Smart Planning for your dream home

Smart Planning for your dream home


Smart Planning for your dream home



Like everyone else, even I wish to buy a dream home. So while reviewing my financial condition I understood that smart planning is what I need. I was looking on investing around 20-30 percent of my income in some long-term investment options. Furthermore, I was determined to grow this additional money for better returns. Though I didn’t have a great deal of knowledge about the equity markets but I was pretty clear about the better returns being offered for longer run. And again with the thousands of schemes being floated by more than 40 fund houses, it became a disheartening & tedious task in choosing right schemes. Fortunately, here’s what I tripped upon – Birla Sun Life’s “Sabse Important Plan”. And I found this to be amongst the best SIP plans along with being a one-stop solution for fulfilling my dream of buying a home.

What is the Sabse Important Plan scheme?

This SIP investment plan definitely made my choices easier and I am sure it would also lower the dilemma of other people. So, SIP, also known as Systematic Investment Plan, is basically a convenient method which lets you invest in mutual funds through periodic instalments in a disciplined manner. It also provides you the flexibility of investing almost any amount (as low as Rs.1000). And the most important aspect of this plan is the reminder to save and prepare yourself for step by step goal achievement.

This is amongst the top SIP plans that cater to particular financial goals ranging from housing to marriage, retirement or business expansion. It’s a smart choice making investments your priority.

When you go through this scheme which actually stands for Systematic Investment Plan you’ll realise that it can also be your Sabse Important Plan! Isn’t it interesting!

What Actually Happens?

Smart Planning for your dream home
Smart Planning for your dream home


SIP is an investment scheme where you essentially authorize your Bank for sending a fixed amount to a mutual fund scheme.

So this way, Rs. X is transferred from your bank account to the fund scheme account every month. What happens here is that you create a system for your investments every month on a stipulated date. The SIP mutual fund can be initiated on any day of the month.

Smart Planning for your dream home
Smart Planning for your dream home

But for financing this you are recommended to consider the 12th and 25th of every month. Why? Because, this ensures that you save money on the 12th of a month after expending all your bills, or on the 25th after meeting most of your monthly costs. So the SIP helps you average out your cost, reduce the risk and this way generate better returns. This makes your way of investment absolutely convenient.

The SIP by Birla Sun Life  tells me the amount of money  I need to keep aside to achieve my dream.  This is definitely a smarter way to invest and save. So, for which of your dreams have you started saving?



Maple New store in Khar

Maple, Apple’s premium and largest reseller, launched its biggest Indian store in Mumbai at Khar Linking Road, this afternoon i.e. on 18th June 2016. Maple promises to display all the Apple products at its store and stick to their policy to give nothing but the best.

Maple had started their flagship store at Bandra Linking Road in 2010 and since then they have been steadily growing towards their vision. This clarity enabled them to relocate their store to Khar linking road in Mumbai. They’ve also been regarded as ‘The Best’ in an Apple Audit of 900 stores across the world and won numerous Mystery Audit Awards from Apple for the exceptional way they work.


Maple New store in Khar

Getting bigger and better the new store is now spread across a 3900sqft area and contains all the finest accessories ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs.20, 000. The store will showcase most excellent stuff like Element case, Ozaki, KNOMO, fitness coaching device for smarter workouts – MOOV along with a huge range of audio products like Audio Technica, B&W and many more. Women customers can find an elite range of KNOMO laptop bags exclusively crafted for them.

Maple has also been known for their exclusive range of products like Shield for CPU, iPhone or iPad, which protects the device against theft, liquid damage or physical damage (this product has been specially designed and marketed by Maple).


Offering Apple products is just one facility. Their services range from transferring data from and old Apple device to a new Apple device, remotely controlling the Apple device if lost, insuring Apple device against theft or damage, pick and drop in case of repairs and what not at over 20 location pan India. You as an individual/ enterprise/ organisation/ institution think of an Apple and Maple is the solution! They take care of all your needs seamlessly.

Boom Audio, first time in India at maple store


Element Case, first Time in India at maple store


Maple is a one–stop solution to all their customers for experiencing and buying Apple products. They have a 91% customer satisfaction base all over India with a mission to increase the numbers. A Premium Service Centre of Apple is also a part of this store, making it more convenient for customers to sort their service related queries. As a goodwill gesture, the Premium Service Centre will make all the efforts to ensure that the customer waiting will not be more than 7 minutes.


