DealGuru: The Many in One Ecommerce Site

The title actually lives up with the way DealGuru works. Anyway, tell us why you prefer to visit many places? The reason is quite obvious; just to ensure better quality and product. This was the reason when no online marketing was there, and it is still the same with loads of commercial sites. Difference is that you were visiting shop to shop then, and now you are visiting from one site to the other, or visiting both sites and stores (in case you are too greedy). Visiting store to store might be somewhat interesting in market, but site to site is extremely hectic we don’t need to explain.


What’s wrong with others over the web?

Now let’s make it clear how DealGuru is not included within the conventional online markets. The WWW marketing got established as they tagged unbelievable price with their products. However, many issues are there with these sites. The cases like poor quality, late delivery, cheatings in terms of payments, returning issues appeared in the picture. But, the biggest factor is that they can only be able to make you available with similar products and similar price. Though they are discounted, but almost no chance of competition or any scope of further discount can be expected.

DealGuru has become able to identify this, and what a concept has been applied by it in return! As we have said above this is a complete package. Check it how.

How it offers the best price

DealGuru is primarily the place where the brand items in the stores, those don’t get a place are placed. Looking at the competitive market the companies have to present variety, and hence they have no place for the products even though they are branded. It means they are in a hurry to sell at, and they have no choice but to tag discounted price. Now DealGuru targets the disappointed users those couldn’t get a chance to have it in rush. As team DealGuru is a huge network, the competition is obvious, and the price has to be the minimal.

How it offers the best quality

On this context, we would rather say you can even expect better quality than the stores. Ok, Things will be clearer when we reveal the whole process. DealGuru along with AskMeBazaar make a really strong network. They gather the stores, or products of the way we have mentioned above. The sellers assign a price. The entire collection is then put under quality test prior being made available at the site.
Again, AskMeBazaar itself remains responsible for making the snap and product description available at the site. It means there is no chance for unauthorized stuffs.

How it offers the best variety


Starting from the fashion products, cosmetics, apparels, gadgets, storage devices, to bags, shoes and many others, all are available with a great variety here. The statistics of about thousand brand association, along with about nine hundred sellers tells the complete story regarding the platform’s success and variety.
Big Names are associated as well:
The trust reaches a new high when there is a trustable; big name is associated with it. The bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut campaigning for the platform has already gone viral. What more do you want?

AskMe App Review – The Baap of all Apps

The businesses of India are rapidly growing throughout its campaign in online marketing industry and lots of people are greeting it happily. Since, it’s the best way to reach thousands of both online and offline people, online community has got stronger with social media and it’s growing more popularity very fast. Although the age is for smartphones and social media, sometimes it gets a little difficult to find business addresses or contact number near you. AskMe has emerged through the Indian community to deliver its all-round performance for free. It’s a great app that helps the users to locate and find info about thousands of business nearby, post classified ads, interact with lots of buyers and sellers all around the world and provide reviews on different products and businesses by socializing.

askme img1

Ease of Use

This app is really tiny in size and it wouldn’t take forever to download. Plus, once you run it, you’d be good to go after it locates your location so that it can update its database to start working. AskMe app doesn’t carry any complications for you to run. In less than 5 minutes you’ll get an intuitive idea to work with the app and work it in the best possible ways.


–         Get Best Deals

This is preferably the most searched thing on the websites and with AskMe app, things got amazing than ever. You can easily find the best deals nearby your location with a tap on the app and it will take you to hundreds of businesses near you.

–         Find Local Businesses

Sometimes, it gets really hard to find locations of different restaurants, ATMs, Banks, hospitals etc. But, with AskMe app, things will never be the same again since you can find thousands of local businesses around your location that are well-categorized. You can also find addition info about those businesses like ratings, opening hours, payment methods etc.

–         Fast Search

The search option of AskMe is really fast. You can any question to the community and you’ll be impressed to find answers within seconds. AskMe has over 700 questions already answered to its database and ready for unveiling once you ask.

–         Provide Reviews & Add Photos

This is by far the most impressive features of AskMe app. It lets the users to provide reviews and ratings based on their opinion. Plus, the users can also add pictures and it makes a whole lot difference seeing the ratings made by other users. Find the best business suited for your taste; add reviews and pictures to make it clearer for your friends and family as well.

–         Share Business with Friends and Family

If you really like any business and want to suggest it to one or more of your friends, you can use the share option of AskMe to send it to your preferred person by SMS, MMS, Twitter or Facebook. It helps to socialize.

