The Golden Opportunities Of Blogging

Blogging is an innovative way of building relationships and enhancing your own potential. It is a fair business for passionate writers. It is basically a golden opportunity filled with potential and excellence for the bloggers as well as the users. It gives you an edge to compete in the market and get ahead of your competitors and increase your fan following.

The utility of Blogging

  • It helps in generating leads for potentials

Blogging has helped the bloggers in developing new relationships with the people. It also helps in promoting brand loyalty among the customers. Blogging has identified new ways of interacting and communicating with the customers. Furthermore, it has helped the bloggers to identify their utility and potential. The bloggers are free to raise their voices on particular issues and the users will get to comment on them.

  • It boosts the value of your website

It also enhances the additional value of the website. Furthermore, it provides an incredible support to the bloggers as well as the users. It provides the customers with new and fresh knowledge about the various different topics prevailing in the society. Blogging connects everyone to the society and encourages them to build superior relationships.

  • Helps in communication

The increasing trend of online communication is increasing with increase of blogging websites. Every day new and fresh blogging websites, online portals and journals are introduced. More and more users are connected to it. All this has resulted in developing better communication skills and enhanced the communication skills of the blogger as well as the users. People feel more connected to each other due to blogging.

  • Develops a fan following

It feels like a blogger has developed an authority in the online business. The readers get attracted by the interesting stuff shared by the bloggers. People become your fan and worship you and your articles. The more the interesting stuff, the more viewers will be attracted towards your blog.

  • Rapid increase in ranking

The more the people visit your blogging website, the more will be your ranking on the search engines. This will make you popular among various online bloggers. You will become the most searched bloggers among all.  In this way, blogging becomes interesting for everyone.

  • Gain expertise

Blogging makes you aware about all the topics and also provides you information about other interesting topics. Gradually, you become the centre of attraction for everybody as you gain a specific expertise in the field of blogging. Blogging, thus leads to better satisfaction and communication among the people. It is a minute connection which keeps everyone alive.

The fresher’s must keep in mind the following things before starting a blog :-

  • Sometimes it becomes hard for a person to immediately start blogging. The first step is to build the outline of the things which will focus on your brand or the company. One must decide the appropriate objective behind starting a blog so that you can easily decide the outlook for your blog.
  • One of the major things which must be kept in mind is that the blogger must post concise and shorter posts, so as to attract major traffic. The longer posts become boring for the customers and they get bored of reading the lengthy details. The blogging must be done in an interesting way. So it is a must for you to write about the things you are passionate about.
  • One thing which should always be kept in mind is that a blogger should never loose hope. You should never get discouraged by the poor response for your blog. The blogger must always be patient about his work. It takes time for greater accomplishments’. – Get Your Press Releases Published Easily


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 Reach the Right Audience at Right Time


One of the main benefits for businesses will be that they will be able to get press releases published within 72 hours. eases out the process for business owners in getting press releases published as the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’ shortlists bloggers considering the important factors. Selecting bloggers can be a hard task, but because of this automated engine it becomes a very easy thing. Wider reach at the right time will now become a possibility for businesses because Indiblogger has good number of bloggers who can publish press releases at the right time.

Benefit of Quality Content

Bloggers are given 72 hours for publishing any press release as they need to do proper research and write the press release in their own words. Most bloggers will try to make use of top-notch content so that the new product or service gets promoted in the best way. If you believe that quality content will make the press releases more influential, then will be the perfect solution.

 Affordable and Time Saving Option

By choosing for getting your press releases published by publishers, you’ll be saving your time. You’ll get the advantage of reaching the right audience in few hours. Even the small businesses will be able to make the best use of as the starting budget for getting press releases published is USD 150.

 More Useful Stuff in Future will have many more interesting features in the future. It will allow businesses to get their press releases submitted in a creative way. Creative assignments will definitely make some of the creative bloggers happy. Businesses will also be able to invite the best bloggers to attend their launch events. The presence of bloggers having good reach over social media may make the launch events get good popularity. is an initiative which will get huge success in long term. Businesses are going to get the benefit and publishers will be making money by helping the businesses in reaching the right audience at the right time. It is getting good popularity in the start itself which clearly indicates that everyone is expecting will be very useful for all type of businesses.



Top 10 Reasons Why Every Student Must Do Blogging

Top 10 Reasons Why Every Student Must Do Blogging

There are many times when as a student the thought of making some money or learning something new comes to the mind. At this very young age every student’s mind is full of new and unique ideas and there are many students who are always ready to come up with something new and interesting. Moreover there are students who love to read as well write and in fact there are many students who take part in essay writing competition in their schools.

For all such students there is this perfect option called as blogging is available and here are some of the top reasons on why every student must do blogging.