With the launch of Maple’s new store, they have several exciting offers on certain Apple products to put forward for their customers. The limited period exclusive offers range from exchanging your old smart phone to get minimum Rs.15, 000 off on a new iPhone or exchanging any of your old laptop to get a minimum Rs.25, 000 off on new Mac (T&C Apply) and more.

happy coustomers buying apple products

To avail all the fantastic offers and to meet and greet with the management, customers can visit the Maple store at Seasons Avenue, Khar Linking Road on 18th & 19th June 2016.

List Of MBBS Exams in India

List Of MBBS Exams in India1

MBBS stands for “bachelor of medicine/bachelor of surgery”. It is a very important degree because of its national and international value. Many students have dream to be a MBBS doctor and they work hard to accomplish their dream. Every important degree program depends upon some kind of entry exam which judges the ability of a student. These exams are to test the ability of a student that if he/she is able to get admission or not? So the future of students depends upon these exams. There are many exams which are conducted for the admission in MBBS in India. Here we have tried to compile a list of important exams for MBBS in India for your information.

List Of MBBS Exams in India1

  • Punjab Medical Entrance Test (PMET)

This test is conducted in the second week of May every year for the admission in medical, dental, ayurvedic and homeopathic colleges of Punjab.

  • BHU All India PMT (BHU-PMT)

This test is conducted every year for the admission in under graduate medical courses of Benares Hindu University. The medical courses for which this exam is conducted include MBBS, BDS, BAMS, and B-Pharmacy. There are almost 84 seats in MBBS, 38 in BDS and 33 in B-Pharmacy are available.


GUCET is “Gujarat common entrance test for all medical colleges”. It is conducted each year for medical courses. There are 1080 seats available.

  • AIIMS Entrance Examination

AIIMS is All India Medical Sciences, which is established in New Delhi 1952 conducts medical entrance exams every year for admission in medical courses. Total 50 seats are available and almost 80,000 students compete for these seats. This test is conducted in the month of June every year.

List Of MBBS Exams in India
List Of MBBS Exams in India
  • CMC Vellore Common Entrance Test

Christian medical college (CMC) located in Vellore is affiliated to Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai conduct a medical exam every year for admissions in medical courses. This exam usually conducted in second week of May.

  • AFMC

Armed forces medical college also conducts entrance exam for admission in medical degree program. The exam is announced every year via press and e-resources.


West Bengal Post Graduate Medical Admision test ( WB PG MAT) is a stat level medical admission test .


PRAVARA Institute of medical sciences common entrance exam (PIMS AICET PG) is a national level medical admission test which is conducted every year. This exam is going to be conducted on Dec every year.

  • NEET

National Eligibility cum entrance test (NEET) is conducted by CBSE for admission to MBBS and dental colleges every year. It is conducted usually in May every year. Admission in medical colleges like AFMC also requires good score in NEET.

  • JIPMER Entrance Exam 

JIMPER (Jawaharlal institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and Research conducts this test each academic year for the admission in MBBS course.

Above mentioned tests are only few medical exams conducted in India. There are many other medical admission tests which are conducted every year for the admission in all medical colleges of India.

Adding Solar Panels to your Home – What you Need to Know

Even a decade or so ago, solar-powered homes were extremely rare. Given the sheer amount of federal and local incentives available, together with concerns over climate change, solar power is now commonplace.
Along with the installation of solar power, you household’s carbon footprint will enjoy a decrease of an average 35,180 lbs. of carbon dioxide in a single year. What this means in ‘real’ terms is that you’d need to plant 88 trees annually in order to offset that quantity of carbon dioxide.


Adding Solar Panels to your Home

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are relatively simple photovoltaic cells (PV). These PVs harness sunlight, turn it into energy, send the energy to what’s termed as an inverter, and the inverter converts the energy to power suited to the home.

Who should you hire to make an installation?

It’s not a simplistic job, so you’ll need some additional wiring. Further, an efficient solar system can only be achieved through efficient panel placement. And only the pros can achieve this.

What’s the cost?

