this helps in bringing back the investor sentiment and as a result the share price of the company increases.
  • Such firms also help in tracking down those people or firms that are spreading false rumors about your brand. You can file a legal complaint against such persons so that they can stop and can be punished adequately.

You Can Expect Them To Create Third Party Webpages

  • Such companies also help in creating third party webpages that are directly linked to your brand or main website. This helps in increasing overall traffic towards your website and people know more about your brand or product as well as the company.
  • All these measures help in increasing confidence among customers and buyers and the final result is a clear cut increase in sales.

The Latest Trend Is To Take Care Of Social Media

  • Rumors and false information can be easily spread across the internet with the help of social media and hence ORM firms carefully track the social media profiles that are associated with your brand or product.
  • All the reviews and comments posted across these social media profiles are also closely monitored

If you want that everything is implemented in an effective manner, then it is good to conduct a meeting session with such firms and if the companies are situated overseas then you can take help of the chat sessions or video-conferencing sessions and discuss about the important points and strategies that are to be implemented.

With careful implementation of strategies and points there are certain chances that your reputation will become good and your company will definitely witness a huge jump in sales. There are many professional ORM firms situated in India and can be easily contacted through their websites. You can call them or send them an email for more details and the best part is that their services are quite affordable and of high-quality.

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How to Remove ScamBook from Google in an easy and simple way?

How to Remove ScamBook from Google in an easy and simple way

Before we proceed further we must understand the basic concept behind the ScamBook. Well it is a kind of online platform where different consumers can post their complaints or reviews against the people or website or links that resulted into some kind of fraud or negative image against those consumers.

But sometimes your competitors do this job so that your brand’s image can be made negative and you get a major dent in your sales. Here are some valuable points that can help you to remove Bad Reviews from Google in a very easy and simple way.

Be aware about all the facts

  • Always keep track of the ScamBook posts and also for those negative reviews related to your company or brand that are published across the internet.
  • By tracking these activities you can come to know what exactly is being said about your brand or company across the internet so that necessary and appropriate action can be taken.
  • Never consider these matters casually; as you know that internet usage is increasing by leaps and bounds and there are complete chances that future is going to based on the internet. Hence you cannot take your company’s online image lightly, instead act right now so that you can salvage your lost pride and emerge as a clear winner among different brands.

Don’t get upset by such posts or reporting

  • There is no need to worry about such Scambook posts and negative reviews and instead act swiftly by hiring a professional reputation management company.
  • The sole reason for taking services from such professional companies is that they offer end to end solutions to all your problems and can completely offset these Scambook posts and negative reviews.
  • They can even help you to build your company’s online image with the help of tried and tested methods of image building.
  • Such professional companies have a dedicated team of highly experienced individuals who are always ready offer their support for your company’s brand image in a positive and true manner.
  • If you are thinking that the services offered by them are costly then you will be surprised to know that there are many professional online reputation management and image building companies which offer quite affordable services.
  • There is no compromise with the quality of the work and complete care is being taken so that no personal or confidential information is leaked.

Take help from the internet

  • As you know that internet is a great source of information and you can search for some immediate measures and tips for removal of the ScamBook and with the help of internet you can also easily come across professional companies which provide such services.

As there is a recent spurt in the activities related to online scams and other negative image building exercises you must not take these threats lightly and immediately take swift action so that you can stay in business for a longer period of time.

Author Bio– The author of this article is a well experienced image building consultant and the main aim of this article is to let people know more about how to Remove Scambook from the internet.



How Online Reputation Management in India Has Boomed

How Online Reputation Management in India Has Boomed

Technology is taking a new arch in India. People are looking forward for securing jobs online through online interviews and even some people are setting up small business through online basis. No matter what you try to do, you must make sure nothing comes your way and you are not harmed in any aspect due to some vilifying statements posted about you or your company in online websites. You have to try to intensify the number of good data posted about you through Search Engine Optimisation and other help. In India, since technology is taking a new evolving bent so it is better that people take care of their reputation right from the beginning. If you are looking to make a great market for your business then you should provide the best material in cheaper cost and this is a very challenging thing because there is huge competition in India.

