Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

In today’s digital age, people rely on mobile apps to help them get things done. There’s an app for almost anything that you could possibly think of, from checking e-mails to shopping and entertainment. Some people even meet their life partner via an app, thanks to the vast amount of dating applications out there available to download onto a smartphone or tablet device. As a business owner, it’s good to keep in mind how apps could benefit your business and improve your customer service. With more and more businesses developing mobile apps for their customers to use, it’s a factor that can definitely have an effect on your competitiveness.

Three Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business
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Better Customer Service

Most business owners will know that being online in and of itself can make for a better customer service experience. The majority of people would much prefer to visit a website than make a call or drop into a shop due to the convenience and ease of the whole process. When you have a contact form, frequently asked questions and perhaps even a web chat function on your website, customers can easily find the answers that they need with just a few clicks. A mobile app takes this convenience even further – customers can have your app installed ready on their device to find the information that they need easily without having to visit a web browser. Discover more about developing web and mobile apps with Angular 2 here.


Customers in today’s day and age like the businesses which they purchase from to be up to date. This doesn’t only include having a website and a social media page and having a good online presence, this can also mean that the business should also have an app. Offering your customers a mobile or web app tells them one thing – that you are up to date and modern, following current trends and finding out what it is that your customers want right now. This can help your business to gain favor in the eyes of your customers and help you to increase your competitive edge.

Better Competitiveness

By developing a mobile or web app for your customers, you’re immediately gaining edge over those of your competitors which do not offer this service. As mentioned earlier, customers tend to prefer businesses which are up to date and understand their current needs. Developing a mobile app helps you to do just this, which in turn can immediately make you look significantly better than your competition. Developing a mobile app that your customers can download can also help your business to appear more professional and if you use it for selling products, can also help to improve your profit and enable your business to grow.

There are many different reasons why businesses develop mobile applications for their customers. However, you should definitely bear in mind that with mobile apps becoming more and more popular, sooner or later they will be like websites – no longer an option, and you’ll be expected to have one.

5 Free Social Media Tools You Should Use To Grow Your Business

5 Free Social Media Tools You Should Use To Grow Your Business

When you work online you’ve got to take advantage of as much free software as possible because it’s an easy way to grow your company on the cheap. If you’re interested in focusing on social media in the future here are a few tools you should start using.


When you’re trying to manage your social media accounts you can’t be expected to log into each one individually. The great thing about HootSuite is the ability to manage all your accounts from the same place, plus if you work as part of a team everyone can use the software together. You schedule things to go out at a later date and it will give you a few decent metrics you need to know about too. You might also want to know there is also a paid version of this product, but the free version is still great.



Some people are social media masters, whereas others are only just starting out. It can be difficult to separate everyone into different levels and that is where Klout comes in. Everyone on social media will be given a score which makes it easy to find out who you should be trying to connect with. You can also break things down into specific niches, because you don’t want to spend your time reaching out to people if they won’t care about what you say. It’s great because people actually respect Klout scores.


Social Mention

When you want to grow your business quickly you can’t sit around watching TV while all your competitors are hard at work. You need to go out searching for customers and Social Mention is a genius tool that makes it simple to find your target market. Just type a phrase into their search engine and they’ll tell you where people have mentioned that exact phrase on different social media platforms. You will then be able to go and target those specific people plus the ones corresponding with them.


Google Trends

If you can write about stuff people find interesting they’ll obviously enjoy your content a lot more. Google Trends will let you know what people are interested in right now. What is everyone on the web excited about? How long have they been going crazy over it and how long will it last? Do they mention things more often at certain times of the year? You’ll be able to find everything inside Google Trends and it’s a great way to stay ahead of your competition if they don’t know about it.

Google Alerts

We should finish off with another great one brought to you by Google because it will help you track down anyone talking about you. Just type in a phrase you want Google Alerts to follow and when the search engines pick it up you’ll be notified by email. Most people enter their company name because they’re curious about the good and bad things people are saying about them, but you can also type in certain phrases related to your niche you’re interested in tracking such as watch TV online’.