Since the start of 2011 to date, the price of solar panels has been sliced by over 60 percent. Add in federal and local subsidies and tax credits, then you’re looking at some serious savings to be had.

Tax incentives

For both residential as well as commercial properties, there’s a federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) available of 30 percent. It’s up for grabs until the end of 2016.

In terms of local tax incentives, they vary per state and municipality. In terms of Los Angeles residents, you can avail of the ITC, a state of California property tax exemption, in addition to a $0.12 rebate per kW (kilowatt-hour) for the next 20 years.

Lease, buy or finance?

Leases on solar installation are increasingly popular and represent an excellent method of offsetting up-front costs. Further, the leasing company will normally pay for the maintenance and any repairs.

Nevertheless, with a permanent installation, there are some tax advantages, and there’s every chance it will increase your home’s value, given that a potential buyer will save on energy costs without a necessity for installation.

Currently, loans are also a worthy alternative, given that interest rates are extremely low. Do be sure though, that if you opt for a loan, the interest rate is less than that of your electricity bill on average. This way, you’ll still save money.

As a side note, do be aware that by going solar, it will likely raise the homeowner’s insurance premium, but only by a few dollars each month.


Frequently, the permit, which is a requirement, pushes the lead time up between the signing of the contract and the actual system installation. Your installation company will normally get this for you. The cost and the type is dependent on municipality.

Project considerations

For your solar system to be at its finest, your roof will have to be in receipt of direct sunshine throughout the time of day when sunlight is at its strongest. That’s normally between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Sun exposure to the panels on your roof can be adversely impacted by trees, tall buildings, as well as other factors that cast shadow over your roof. Various kinds of solar panels tend to react differently to shadow. There are some that will reduce on output generation, while there are others that will shut down.

As is expected, the quantity of solar radiation (sunshine) that reaches the ground within a given time period varies from region to region. This is termed as insolation, and it’s the amount of insolation that determines the reason why solar panels in Chicago are less efficient than solar panels in Los Angeles, for example.

How many panels will you require? What size?

This is dependent on a couple of factors: the amount of energy required and the amount of insolation.

If you have a look at your electric bill you will be able to assess how many kilowatts of energy is used in your home on an average day. Simply multiply this figure by 0.25 to find out what size of solar panels you will need.

The amount of solar panels you’ll need is dependent on the output per panel, in addition to insolation. Further, you’ll need to calculate the amount of hours the panels will be in reception of peak sunlight on a daily basis.

How to get driver jobs in a city like Mumbai

How to get driver jobs in a city like Mumbai

There are so many reasonable tips to get appropriate jobs in Mumbai. These days numerous individuals are hoping to land the positions in IT parts on the grounds that it is the successful recorded which very help to advance your way of life. In the meantime, it is the best stage to procure more cash at the brief time. To land the positions individuals are additionally doing quests on the web. With the backing of the online individuals, have opportunities to land positions over the world. Particularly individuals are similar to land driver jobs in Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the mainstream urban communities and part of it organizations accessible in Mumbai, also Mumbai likewise gives extensive variety of chances to the individuals for that individuals additionally seeking employments in Mumbai. Aside from that it is the astounding spot to have the extravagances way of life in light of the fact that all the offices accessible in Mumbai, so it enhances your way of life.

How to get driver jobs in a city like Mumbai

Driver jobs are of high importance as delivery of goods and other important material is to be delivered on timely basis. With the advancement of life, all individuals have wonderful opportunities in order to land positions. Mumbai is the mainstream popular urban community and has extensive options to offer huge driver jobs in Mumbai.


It is an amazing way out to achieve the goal to land the IT segment openings in Mumbai employees similarly prearranged to follow it online. It is the influential system to beat all the upcoming obstacles and obstructions of the way. In addition to this, it intensely wipes out the all risky elements in enlighten of the information that it is the practicable instruments to avail complete information about the openings for work and in addition subsidence’s. With the web assistance, all individuals are additionally having opportunities to get thoughts regarding the most recent Jobs. Additionally, online channels are the perfect stage to land the appropriate positions. Ordinarily individuals are looking the suitable employment choices with the backing of online website. Nonetheless, it is the ideal decisions for everybody to land position.