–         Posting Classified Ads

This is another great feature of AskMe. It lets the users to post classified ads to sell their items in their location.

askme img2

App Info

This app is sized only at 3MB and it takes really minimal resources from your CPU. Download the app from here and enjoy the unlimited features of “baap of all apps”.

Buying used Products Social Stigma

Even now, in our society, there is a common notion that all used products are waste and one ought not to buy such if he or she is looking for quality-rich products. In a few cases, we have to say, this is true, but in others, we will have to oppose this notion, as buying used products is quite profitable, especially if you are using some services such as OLX Tanzania to buy those products. Now, in this article, as we have mentioned earlier, we can look at the profitable side of buying used products for your purposes. We hope, these are strong enough to attract you to used products.

used-laptopsNotable Advantages of Buying Used Products

Yes. There are some attractive advantages of buying used products. Now, we will check out major advantages here.

  • You know this very well! While buying used products rather than fresh ones, you can save an extremely huge amount of money. Even if actual amount of product is around $100, you may have to pay only $50 or less. Of course, this is quite attractive, because, in most cases, you may not be able to afford actual price of product. Wouldn’t that be great if you can grab a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $100? Unless you are that interested in show off stuff, we hope it is a great deal.
  • When you buy a used product from someone, he is actually recycling it rather than throwing it to waste bin or keeping it in shelf. Therefore, even if it is in an indirect form, you are supporting environment by avoiding e-waste. We hope this is quite useful.

What you should be cared of?

Even though used products are profitable in some aspects, they have some bad sections as well! For instance, won’t that be cataclysmic if you had bought a stolen product through one of these platforms and came to confront some of legal consequences later. At the first glimpse, you cannot find any effective options to distinguish this kind of frauds from genuine ones, but there are some.

You can move on with the deal if you find the price to be able to satisfy your conscience. Don’t you think a bit fishy if you get a $1000-worth product for just $50? Likewise, if you think that the seller is lowering price of product much, it is advisable to reconsider that deal. However, if there are some slight changes due to your bargaining, that does not matter much.

So, what do you think about buying used products online? Isn’t that profitable, when you have taken precautions? It would be great if you let us know your opinion through comments.

3 Great Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

When the white F first landed on our screens, Facebook was thought to be nothing but the flavour of the month, an American fad catching the attention of the first generation of digital natives, as MySpace lost its sheen and social media centralised on active participation and accessibility. Facebook paved the way for services like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, transforming a digital connection into a meaningful relationship, converting unheard complaints into consumer-to-brand dialogue, and building a fibre community of international citizens. Marketing and advertising has penetrated this once very cloistered segment of the internet, as businesses utilise the five hours people spend checking, scrolling and posting on their walls and those of their friends. Running a Facebook campaign is nowhere near as simple as it sounds, as Zuck likes to change up the mechanics every now and then to keep advertisers like you guessing and subsequently paying; contracting a business like Search Factory to handle your social media strategy and ad campaign may save you time, stress and a constant battle of wills against demographic experimentation. Determined to go it alone for now? Try these three tips to get you started.

Facebook LawsuitSet Achievable Goals

Does this step sound familiar? Every business begins with a spirited round of goal setting, and almost identically, digital advertising campaigns require a set of end-game objectives. So, what do you need to achieve in three months, six month or a year? How will you measure success against ROI? Tried to be quite particular, as a blasé attitude will return metrics that will be difficult to interpret as either positive or negative without the guiding light of perspective.

  • Do you want to bolster Likes?
  • Do you want to use Facebook as a service or product promotional tool?
  • Do you want to find out what your consumer base in thinking?
  • Do you want to stream line feedback procedures and create an atmosphere of transparency?
  • Is it about traffic? Conversions? Clicks?

Know Thy Consumer Base

Every business owner insists they know their client base like the back of their hand, forgetting the mole they’ve had since childhood, and a puckering scar underneath a ring finger or pointer. Lesson learned, not everybody knows the back of their hand. Facebook marketing assumes you’re aware of the breadth and limitations of your audience, including basic stats like age, gender and location, in addition to a field of interests (over eight million, in fact); interests are key to accessing and reaching the right audience for your brand, as spending dollars attracting irrelevant traffic will just create a funnel of negativity and a less than favourable experience for Facebook users. Try developing a buying persona by creating a few pertinent target groups from these questions:

  • What does my persona do for a living?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?
  • Do they enjoy cinema entertainment, going to festivals or watching TV, and how is my offering relevant?
  • What emotions do I want to appeal to?
  • What age groups do I want to target?
  • Is my product gendered?