Author Bio:-The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger and she writes for VMedia, who offers TV channels online. When she is not busy working, she enjoys surfing and reading. You can follow her on Twitter @NancyBaker.

5 Steps to Create a Quality Sign for Your Business

5 Steps to Create a Quality Sign for Your Business

Anyone with a computer and a printer can create a sign for a business. However, there are a number of factors that go into making quality signs that a basic printer can not do. It is usually best to utilize a company that specializes in signage. Here are some tips to follow when you are making business signage.

1. Find the Right Company

It is in your best interest to work with a printer that specializes in corporate signs. While you have your choice of printing companies, those that can cater to business needs can help you in areas where others cannot:

  • Making suggestions on design that will drive sales
  • Give you ideas for unique ways to communicate your message
  • Giving you the option to design your own or use customizable templates

It is also a good idea to find a company that is local, especially if you are having outdoor signs produced. There may be ordinances that govern the size of those signs and a local printer will be familiar with those specifications.

2. Have a Clear Message

Everything you post inside and outside your business should have a clear message. You do not want potential customers scratching their heads trying to figure out what you are trying to communicate. Before you even begin the design process, make sure you know what message you are trying to communicate. It could be your business hours, return policies or information on a sale or special event. Gather all the information ahead of time so you can start cohesively putting it together.

3. Use Templates

There is no need to re-create the wheel. If you have a need for a very basic sign, such as parking lot signage or open/closed messages, take advantage of existing templates. This will save you the time of trying to design your own. A good signage company will allow you to add customization to the templates, such as inserting your business name or logo.

4. Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

When you are designing signage, it is important to look at it from the customer’s point of view. Ask yourself a few questions:

Is it eye-catching?

Can I look at it for just a few seconds and understand the message?

Is it clear and concise?

Because you design a sign from your business’ perspective, you already know you will have the information to benefit your sales. However, the sign really needs to cater to the questions a customer would ask. If you are advertising a sale, for example, they will want to know the five Ws:

Who: Your business, branded with your logo

What: The sale, such as 50 percent off clearance

Where: Which location

When: The times and dates that apply

Why: Is it a close-out sale? End-of-season?

5. Proof It

Perhaps the most important step before you order your sign is to make sure you and at least one other person from your company proofreads it. Even if you use a template, make sure all the words are spelled correctly and that your grammar is free from errors.

When you want to build a sign for your business, make sure you are working with a reputable provider who can give you guidance. Use clear wording and design that will attract and inform the customer. Lastly, proofread for any mistakes so you can be sure your signage is high-quality and helpful

How Business Centres Turn Negative Aspects of Your Business into Positive Ones

How Business Centres Turn Negative Aspects of Your Business into Positive Ones

Whether you are an entrepreneur, managing a home based business, a company or a corporation; you will most certainly encounter challenges when it comes to managing your operations from the day you started.

Business centers are constantly expanding and there’s always room for more.

Instant Offices within Your Reach and Means

One of the basic problems when starting a business is setting up an office. Many new businesses have a hard time finding the best office locations. With serviced offices and business centers, one can have an office instantly regardless of the duration of use. It can serve as a temporary office while looking for the right one. In addition, it is more cost efficient as you only pay the rent based on the hours or days you use it and you do not have to bother with other things such as maintenance, refurbishing, buying office equipment or even hiring manpower.

Office Solutions

As a home based entrepreneur, it is quite daunting to manage your own professional set up in order to gain respect and integrity from your clients. Therefore, renting a meeting room from any of the business centers nearest to you couldn’t be easier. You can discuss important business matters with your clients, customers, or other interested parties. In the case of larger firms, conference rooms are also available for you to enjoy utmost confidentiality on the items discussed while video conferencing or just plain brainstorming with different stakeholders.