There are huge openings for this work. Online sources assist to discover out about the most recent data about the Informational Technology domain. Meanwhile, it is the best tool to go to the classes and also the business related meetings. The business gatherings and additionally the workshops exceptionally help to perform well in the meeting process as opposed to it likewise serves to build up your ability before the experts. With this the fresher additionally have opportunities to get the situation papers and also the model inquiries questions in light of the fact that they have to be chosen in the Job Interview. Thus they take after these procedures in the meantime it is the suitable aide for the fresher to land the suitable positions. The online channels undeniably expanded the shots of work in the meantime it offers extensive variety of new chances to the employment seekers. Accordingly, the individuals who need driver jobs in Mumbai they additionally prescribed to take the significance of online webpage because that it is the most suitable approach to land positions in the intrigued field.


The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology

The importance of correct part marking technology have assumed huge importance in today’s world where original equipment manufacturers consider it paramount to be able to identify their product from the possible hundred other variants out there. In a market riddled with counterfeit products and shady companies solely relying on established brands to duplicate them and cheat unsuspecting customers, it is a matter of reputation for established players to ensure they have a process that allows them to keep track of which is which. Some of the popular marketing technologies include, but is not limited to

  • Laser marking
  • Dot peen
  • Electrochemical itching
  • Inkjet printing

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology1



Although each of them comes with its own share of merits and demerits, one needs to choose a technology where the merits outweigh the demerits considerably. The need for a reliable and effective marking technology has never been so potent and manufacturers seem to have finally found a solution in Laser Marking Technology because of its high precision marking ability and durability.

There are different technologies of laser marking available and each of it has its own unique application depending on the material on which marking is required and operational conditions. They are

  • Annealing
  • Colour change/ frothing
  • Colour / material removal
  • Carbonizing
  • Engraving

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology

Laser marked

Here are the best seven things about Laser Marking technology that makes it an immediate favorite for manufacturers

  1. Faster and flexible marking: Contrary to popular perception, laser marking can be completed in a matter of minutes depending on the material being marked and the kind of marking required. One of the unique advantages of laser marking is that it offers infinite possibilities when it comes to patter and design of the marking required. Since laser and highly precise and the marking machines are calibrated for the minutes curves and bends, laser marking can be used to achieve almost any design imaginable. This cannot be said for most of the other marking technologies which border between obstinate and inflexibility most of the times.


The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology2

  1. No undesirable substance produced: The main drawback associated with most marking technologies is the undesirable by products that are produced as part of the marking operation. This often results in a situation where the marking operation can defile the original product which is often an undesirable result. Due to the application of software-controlled automated laser process, laser marking doesn’t create anything more than what is required.


  1. Long-lasting: This is a given in most marking technologies, but even more so in the case of laser marking. Since lasers are high energy light beams, the impression they leave are forever. This when directed through a highly fine tuned automated process can leave perpetual impressions. This is why most electronic parts manufactured have gradually made the transition to laser marking. It is both precise and long lasting.

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology3


  1. Affordable: The installation charges and the cost of the machine & associated equipments might consist of a considerable overlay, but in the long run, a laser marking machine will prove to be affordable by any measure. Most of the laser marking machines comes with a life time warranty and lengthy service periods making it a viable alternative to other marking technologies that require constant service and replacement. The sheer number of options available out there makes it a highly competitive market with manufacturers trying to offer the customers that extra something which will win the order for them.


  1. Minimal consumables: A laser marking machine uses no consumables, hence the operating cost associated with the technology is minimal compared to its alternative.


  1. Durable: Owing to its excellent mark quality and maintenance free nature, laser marking is easily the most durable marking solution of the lot.


  1. Almost no after-service required: Even though the capital cost involved in setting up a laser marking unit in your company may be high compared to an ink jet or dot peen or chemical itching marking technology, the operating cost associated with it is not even a fraction of the other. Most original equipment manufacturers set up their marking units with more importance on the operating cost rather than the capital involved. In this scenario, laser marking technology wins hands down!

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Sound and Video DVD ripping


How worrying is to carry out a DVD rip process? What would it be a good idea for you to search for and what do you require to make an effective result? Here are a few tips that can be helpful. On the off chance that you are looking to turn into an expert DVD ripper then you will need to take in the fundamentals of the subject. Ripping and copying a DVD alludes to changing over the sound or feature information from a DVD configuration to an advanced copy on your hard plate. In this article you will take in the essentials of how to turn into a productive DVD ripper.