Students already have a targeted audience to write for

  • When a student writes something through a blog there are complete chances that he or she will be questioned by other students. It means there is a targeted audience already waiting to read something interesting and ready to ask questions based on their reading. Students as a blogger can easily tap this audience of theirs and generate enough traffic for their blog.

This way student is able to share their best practices

  • When cross questioning is being done there are chances that best practices will be shared. It is just like a team work where one student is helping another on how to excel in life as well as studies. It can also act as a great amount of confidence booster among them and a sense of helping nature is also earned.

Students are also able to contribute something to the society

  • By writing useful and educational thoughts and writings students are able to inspire more and more people and in this way they are actually contributing something to the society. It is just like a social cause.

They can earn good amount of money

  • One of the best parts about blogging is that you are paid for writing and hence as a student it really feels great when you earn some money. With this money you can buy new things and save some money for your future also. This habit helps them learn about how to save money and plan your future with the money earned. Moreover they are able to know about the value of hard earned money and they are going to start respecting what they are earning.

Motivation and confidence levels get a boost

  • When students write something good and gets appreciated for their efforts it act as a major confidence booster for them. Their motivation level also gets increased.

Students become well versed with computers

  • When you write a blog you add different audio and visual data to the blog and there are many computer basics that are applied and in this way student becomes well versed with computer which is actually good for their future.

Parents can easily keep track of their children performance

  • When students write different blogs these can be read by their parents and in this way they are also able to keep track of their children performance and are able to apply their thoughts on the overall improvement of their child in a much better way.

Students are able to learn more about technology and cyber-safety

  • With blogging students are able to learn more about the latest technologies as well as cyber safety. In this way they become more responsible while using computers and internet and the same thought is imparted to their counterparts with effective and knowledgably writings.

Their thinking becomes deeper

  • When students write different types of blogs they are able to generate more and more headlines for their blogs. Sometimes they have to think deeper to search for unique and interesting topics and this way their brain becomes more active and grows much better.

Everything that is written is permanently stored and can be retrieved later

  • Whatever students are going to write can be permanently stored and can be retrieved later in the future. This can prove to be helpful while showcasing your work while searching for job after the school and college days.

So what you are waiting for just get ready with positive thoughts in your mind and start blogging.

Top 10 lessons every blogger must learn from Sachin Tendulkar.

Top 10 lessons every blogger must learn from Sachin Tendulkar

The greatest cricketer as well as a sportsman of all time, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, also known as Tendlya, Little Master, The God of Cricket and many other names, is a legendary player. The way he played his game, his passion, hard work and many other characteristics are a source of great lessons to be followed in life. However, there are many facts that can be used by bloggers as a lesson to make an improvement in the quality of their blogs and hence, gain more success for his brand or a blog. The top 1o lessons that the 24 year career of The Master Blaster taught a blogger are discussed as below.
1.Perfection comes with refinement and adaptability: No one is perfect by birth, neither Sachin was. The master mastered the perfection of his game with time and showed everyone that being perfect is not a day’s task. He dedicated 24 years of his life to the cricket, during which the game changed a lot, but he improved himself with practice and adapted to the new environment.
So, a blogger needs to adapt him to changing search engine content guidelines and refine his techniques to achieve perfection in his writing.
2.Consistency: Sachin faced many downfalls, faced many hardships but still he managed to play a consistent game. No matter what the situation was, his every shot was a classy and unique that defined his gameplay. Thus, he always maintained consistency and created an image of the cricket master in the minds of other players and spectators.
Even as a blogger, consistency is equally important in terms of performance of a brand, in order to meet customer’s expectations. Thus, a blogger’s work must define the consistency of the brand.
3. Hard Work always pays: Laziness isn’t the characteristic of a legend and that is completely defined by Sachin and his hard work. He had been guided by his coach to practice with three distinct teams prior to the final game to improve his skills. He practiced thoroughly before his every match, be it his first or the last against the best or the worst team. He never practiced with the opponent in his mind, rather set his own goals and worked hard to achieve them and his records prove it.
So, a blogger needs to put in his hard work prior to writing a blog in his research for valuable information. Research based blogs define a perfectness and thus, attract more readers naturally.
4. Commitment & Dedication: Another important characteristic of the God of Cricket was his passion towards his game that defined his commitment and dedication. The fact that he returned to the field and scored a ton, when his father died, shows his dedication towards his game.
A well-maintained blog needs same dedication and passion towards writing and commitment towards the work. So, as a blogger, you must offer a pure dedication towards your work to achieve unmatched results.
5. Know What to Leave: The judgment of every ball and the decision of whether to play or leave helped Sachin Tendulkar achieve unimagined targets. He never played a rough game and left all the balls that could have prevented him from achieving his records.
It is important to include positive content in a blog, but it is more important to leave behind the negative content. Thus, a blogger must have an equal knowledge of what to exclude in order to avoid a negative feedback.
6. Constant Learning: If Little Master had adhered to the cricket style that he began his career with, he wouldn’t have achieved all the goals that are seen as unachievable targets by others. He preferred learning till the last day and ended his career with a unique record of winning the last game of every format.
A blogger needs to learn new things with the changing trends, irrespective of his experience or the blog size to offer the necessary level of quality.
7. Humbleness: Whether he left the field due to a biased decision or after making a record, he always stayed calm, humble and polite and lived a down to earth life.
A blogger needs to stay calm and show humbleness, while responding to both good and bad comments. Always try to respond to the readers with a comforting and gentle reply instead of arguing.
8. Be Responsible: During his captaincy, Sachin faced a number of defeats but he never blamed the pitch, players or gave any lame excuses. He always took the charge of the defeat and worked with his team to make improvements to cut out all the weak points.
A responsible blogger attains more loyalty from readers than an irresponsible one. So, if you are on the wrong side, don’t hesitate to take the charge and provide an assurance for the resolution to your readers/customers. This will give them a reason to stay.
9. Respond with your Work: Criticism is always there for legends, to which, the master always replied with his bat. He has been dismissed as a duck for 34 times, while giving a bad performance many times, which attracted many critics against him and forced him to take a retirement. But he never responded with his words, rather provided them a reason to support him as a player in a great form.
Similarly, criticism is associated with a brand and its blog also, to which a blogger must respond to the quality of his work, instead of making any rude statement.
10. Stand Out & Lead: Sachin never looked up to already created records, while he created his own goals and successfully achieved those. Due to this approach, he became the first cricketer to score an individual double ton in ODI format, century of centuries in international cricket, maximum individual runs and many other records, setting targets for others to follow.
As a blogger, you must focus on improving the quality of your brand rather than following what others have been doing. This helps you set new milestones in your field.
Thus, the above mentioned lessons define Sachin’s success mantra, which a blogger should follow to attain a consistent success.