Immediate Professional and Technical Support

If you are one of those people, who travel a lot and need a site to work on office matters, this type of serviced office is your ultimate solution. You can have all the office equipment and solutions within your reach such as fax machines, photocopiers, high speed Internet connection, professional personal assistants and technical people to help you deal with problems regarding operating, fixing, and maintaining tech gadgets, among others. Therefore, you do not need to hire additional temporary assistant to help you deal with these problems; these support staff are a part of the lease or rent that you take when renting serviced offices.

Flexibility when you need it most

Business is all about catching opportunities wherever it is. Therefore, it is very convenient on your part to travel from one place to another without worrying where to hold office temporarily or indulge in trivial office matters. There is always a business center where you can send fax, check emails, and rent a meeting or conference room, among others.

Clearly, from all the ideas mentioned, business center is a boon to business. The temporary assistance that it can give to you will definitely help with minor administrative work such as answering calls and sending emails, whilst at the same time you can have that continuous connection with customers and clients. This is the professional approach to your business, and several features or services you can enjoy and can help transform negatives into positives for your business.

Multivariate Testing: The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Online Businesses

With the promise of wider reach to consumers, easier access, and cost-efficient marketing, numerous small scale businesses are lured in establishing their own websites. As one peruse online product catalogues and lists of independent brands, it is not difficult to infer that the World Wide Web is dominated by fledgling entrepreneurs who are seizing the opportunities provided by the Internet.

The very fact that voluminous businesses thrive online proves that the Internet creates a friendlier avenue for struggling merchants.

Yet even the online market entails a good amount of patience, efforts, knowledge and skills. No matter how easy it is to establish a digital company, there is still a need to be well-rounded in the utilization of the right tools for marketing.


Multivariate testing is one of these.

What is Multivariate Testing and How it Contributes to Marketing

Experienced web developers would agree that every element included in a website should be planned and carefully considered. Even the tiniest building blocks such as icons can make a difference in the navigating and browsing behaviour of the website visitors.

Multivariate testing can then be used to determine the impact of varied aspects of the web pages.

Through the tests, website designers can determine which of the web page elements can extend the users’ attention span, and convert traffic into sales. This means that multivariate testing can help the developers come up with a layout that captures the attention of the target consumers, and actually coaxes them to make a purchase.

As such, web administrators no longer need to look for a needle in a stack of hay. Guessing and trial and error no longer has a room in creating websites, as multivariate testing can help the builders determine what and what not to include in the web pages.

Perks of Multivariate Testing

The tests can show immediate and dramatic results, both on the traffic and on the level of profits made.

Multivariate Testing can be seen as one of the tools where merchants discover hidden demands of the consumers, which may not be expressed on consumer reviews and feedback. The results of the tests can be analyzed to pinpoint the kind of interface that’s attractive to the users, and the content that reinforces their itch to buy the products.

Implementing these website design demands can therefore increase the volume of traffic and number of purchases made. In time, web developers would have a clear idea on the essential elements that need to be integrated in the pages to retain the influx of profits.

Start Earning More Clicks

In essence, multivariate testing invites users’ interaction with the website. This results to higher number of clicks made on a page, reflecting the users’ browsing pattern as they jump from one web page to another. The number of clicks made therefore becomes the metric basis for a variant’s ability to increase conversion rates.

So what elements exactly affect the number of clicks made?

Experts suggest that buttons, icons, links, subheadings, titles, and their arrangements on a page greatly influence the browsing behavior of the users. Beginners who are yet to understand the process of multivariate testing can start with Google’s own Website Optimizer.

4 Tips for Smart Business Blogging

Despite the prevalence of blogs, businesses are still shy. Integrating a blog into your overall web design allows you to interact with readers on a more personal level. Businesses that have that kind of relationship with readers reap the benefits socially and financially. Just like you put thought into planning your business, the same care must be taken with your business blog.

Business Blogging

Do Some Keyword Research

Designing a blog means planning posts around certain keywords and phrases. Doing keyword research and choosing to address issues around those keywords will help new users to find your blog and learn more about your business. It’s not about doing strictly optimized articles; it’s about finding a niche and working it.