In the event that you utilize a feature ripper it will pack the video into other formats. In the event that you utilize a DVD audio ripper it will clamp the sound from the DVD into an arrangement, for example To totally rip and copy a DVD you will either require both a DVD audio ripper and a video ripper, or you will require a DVD ripper that does both the work. Not just are there DVD rippers to change over a DVD to an organization your PC can manage; however there is currently even a DVD ripper that permits you to put a DVD onto a video. This product will change over your DVD to a video that can be included to your playlist your feature iPod free of charge.

The rate which you rip DVD can work relies on upon a few components. One of the huge components is the drive speed. Case in point an 8x commute will have the ability of ripping the DVD 8 times speedier than the DVD will play. An alternate variable that will impact how quick your DVD ripper goes is processor speed. On the off chance that you have a moderate processor that will make it so the DVD ripper can’t stay aware of the drive and will result in a stoppage.

Sound and Video DVD ripping

Since a DVD ripper utilizes a great deal of processor and space it is essential that you keep your machine clear of garbage and keep it as lean and mean as could be allowed. You don’t need a pack of spyware, programming upgrades, mp3 players, amusements, applications, and so forth running out of sight as they could derail the procedure of the DVD sound ripper and the feature DVD ripper. It is likewise vital to have a quick machine that can deal with transformation of DVDs to your hard commute. A machine that has a 2 GHz processor ought to have the capacity to do the task well. Likewise having more than 40 GB of free space is prescribed as you would prefer not to spend an hour ripping your DVD just to find that your DVD ripper has used up space and must quit.

Since you have taken in the essentials of DVD ripping, and how it is essential to have a DVD ripper and a DVD sound ripper, you can now get the best DVD rippers to begin the ripping procedure.

Be Familiar With The Internet Marketing Of Today’s World

The internet marketing is a kind of advertising and marketing that utilizes the internet or the web to send promotional marketing texts or messages to the clients. It involves email marketing, marketing using social media, SEM, different kinds of mobile advertising marketing and display marketing. Like various other marketing media, internet marketing often includes both an advertiser and a publisher. Various other probable participants involve marketing agencies who facilitate produce and put the ad copy, and the server of an ad, who technically sends the tracks and the ad statistics, and marketing affiliates, who perform independent promotional job for the marketer or advertiser. Internet marketing is a quality method to promote the business or company to get a wonderful online presence in the online industry.

Let You Know About The Pillars Of The Internet Marketing

For the businessmen, it is necessary that they must be familiar with the fact that what is internet marketing? Also, the businessmen also know the four different pillars of internet marketing for the success of their company and business. Here are the 4 pillars of the internet marketing, which are described as below:

Pillar 1: Relationships

Making powerful relationships with the customers is important to everything. Instead of continually searching for the new clients. A significant atmosphere that profits the current customers and readers of your company and maintains dragging them back. The process of advertisement is performed in the customary sense rather than the readers or followers of a particular company perform a wonderful task of distribution of the words.

It is the process of getting complete respect for all the time for your market and your customers. It is the process of targeting their needs and requirements and crafting a commitment to make an experience of good quality for your subscribers and readers.

Pillar 2: Direct Reaction Copywriting

Beginning with an effective title and hurling strategically with the copy of the inspiring call to the action, customary Copywriting method works or executes wonderfully in the social networking media. The old Copywriting suggestion can craft all the dissimilarity between a blog or a business, which shambles along that really thrives.

Pillar 3: Content Marketing

Content is the backbone of the SEO India. Therefore, you must generate a great and quality content. Then maintain sending quality and great content or information, but also in the focused and strategic way. You must create a wonderful offer that profits the follower and  includes the replacement of money that is cashed.

Pillar 4: Get Something Worth Marketing

Each and every one is marketing something. This might be any kind of service, an idea, a download, a product or a reliable cause or reason. Whatever is marketed by you, it is attained to be at a reliable price and rate. And also you must remember about the attention of the reader or follower is a significant commodity or product, which has severely restricted supply. Whether for yen, euros, dollars or important attention and time may be asked by you that overlooks the inquiring rate or cost.

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