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Sometimes it can feel a bit like Google is purposefully victimising you as a webmaster when nothing goes your way. If you’ve been working hard day-in-day-out only to find that your site isn’t going anywhere, or even that it seems to be getting less successful then you might be left with no other option to consider: Google must just hate you.
Of course if you’re sensible then you will know this isn’t the case. Google does not judge, and they won’t even read the content of your site. As such, the only possibility is that you’re doing something a bit wrong – or that another outside factor is affecting your success. Read on to potentially find out what the real reason is…

You’re Under Attack


This isn’t something anyone likes to consider, but it’s an important note to bear in mind. You see if you’ve been very successful in the past, then some of your competition might have struggled in your shadow and that could have caused them to resort to less honourable means of getting to the top of the pile. To this end they might have employed ‘negative SEO’ techniques to try and get you into trouble: which could involve building lots of bad links to your site to try and make it look as though you were attempting to ‘game’ the system. Google might then be penalising you for something you haven’t done. Look for links pointing to your site, and try to find any that you don’t recognise.

Too Much Damage Was Done


In light of Penguin and Panda, you might have decided to take positive action and remove all the bad links to your site and all the weak content that you had built in the past. This is all good and well, but it won’t necessarily equate to instant improvement in your positioning in the SERPs, or to better profits: it may just be that this is a case of ‘too little too late’ and that the damage has already been done. You can keep up the good work and hope that it eventually starts to recover, or you can start over from the beginning which is sometimes the better choice.

You’re Moving in the Wrong Direction


Worse is what happens when you think that you’re doing everything you can to improve your website, but in fact you’re just making matters worse. Make sure you speak with a professional if you’re unsure, read all the information available (particularly when it comes from Google themselves), and don’t commit too fully to any one SEO method.

Your Niche Just Isn’t Popular Any More


This is something that few of us ever consider, but there’s always the chance that your poor performance isn’t down to your own negligence or to Google. What could be happening here is simply that people aren’t searching for your terms any more. If the topic you’re writing about isn’t as popular as it once was, then no amount of SEO is going to help you get back into your old shape…


Author Bio:-The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Orp Media. Whenever she isn’t busy, she likes to play chess with her childhood friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Best 10 iPhone 5 apps for blogging


Ten smashing iPhone 5 apps that you can use if you are a hardcore blogger!

1 – WordPress

Well duh, the world most SEO optimized blogging platform to date. Of course, they are going to make an app that is compatible with the iPhone 5. It is as inevitable as Oprah asking her audience to look under their seat during her one of her holiday specials.

As you may expect, with the WordPress app you can moderate your comments, edit and create posts, add images and add videos. The app is free, so that you never need be away from your WordPress blog for too long.


2 – Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe are little tinkers for charging you for a tool at precisely the time when you really need it. In this case however, they seem to have opted for “free”. For the iPhone 5 you will find that the Photoshop app is free, although why they are giving away their image-editing tool is anyone’s guess. If you are not already aware of Adobe Photoshop–it is a tool that allows you to edit pictures. The “express” app version does not have as many tools/features as the full PC version.