Have a Good Post, and then Make It Great

Any good quality post allows users to have what some like to call, an “AHA” moment; some little nugget of information that solved a problem or a question they didn’t realize they had. Answering that kind of question makes customers pay even more attention to your posts. To make your posts even better, create call-to-action that leads that customer to your door. For example, it’s great that customers know they can get a free website from you. It’s even better when you provide them with low cost hosting with excellent features for which they probably would pay a premium anywhere else.

Be Smart About Sharing Scoops

One of the great uses of a blog is to share insider information. This helps readers feel like they are privy to something that others aren’t. Many businesses live and die by subscriber lists. These are users who have signed up to receive news about your organization. Some sites do create blogs for the general public but for scoops or special features, readers need to join the mailing list. This is a great way to get a captive audience who’s interested in your product or service and trusts you with their personal information. So sharing information about your company is great but save the really good stuff for subscribers.

Take It Easy on Social Sharing

Making your blog shareable is a must for any business with a blog. There is such a thing as too shareable. The temptation is to give your blog as much exposure by allowing users to share on any social networks. The problem is that too many share buttons can be distracting. It’s smart to limit your share button count to about three or four options that are relevant to your business. Another issue is the design and location of the buttons. Make sure the buttons are congruent with your site design. They must be a part of the blog site so that they don’t take away from the content. Also make sure they are out of the way and not blocking content.

A well-designed and directed blog will feel like an extension of your company and not a separate entity. Using the same colors and designs creates that sense of continuity that will ultimately strengthen your brand.

How to establish a successful online business to earn smartly? – A Million Dollar Question

Everyone wants to earn well without having to go outside their residential premises to procure anything. If running a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) is your aim rather than earning through brick and mortar shops, it’s not difficult to do so in this new age. Getting great eCommerce ideas is good, however, improvising upon the ideas that you get nearly every day is like getting the gist of everything. Or, you can say the crux of the story. You don’t need to toss the coin high up in the air to know both sides of the story. Just think about the good, bad and ugly then derive a conclusion out of those points.

Important Points to Ponder before Starting Business

start business ideas

Think rationally about the existing or the future market size. For this, you need to do a thorough market research, like knowing about the niche segment, and who in your opinion w’d be using your product or service. You can know about the Pros and Cons of a product as well as its shelf life.

Secondly, a self-starter has to decide on how to develop a unique product that satisfactorily meets all the end-user requirements. A product or service ought to be manufactured in a way that its USP makes it face the competition-led market. The variety available in the market is enormous; it is for the customer to decide whether their necessities are satisfied. In fact, the product or service must be good enough to lead the competition and draw enough of the market share. Google’s keyword tool can be used to let you know approximately how much the volume of the chosen keyword is. This might also let you know about the competitiveness of your keyword.

Thirdly, you ought to know how saleable your product is. Is it in tune with the times? Google Trends is a wonderful search tool to bring to light whether it is the right time to sell the product or it should be stored in the Inventory for some time. You ought to know if the product that you are selling online is available in the local market. Consumer footfall w’d be negligible if the number of people visiting your online store gets lessened if they can easily buy the product from a local store.

Know your target customers  

sucess in online business

You can know whether your customer w’d prefer your product if it designed as per the needs of the customer. There ought to be a basic understanding of what the customer likes and what he is not likely to purchase. If your target customers are kids, the product should be made, marketed and sold in a manner that the customer ought to like.

Price value of the product

Start a business idea after making a proper cost-benefit analysis and placing a price tag on the product. The pricing should be reasonable as well as it should bring some amount of profit percentage for the owner. Without earning any profit, the product w’d lose its value, at the same time; it should not be priced too high. This might make the customer feel hesitant in buying the product.

Once you are done with all the strategies, then you can decide about how you soon would ship the product to the customer address. If the product is too fragile, you ought to be immensely cautious. One of the coolest ideas is to make a good first impression that becomes lasting impression on your eBuyers.