Settle on a Budget

Nothing is free, even on the internet; Facebook advertising follows the same formula as Adwords, offering punters a PPC version and a CPM version; PPC charges you per click, depending on how much you’ve nominated to spend; CPM campaigns are charged according to impressions, subtracting cash from your budget every time 1000 people have seen your ad. Different configurations suit varying verticals, as there is no right or wrong answer. Instead of channelling more cash into a campaign if it unpredictably runs out, take some time to learn where your black spot are located, and plug the holes without creating more problems down the road.

Do you have a Facebook advertising campaign launched at the moment? What are some of the benefits and obstacles you’ve discovered along the way? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Jessica Hannah is a member of the SEO team in Search Factory’s Brisbane offices.

4 Tips for Smart Business Blogging

Despite the prevalence of blogs, businesses are still shy. Integrating a blog into your overall web design allows you to interact with readers on a more personal level. Businesses that have that kind of relationship with readers reap the benefits socially and financially. Just like you put thought into planning your business, the same care must be taken with your business blog.

Business Blogging

Do Some Keyword Research

Designing a blog means planning posts around certain keywords and phrases. Doing keyword research and choosing to address issues around those keywords will help new users to find your blog and learn more about your business. It’s not about doing strictly optimized articles; it’s about finding a niche and working it.

Have a Good Post, and then Make It Great

Any good quality post allows users to have what some like to call, an “AHA” moment; some little nugget of information that solved a problem or a question they didn’t realize they had. Answering that kind of question makes customers pay even more attention to your posts. To make your posts even better, create call-to-action that leads that customer to your door. For example, it’s great that customers know they can get a free website from you. It’s even better when you provide them with low cost hosting with excellent features for which they probably would pay a premium anywhere else.

Be Smart About Sharing Scoops

One of the great uses of a blog is to share insider information. This helps readers feel like they are privy to something that others aren’t. Many businesses live and die by subscriber lists. These are users who have signed up to receive news about your organization. Some sites do create blogs for the general public but for scoops or special features, readers need to join the mailing list. This is a great way to get a captive audience who’s interested in your product or service and trusts you with their personal information. So sharing information about your company is great but save the really good stuff for subscribers.

Take It Easy on Social Sharing

Making your blog shareable is a must for any business with a blog. There is such a thing as too shareable. The temptation is to give your blog as much exposure by allowing users to share on any social networks. The problem is that too many share buttons can be distracting. It’s smart to limit your share button count to about three or four options that are relevant to your business. Another issue is the design and location of the buttons. Make sure the buttons are congruent with your site design. They must be a part of the blog site so that they don’t take away from the content. Also make sure they are out of the way and not blocking content.

A well-designed and directed blog will feel like an extension of your company and not a separate entity. Using the same colors and designs creates that sense of continuity that will ultimately strengthen your brand.

How to Connect Two Computers Using USB Devices

use to use computerSometimes, we are in need of connecting two computers for various purposes. There are quite a few ways of doing that. We can use it with USB devices, with Bluetooth devices, with LAN and with some other processes as well. But the most standard and commonly used thing to connect two computers with one another is USB device. It is a very simple and easy way. Whenever we are in need of transferring and sharing files between two computers, the USB-USB cable comes to work. There are so many different USB devices which can connect two computers. They may look different to each other, but the process and mechanism is always the same.

For connecting two PCs with one another, first you have to turn both the PCs on. Then log in the operating system, if it is windows, then you have to use administration privilege. The USB devices which can connect two computers have two ends having two USB ports. They are known as USB bridge cables.

This name is given because they create a bridge between two different computers. The bridge device’s one end should be inserted into the USB slot of one of the computers. At the same way the other side of the bridge USB should be inserted in the other computer. Now you need driver software in order to bridge the computers. Without proper software, you will not be able to connect the computers together because the computers will not let you do so.

The same USB bridge software should be installed in both the computers. Generally, you will be given the software with your USB bridge device when you purchase it. But if you do not have the software for connecting, you have no other choice but for buying or downloading the appropriate software. There is another fact about these softwares. All the softwares do not support any model of the USB bridge devices. So you should choose the software according to the model of your bridge device. When you will attempt to install your USB bridge software, then the computer will ask you to select an option. You should install it as link adapter or link adapter.

This will determine which things you can do with the dual connection. If the software is installed as link adapter, you cannot do anything without transferring the files from one PC to another. On the other hand, installing the software as network adapter will give you control over the functionality of the full network. After you have finished installing the software, both the computers will be connected to each other and you can start transferring data from one PC to another.