The people in India have now shifted from market based to online base business form. They need to protect their rates of interest and thus protect the number of customer dealing with them. The business prospective becomes better as the number of good reviews about them become favourable and enhances the number of participants logging into your policies. The customers also feel delighted and relieved if they get good reviews about your company or group. To make a good market you need to have the best service.

Before setting up an industry in the online world, you can take help from different sources. It is a new concept to the people of India and they time to grasp it. Instead of directly trusting you, they fist search about the reviews related to your team and work and past experiences. Your main objective should be to provide good work to the customers and simply meet all the requirements. When somebody wants to connect to you or your company the first thing that he or she does is to search the name of your organisation in any of the search engines. They carefully go through all the reviews and comments before entrusting you with their precious time and money. So you must make sure that you hold a good reputation in order to win the hearts of the viewers and their support. Reputation management has become an indispensible part of any business.

The profile, which you make online, or the data you post online about yourself must be correct and must hold a strong personality. The reviews about you or the organisation you are heading must be reliable and the reviews, which you receive, should be displayed properly. The new concept emerging in India has to embrace properly right from the beginning. The search engines must provide the necessary details regarding you or the organisation related to your work. The best results must be displayed even if not filtered. Being a part of the online world can prove tiresome when you have so many negative reviews clogging your site or work. It must be looked after immediately and reacted to at that instant. A good review is an impression builder.

About the author:The author of the article has been a part of an Online Reputation Management Company for a long time. She helps people in India to set up business and takes initiatives to remove all the negative reviews about them by providing strategically based plans and ideas.

Key Tips for Medical Practitioners & Doctors to Maintain a Healthy Reputation

Management of online reputation has turned out to be crucial for every business owner or profession. Its significance has been observed in the medical field as well, while online reputation of doctors and medical practitioners is also measured by various review sites dedicated to their profession. Review sites for doctors provide information to users regarding the staff and the service of a particular doctor. Where, good reviews persuade users to visit the professional, negatives contribute to the reduction of customers/patients for the doctor.

Key Tips for Medical Practitioners & Doctors to Maintain a Healthy Reputation


Reputation of medical professionals can also be managed easily that requires an efficient follow up of doctor reputation management tips. There are various tips that offer a positive management of reputation for doctors, offering a solution to specialists with negative reputation to improve their online reputation. Tips for a professional management of reputation of medical practitioner are discussed below.

Bedside Manners

Bedside manners, while dealing with patients pay a vital role in building up the character of a doctor in the patient’s mind. Patients prefer a doctor with an understanding nature rather than the arguing one, as a patient feels comfortable and recovers easily with a doctor, who understands his/her fears, feelings & thoughts. A dismissive attitude accounts for a negative feedback affecting reputation gradually. Different patients have different thoughts, where a polite attitude can earn your referrals and thus, an enhanced popularity.

Express your experience

When visiting a doctor, a patient expects him to have complete knowledge of his profession and he doesn’t need to consult from any source. An expression of lack of knowledge or experience about your profession would put a bad impression on the patient. But, you need to be careful as confidence and over confidence are separated by a very fine line.

Reputation Comes Out of Service

The doctor is not the only person responsible for the overall reputation as the service offered to a patient depends on other staff of the hospital. So, all the staff members should be trained to help patients and make them feel happy with the service. Errors are inevitable and can happen due to any technical or non technical reason, while providing easy and quick resolutions helps you raise your standards. If you reveal your willingness to admit your mistake and start working for the resolution immediately, you might win a positive reputation vote.

Thus, raising the quality of your service is the best solution for you to improve your reputation and restrict bad reviews from your patients.

Reputation Threats

Improving the superiority of your service for a better care of the patients is a vital part of your status, but isn’t sufficient to cut down the negative reviews. Illegal and unsupported reviews are a part of every professional, which can be controlled by hiring a certified reputation management service.

This article makes it clear that for maintenance of the reputation of a medical practitioner is a result of the quality of the service offered by the doctor. Well, there are chances of biased reviews being posted online; a firm dealing with services for managing reputation can help you organize bad reviews in your favor.

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Sonika is a professional writer, who has written many articles related to online reputation management services. He conducts a deep research before writing all his articles, so that his readers can get the most out of his writings.