3 – Byline iPhone

This is a little like an RSS which allows people to read the news from their favourite blog or website. You can use it in conjunction with a Google reader so that you may read the text offline. This is handy for keeping up with the other blogs online; to be sure that blog is not left out of the loop.


4 – Posterous

Upload your articles and your comments onto Posterous and you may then use them like objects–placing one here and sending one there. It means that you can add your newest post to your blog, and then have it comment on other peoples blogs a few hours later so that people know your newest blog post is up and running. It is also a good way of sharing information.


5 – ShoZu

The aim of this app is to help you promote your blog amongst all of the social media sites. According to their sales blurb, it allows you to promote your newest blog post on over fifty social media sites. This is a hefty number if you consider the fact that you can probably only name ten of them off the top of your head.


6 – BlogPress

If you have ever been online then you have probably heard of BlogPress. You probably have no idea what it does, but it has one of those names that pops up like an ice cube in a toilet bowl. It allows you upload data and update multiple blogs at the same time. For example if you have five blogs on the subject of Lady Gaga’s nose, then you can update all of your blogs at the same time–every time she has a doctor take another chisel to it. You can integrate it with a few social media sites too.


7 – Idea Organizer

This is handy if you are a blogger on the move. If you come up with an idea or an addendum for your blog, you may use this app to note down your idea. It lets you record your voice in a memo, which you can then organize to make it easier to find later. Alternately, you can save written notes and organize them with ease.


8 – Air sharing

If you wish to share a blog post with the online community then you may do it through this app. It is basically another version of Posterous (mentioned above), in that you are able to upload and post comments using this app. In this case however you can post a blog post and add a few comments at the end of it too. It holds no further SEO value, but it may get you a little bit more user attention.


9 – Photobucket

This app is used to keep your photo images online. There are many ways you can save your photos when using the iPhone 5. To be honest it is not really lacking in memory on its own. However as a hardcore blogger, if you want to use your image more than once then Photobucket is a way in which you can upload it once onto the app. This means that you need not upload the picture every time you want to add it to a blog.


10 – Twitter

The Twitter app is probably a “must” if your blog is held on the Twitter social media site.


Author’s bio:

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advices.

10 Common Habits Of Successful Bloggers

If you want to become an efficient blogger, open the lock with the key of writing and writing and just writing. Write content for a faithful leadership, to receive links form others, to get higher search engine rankings, and make money. But, how do successful bloggers differ from regular bloggers. The key difference lies in their dedication, passion, and some additional work habits.
However, being a successful blogger calls for a lot more than this. Well, these are some easy to practice habits to get yourself listed as one of the most successful bloggers. Take a look:

1.Know about monetizing as and when required
A successful blogger keeps checking out good associate product sites, explores selling Ad space followed by advanced research. The primary though coming to their mind is about monetizing as he is well aware about the fact that it is important for a blogger to earn so as to protract his blog.

2.Know about building communities
A successful blogger is aware that his success depends upon building positive relation with his readers, on social media as well as his blogs. He responds to comments, takes part in conversation, follows his readers on social networking sites, and also helps them as and when required.

3.Promote your blog
A successful blogger doesn’t skip any opportunity of blog promotion. This is done through networking, social media, guest posting, other production sites’ and blogs’ promotion.

4.Think independently
No blogger can achieve success while being dependent on others’ thought and direction. It is very important for a successful blogger to rely upon him for everything.

5.Be self-disciplined
Writing a blog demands ample hard work, time, and discipline. However, it doesn’t imply that one can have no fun. But, you might be sometimes required to sideway fun to prioritize the blog.

6.Have confidence in yourself
A successful blogger is very well acquainted with the fact that it makes no difference if someone believes in him or not. It is, rather, more important for him to have confidence in his capability of turning his blog into a huge success.

7.Manage your time wisely
A successful blogger will always divide his time wisely for the various tasks thus learning to prioritize things so as to save time. He always invests time where good returns for him and his blog are expected.

8.Be organized
To become a successful blogger, it is very important to organize every single thing, vitiating your thoughts and schedules. This includes the thoughts, the topics, your blogging priorities, your timelines, your schedules, and similar more. Just remember that everything is on you. A well organized and effective system can prove like hundred extra hands.

9.Work hard
Blogging doesn’t have any shortcuts for your blog is being read and liked by people and not machines. Success doesn’t knock doors overnight except you see a fairy godmother showering his favors on you. So, work hard!

10.Think analytically
A successful blogger analyzes every move from studying statistics to looking for search engines referred by readers and the keywords used by them. It is, therefore, very important to analyze the ways to get higher traffic as well as the most tweeted headlines plus the type of posts preferred by the readers.