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DealGuru: The Many in One Ecommerce Site

The title actually lives up with the way DealGuru works. Anyway, tell us why you prefer to visit many places? The reason is quite obvious; just to ensure better quality and product. This was the reason when no online marketing was there, and it is still the same with loads of commercial sites. Difference is that you were visiting shop to shop then, and now you are visiting from one site to the other, or visiting both sites and stores (in case you are too greedy). Visiting store to store might be somewhat interesting in market, but site to...

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AskMe App Review – The Baap of all Apps

The businesses of India are rapidly growing throughout its campaign in online marketing industry and lots of people are greeting it happily. Since, it’s the best way to reach thousands of both online and offline people, online community has got stronger with social media and it’s growing more popularity very fast. Although the age is for smartphones and social media, sometimes it gets a little difficult to find business addresses or contact number near you. AskMe has emerged through the Indian community to deliver its all-round performance for free. It’s a great app that helps the users to locate...

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Buying used Products Social Stigma

Even now, in our society, there is a common notion that all used products are waste and one ought not to buy such if he or she is looking for quality-rich products. In a few cases, we have to say, this is true, but in others, we will have to oppose this notion, as buying used products is quite profitable, especially if you are using some services such as OLX Tanzania to buy those products. Now, in this article, as we have mentioned earlier, we can look at the profitable side of buying used products for your purposes. We...

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3 Great Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

When the white F first landed on our screens, Facebook was thought to be nothing but the flavour of the month, an American fad catching the attention of the first generation of digital natives, as MySpace lost its sheen and social media centralised on active participation and accessibility. Facebook paved the way for services like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, transforming a digital connection into a meaningful relationship, converting unheard complaints into consumer-to-brand dialogue, and building a fibre community of international citizens. Marketing and advertising has penetrated this once very cloistered segment of the internet, as businesses utilise the five...

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4 Tips for Smart Business Blogging

Despite the prevalence of blogs, businesses are still shy. Integrating a blog into your overall web design allows you to interact with readers on a more personal level. Businesses that have that kind of relationship with readers reap the benefits socially and financially. Just like you put thought into planning your business, the same care must be taken with your business blog. Do Some Keyword Research Designing a blog means planning posts around certain keywords and phrases. Doing keyword research and choosing to address issues around those keywords will help new users to find your blog and learn more...

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