There are USB bridge devices of different prices. The average price of USB bridge devices is 35 dollars. You can get an average rated USB bridge device in that price. But if you are able to pay a little more, you can also buy the top class USB bridges.

Free online advertising platform for india: OLX

If you’re an Internet user or a Television viewer, you would definitely have heard about is a Web based platform for selling and buying any kind of used products using a completely FREE account. We know there are a lot of websites which offer buying of products but OLX is really different in the case of service as well as their interesting advertisement campaigns. You may have seen some funny ads of OLX which compare the benefits of rather than approaching a broker or something like that for buying a used product. And as a report says, products bought from are less cost than that from a broker or another store.

old bannerFrom these findings it’s sure that provides a lot of benefits for you, users in many cases. So, let’s have a look on those superb benefits of the famous Web Platform.


It’s the most attractive word in the world of Web as far as I know. And the attraction to is also due to the FREE behavior of the mentioned service. offers its services completely out of fee. You have to just register for the service using either your email id or your Facebook account. And you will be getting an opportunity to publish FREE Advertisement about your product available for sale just through some clicks.

Simple Advertisement Publishing

Publishing a FREE advertisement in is very much simple as ABC. There are a lot of categories in to choose from which ranges from Mobile phones to different kinds of jobs.And the list is quite interesting as you will wonder seeing such a huge list which includes your everyday stuff such as clothing, Music & Video CD’s etc. After selecting a particular category, you’ll see a simple but effective window where you can add essential details about your desired product. And then, there’s just a need of clicking Post for publishing the post. If there’s a user interested in your product, you will get a notification and hence you can sell your product easily and quickly.

Multi-Platform has published Android, iOS Applications as well as their website. Which means you can always be updated about your product offered for sale even if you can’t access your PC. And through these apps, you can get real time updates and queries from buyers as well. By the way, you have to provide your original details on OLX and you have to be always ready to answer queries from buyers.

Good Reach & Multi-Language Support

Advertisements in have a very good reach in search engine results when compared to other ad publishing services. Which means if one person is searching for [product name] for sale in [city] your ad in will be in the Google search results which will help you in getting buyers quickly.

OLX TV comercial:

OLX is a service available in a large number of languages which means that even people who don’t know English can also access which in turn offers you more reach on products for sale.

These Benefits seems very fit for such an and these are the same reasons why is becoming a good choice among web users when thinking about publishing a Web based ad.

Updating your network to fibre optic for best speed

Updating your network to fibre optic makes sense for many reasons. Speed of data transfer, clearer signal with fewer corrupted files, and to reduce or eliminate electro-magnetic interference from other wiring in the home or office are the common reasons why people choose to.

If you have experience in setting up networks and hardwiring them you may presume it to be a relatively simple task. Get rid of the Ethernet cable and replace it with fibre optic cable – right? Wrong.

fiber optics

As many want to be DIY installers have discovered there are some differences in working with fibre and Ethernet cable. First and foremost – you cannot get rid of all of the Ethernet cable. The reason is simple. Computers, as of now, do not have optical reader connection ports as a rule. While an Ethernet cable simply plugs into your computer a fibre cable does not. Therefore you need to connect the Ethernet cable to the fibre cable main.

Since the two types of cable function entirely differently (one uses light signals and one uses electricity) it is not simply adding an adapter plug. A Fibre Optic Patch Panel is used to connect optical cable to either other optical cable or to disburse signal to conventional Ethernet cable.

The patch panel will separate out the signal in individual strands of fibre and redirect it to the correct strand on the other cable in the case of networking optical cables together, or into a reader type device that will turn it into electrical signal to be used to connect a computer or other hardware.

The panel is not as direct as a simple plug in connector for the fibre input and output either. Inside the panel are a number of bulkhead receptacles to hold the incoming cable and fibre splice trays that are used to split the cables individual fibres (and signals) to redirect them into other fibre or hardware connectors. Modern boxes use SFF (small form factor) jacks to make couplings simpler.

Pre-planning is required to install a fibre optic network. To get the most benefit from it use of fibre patch panels at all points of integration are required and you should consider possible future modifications as well. Fibre optic cable cannot be simply cut so putting in patch panels at places likely to be considered for future updates is preferable.

A last consideration is that at each panel it is possible to test the individual fibre. By having a proper installation to begin with you can reduce potential future repair costs significantly. You can buy ST Fibre Optic Patch Panels at MCL Data Solutions to complete your network.

Though it is not as simple as an all electric or Ethernet set-up the benefits will make it well worth it in the long run. Clearer signal, better data transfers speeds, and technologically ready for future enhancements will make it a good investment for many high power users.